A Note from Scott and Marsha Amanda
June 27, 2019
Get a Peach Truck , they said.

The GEORGIA Peach truck , they said.

So get a peach truck we did. Back in January, Scott presented this idea and had visions of long lines waiting to buy Georgia peaches, peach bellinis, peach ice cream and all things peachy. We thought it was a great idea. I mean, who doesn't like the idea of fresh, juicy, mouth-watering peaches by the BOX, no less? So Scott reached out to the Georgia Peach Truck and got their attention. He tasked me (Amanda) with communicating and coordinating the event. But then, a few weeks before the event was to take place, Scott and Marsha dropped the bomb.

Oh. We're not going to be here , they said.

We're going to be sitting on the beach, sipping mimosas , they said.

You will be fine , they said.

And really, we had no idea whether it would be fine or not. While no one deserves a vacation more than Scott and Marsha, I was not quite sure we could pull it off without them. The owner of the Peach Truck told me they usually don't have a great turn out in NC and SC, so he wasn't sure what we should expect. Well, being who we are at FGS, we decided to do all we could to let people know the truck was coming. We put a big sign out by our intersection, we promoted it on social media, we put little signs out on nearby main roads, and we told ALL our friends. And come they did.

While Scott and Marsha were sitting on the beach sipping mimosas, the people came by the car load. And they kept coming. I am not going to lie. We were a little panicked (all the while is Marsha texting and Snap Chatting me about how panicked THEY were--apparently Scott played Big Brother and was watching the cars roll in on the video feed from his phone). When the peach truck driver arrived, he was wide-eyed and (although calm), I could tell also a little panicked. He had never seen a turn out like this in NC or SC before. But he started selling peaches. Box after box after box. People were sipping peach bellinis, munching on hot dogs, and eating creamy homemade peach ice cream from Andia's , so everyone was happy, even while standing in line. We were honestly afraid he was going to sell out of peaches!! But he didn't. We, however, did sell out of peach bellinis and peach ice cream. And the Garden Center sold tons of plants! It was amazing!!

This was one of those times I was so proud to be a part of the FGS team. Debbi directed the peach line, Doug directed traffic, the Gnome and Hannah cooked and handed out hot dogs, and Nathan and Sean carried LOTS of boxes of peaches to cars. Even though it was a bit of madness, we just rolled with the peaches. ;) Everyone pitched in to make the day a great success. And GUESS WHAT?! We're gonna do it again! Mark your calendars for July 19 at 5PM. The truck will roll in, and we'll be ready with the grill fired up, peach bellinis, and (hopefully) homemade peach ice cream. Oh. And PEACHES. LOTS of PEACHES!

And guess where Scott and Marsha will be? At the mountains before the craziness of fall! And they are very upset to be missing it again...so they say ;) True story...til next time, friends!
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