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Bosch and Ballard
Signs 10 AM October 21
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Signed October 19
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Andy Carpenter et al
A Holiday Delight
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Starts a new series
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Inspector Banks
Signed UK edition
in stock now

Cooking in the Cotswolds
James & Kincaid
Signed October 7
Publication Party

Starts a 1930s Series
for fans of Maisie Dobbs
on sale now
Signed October 9

Billy Boyle in France
on sale now
Signed October 15

GI Confidential
MPs Sueno and Bascom
Signed October 15

Signed October 18 with
John Sandford

Bloody Genius
Virgil Flowers
Yes, you get one more chance for an inscribed copy

Starts a series
A Bianca Dangereuse Old Hollywood Mystery
Signed October 29

Gallows Court
Rachel Savernake
Starts a series
Signed October 29

A British Library Crime Classic
Signed by Edwards October 29

by the author of the 7% Solution
Signed October 30

Adult fiction debut
in stock now

on sale now
We are mad Hoffman fans

Joe Gunther Vermont Investigation
on sale now
Joe turns 30 (books) with us turning 30 (years)

Bess Crawford in post-WWI Paris
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Jack Reacher
early November as our copies are signed by Lee in New York

is not the book you might think it is -- it's a real surprise
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Jesse Stone
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The Oregon Files
Signed November 6
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Joe Pike & Elvis Cole
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A thriller updating 1984 to the near future...and amazon
in stock now

The animal voices are fabulous
due in two weeks

Set in New Zealand
Remember Jasper Fforde's The Eyre Affair?
This is Dickens, not Bronte
Our August First Novel Book of the Month
A Pen Exclusive
and in  stock now!

Our neighbor and partner Arcadia Farms did us proud on October 3, our official 30th birthdays, with these scrumptious cakes!
You can share a few bites tonight at 6:00 PM.

Highlighting the party were Joe Hill, interviewed by Leslie S. Klinger (left)

Hill and Klinger have left Signed copies of their books which are excellent October choices... preparing you for Halloween. Here are two of them:

There are new videos on Facebook or our YouTube channel. One with Hill and Klinger.

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Barbara and all The Pens

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Share in our Birthday Cake(s) Tonight
James Rollins 
Raymond Khoury
6:00 PM
Note the Early Start Time
and some giveaways from Steve Berry
James Rollins interviews Raymond Khoury
Khoury  signs  Empire of Lies (Forge $27.99)

Rollins signs Crucible (Morrow, $28.99/$9.99) his most recent Sigma Force thriller

International bestseller Khour writes a sweeping thriller in the tradition of The Man in the High Castle, Fatherland, and Underground Airlines is alternate history thriller set in a contemporary Europe ruled by the Ottoman Empire. A Starred Review for our October History/Mystery Book of the Month begins when  a modern Iraqi goes back to 1683 to change history but later finds himself on the run in present-day Islamic Paris.. 

The WSJ reviews:

His time-traveler is Ayman, an Iraqi whose life has been dominated by defeat, from the Gulf War of 1990 to the Islamic State insurrection. Stumbling upon an ancient formula for time-travel (which takes a lot of explaining), he decides he must restore Islam to its former glory.

But when did the balance of world power tip toward impoverished and perpetually squabbling Europe, and away from the empires of Asia? Ayman concludes that it was September 1683, when the Ottoman sultanate was defeated by King Jan Sobieski of Poland outside Vienna, never to threaten again. So all that's needed is dynamite, and a suicide bomb.

Would that really do the trick? Even if victorious at Vienna, the Ottomans would still have faced ever-improving European military technology: better guns, better ships, better tactics. Ayman accordingly has to stay in the past, to become the sultan's adviser. Until, that is, he needs modern medicine, and then he has to "time jump" forward-into the Paris of an Islamic 21st century.

Now we are back in an "alternate universe" plot. But though much has changed in Europe, much remains oddly similar. There is still a terrorist threat, in the Islamic Wahhabi sect, who crash an airliner into the Topkapi Palace in Istanbul. Across the Channel, there is a hostile and wary Britain, backed by the CRA, the Christian Republic of America. It looks as if the course of history is more stubborn than Ayman thought.

Meanwhile Ayman, arriving naked in Paris (it's what happens with time-travel jumps), attracts the attention of the secret police, and they want his formula. Now we are in a much more conventional thriller-chase plot, with Kamal, a counterterrorism officer, on the move, time-jumping from frying pan into fire-all the way back to 1683.

At the core of Mr. Khoury's complex multi-plot, nevertheless, is his vision of a modern Islamic state, with its good points-the duty of charity for all believers, without the indignity of street-begging-and its bad ones: rigorous repression, public beheadings. Good idea, bad idea? As with sci-fi at its best, the real excitement comes not from the thrills on the surface, but from the ideas underneath.

Rollins, a fan of Khoury's book, previews his March 9 event at The Pen for  The Last Odyssey  (Morrow $28.99).  

The British Are Coming:
A Trio of Them
First: Deborah Crombie
Publication Party
Monday 7:00 PM
Cake and Prizes

Deborah Crombie  signs  A Bitter Feast(Harper $25.99)
LJ  writes, "This superbly entertaining crime novel will delight mystery fans who crave character-rich, classically composed mysteries in the style and manner of those written by the late, great P.D. James."

