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January 2018 Update #.0023
~ Build Phase Year Three ~

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"The third year of our build officially started on January 17th. Since the beginning, we have had the unwavering support of our teammates, friends, family, fans and business associates. THANK YOU."
~Rod & Jill
 January has brought many single digit nights to Eastern Pennsylvania. Rod and Jill have been busy burning Coal, Wood and Oil in an effort to keep their pipes from freezing, and the shop comfortable enough for working.

The Mustang interior project is going very well. The rocker supports, firewall and dash are now in position, allowing Rod to move forward with the wheel wells. Extra care and pride is infused into every part they make.
(S&W Performance Group is our Official U.S.A. Supplier for sheet metal and tubing) 
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Kenny Mohler
Kenny started riding motorcycles at age 10, then just 2 years later was racing them at local Flat Track events. This continued all the way through the Professional ranks. After racing at the top professional level, the enjoyment of building race bikes became more of a focus. So, he moved from racer to mechanic. He had an opportunity to work with some great "coaches" and riders till 2006, when it was time to start a new adventure. He went to the Microsprint races to help his nephew figure out his car, and that's where he met Jessica. They got married in 2010 and had an energetic little girl in 2014. Her name is Ella and she was a life changer for both Kenny & Jessica, but they still enjoy a 'FAST' life and want to show Ella how amazing life is.
FEATURED Official Supplier
Pro Glass Windows
Since 1983 we have been setting the standard for windows in all forms of racing,
from drag racing to stock cars. 
Owner Bob Mayerle was drag racing a Super Gas 1955 Chevy, the Peppermint Twist. After years of modifications trying to squeeze more performance out of his car, he found himself in search of lighter replacement windows to reduce its overall weight. Back then, acrylic and Plexiglas ® were the only options available. These didn't provide the safety or durability from scratches that a racer needs. No supplier had yet developed the technology to make a safe, lightweight and optically superior molded window Mayerle was looking for.
Mayerle began searching for alternatives. General Electric ® had been producing sheet stock Lexan ® for many years but nobody was using this to mold windows to OEM sizes. Armed with a makeshift oven and the original glass windows from his 1955 Chevy Bel-Air, Mayerle set out to create a set of Lexan ® windows for his car, The Peppermint Twist.
After months of experimentation, Mayerle produced his first set of shatterproof, optically superior preformed Lexan ® windows. He installed them in his car and started making passes at the race track. The response from his fellow racers was overwhelming: people simply could not believe his windows were only 50% of the weight of glass and also shatterproof! This safety aspect meant that there was no danger of the window shattering into shards that could seriously injure the driver. Mayerle soon learned there was a strong market for his windows and Pro Glass was born. 
Since those early days the Mayerle family at Pro Glass has been driven to provide the highest quality preformed Lexan ® windows available on the market. Thousands have chosen Pro Glass windows for their race cars, from just about every professional race team to the local drag racer just starting out. Pro Glass is the choice of Champions all over the world! The difference is clear, go with the Pro!
Call 1-630-553-3141 to order or for more information.

Thanks to our valued product support sponsors, we will be Running Fast, Rolling Safe and Looking Good! Please Visit their Web Sites by clicking on their Logos.
Rod Fazekas & Jill Fazekas
Driver of the 1966 Nova & 1971 Mustang
~ Jessica will be the Featured Team Member in the February e-News ~
  Del Worsham
  Joe Nimm Groundskeeping Services
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