SAVI: The Stewardship of Antimicrobials
by Veterinarians Initiative
SAVI Overview Video
In an effort to showcase the goals, objectives and activities of SAVI,
the project team has developed the following video (available in English and French) that provides a short overview of the initiative. 
It can be viewed here.
SAVI Updates
The following updates provide a snapshot of whom the
SAVI team has been working with and what we have
been working on.
Veterinarians representing the aquaculture and equine sectors have developed CVMA Veterinary Guidelines for Antimicrobial Use
for their respective species groups. 
The Guidelines offer treatment guidance to the Canadian veterinary community on antimicrobial use for common and priority disease conditions of concern.
This content will be rolled out across both the existing CVMA online platform as well as on the upcoming veterinary iteration of

The SAVI project and Spectrum DVM have been collaborating on the development and rollout of a handheld platform for the CVMA Veterinary Guidelines for Antimicrobial Use. On June 18 the current capabilities of the app were presented to a group representing the Université de Montréal that is responding to a provincial mandate to improve AMU stewardship at the veterinary level.
One of the key principles of the SAVI project is to work efficiently with partners from coast to coast to identify areas of common ground and avoid unnecessary redundancy of effort across the entire antimicrobial stewardship continuum.
Findings from these activities are crucial in establishing effective, trusted and sustainable partnerships with potential prescription and dispensing data providers.

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