Without scholarships, U.S. Grant High School graduate Larry Kramer never had the financial opportunity to earn a college degree.
After retiring from a successful career in the transportation and automotive industry, Larry was looking for a way to give back.  Using the IRA Charitable Rollover, Larry established a scholarship at the Oklahoma City Community Foundation to benefit minority females graduating from his alma mater, ensuring others do not miss their chance to attend college. 

Learn more about how this tax-wise gift made from an IRA to a charity can fulfill your clients' required minimum distribution, help with taxes and support charitable passions at OCCF.org/IRA .
Rolling Into the Year-end Giving Season
by Joe Carter, Oklahoma City Community Foundation Vice President of Development
Since first being introduced in 2006 as part of the Pension Protection Act, the IRA Charitable Rollover has been a great tool for charitable-minded individuals over age 70 ½ who are required to take a minimum distribution from their traditional or Roth IRA. 

While we have had several donors capitalize on this opportunity, many individuals are still unfamiliar with the advantages of this charitable vehicle and what type of Community Foundation funds are eligible to receive an IRA Rollover contribution. 

An IRA Charitable Rollover gift can be used to support many of our permanent endowment funds including charitable organization endowment, field of interest and scholarship funds.

While donor advised funds are not eligible, donors can use the IRA Rollover to establish a donor-designated fund, which is an irrevocable fund allowing the donor to designate the amount and frequency of distributions to their selected charity(s). With one IRA Rollover transfer to their donor-designated fund, the donor can support multiple charities over a period of years.  
As this year ends, we can help your clients can take advantage of this charitable vehicle to be more strategic with their charitable giving.
For more information on specific strategies, please contact me at 405/606-2914.  
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Hot Off the Press: Our 2018 Annual Report
Thanks to you, the Oklahoma City Community Foundation has been a place where people come together to make a difference for nearly 50 years.

We are pleased to share our 2018 Annual Report highlighting our impact during Fiscal Year 2018 and sharing the stories of the generous individuals who have joined us on this journey.
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