Crombie explores the back kitchens of village pubs and posh London restaurants to examine the cut throat world of fine cuisine and the unique hierarchy and gender politics involved.  

Salivate over the imagined dishes created while wondering if Scotland Yard DS Duncan Kincaid and his wife, DI Gemma James, can unmask a killer. 

It begins with a Cotswolds weekend at fancy Beck House, ancestral home to Gemma's assistant at the cop shop. It appears the food will be sublime as offered at the village pub where a formerly celebrated London chef has established a top notch local restaurant. But the arrival of Kincaid driving himself down alone from London is derailed by a car smash leaving him somewhat injured but the other driver dead. And a dead man in her passenger seat-a man it turns out was already dead! With her hostess hosting a glittery charity luncheon at the estate cooked by the crew at the pub, and her husband not in top form and the local police set to arrest the chef, Gemma converts her country weekend into a high pressure murder inquiry. I

I've always loved Upper and Lower Slaughter and those picturesque Cotswold villages. You will you can feed your inner foodie.

Join us to share in our other birthday cake from Arcadia Farms.

Second: Anne Perry
New 1930s Series
Perfect for Maisie Dobbs fans
Wednesday 7:00 PM

Anne Perry  signs  Death in Focus  (Ballantine $28)

On vacation from London on the beautiful Italian coast, 28-year-old Elena Standish and her older sister, Margot, have finally been able to move on from the lasting trauma of the Great War, in which the newly married Margot lost her husband and the sisters their beloved brother. Touring with her camera in hand, Elena has found new inspiration in the striking Italian landscape, and she's met an equally striking man named Ian. When Ian has to leave unexpectedly, Elena-usually the more practical of the sisters-finds she's not ready to part from him, and the two share a spontaneous train trip home to England. But a shocking sequence of events disrupts their itinerary, forcing Elena to personally deliver a message to Berlin on Ian's behalf, one that could change the fate of Europe. 

In its rave, the Wall Street Journal review adds: "With evocative flair Ms. Perry conjures the mixed emotions and misplaced optimism of a period when many Establishment figures were desperate to avoid another world war. Elena's father, an English diplomat, argues in defense of Hitler's Germany: 'Feed the hungry, house the homeless, create jobs to bring honor and a sense of purpose...Is that demagoguery?' In this context, Elena takes a photography trip to Amalfi, where she finds much more dramatic images than expected. 

Death in Focus, the start of a new series, is reminiscent of works by Eric Ambler and Graham Greene. Cameo appearances by historical figures including Winston Churchill and Joseph Goebbels enhance this thrilling work whose heroine proves fully up to the sort of hair-raising challenges formerly met by her illustrious grandparent."

Third: Sherry Thomas
Lady Sherlock
Minerva Spencer
Saturday October 12

SATURDAY OCTOBER 12 2:00 PM Mystery Tea

Minerva Spencer  signs Scandalous (Kensington $7.99)

John Charles reviews: "Captain Martin Bouchard has never met a woman quite like Sarah Fisher. Armed with pistols she stole from his cabin, Sarah, the orphaned daughter of missionary parents, insists that Martin free all of the slaves he has rescued from the Dutch ship The Bluebird. Unbeknownst to Sarah, Martin, who has his own very personal history with slavery, has every intention of doing that, but that doesn't mean he can't convince Sarah she must offer him up something in exchange. Set on the high seas as well as Africa and England and jam-packed with plenty of adventure, danger, and sizzling sensuality, the latest in Spencer's Regency-set Outcasts series 

Sherry Thomas  signs The Art of Theft (Berkley $16)
Lady  Sherlock

John reviews again: "Posing as Sherlock Holmes, consulting detective, Charlotte Holmes's latest case takes her to France, where she, with some "assistance" from her friends and family, must help the Maharani of Ajmer, an old friend of Mrs. Watson's, by infiltrating a high society Yuletide ball and retrieve some very blackmailable secrets hidden in a valuable Van Dyck painting. Beginning with A Study in Scarlet Women ($15), Thomas successfully flipped the gender switch on the classic Sherlock Holmes books with her Lady Sherlock series."

Library Reads adds: "In this fun, playful series, Thomas has created a female version of Holmes who is vibrant, real, relatable, and intelligent. This fourth book has Holmes and Watson travel to France, with twists and turns the reader won't see coming. Perfect for fans of Laurie R. King's Mary Russell series and Tasha Alexander's Lady Emily series." We recommend ordering all 4 Lady Sherlocks and reading them in order

Thomas also signs The Magnolia Sword ($19.95), Mulan,  a YA Novel

China circa 484 A.D. Thomas was inspired by wuxia martial-arts dramas as well as the centuries-old ballad of Mulan, a young woman, who disguises herself as a man to take her father's place in the Chinese army, as a tie-in the upcoming live-action Disney version of the company's animated film of the same title." 
Fitting Right In:
A New British Library Crime Classic

Edwards, Martin. The Christmas Card Crime and Other Stories (Poisoned Pen $14.99). 

A Christmas party is punctuated by a gunshot under a policeman's watchful eye. A jewel heist is planned amidst the glitz and glamour of Oxford Street's Christmas shopping. Lost in a snowstorm, a man finds a motive for murder. This collection of mysteries explores the darker side of the festive season-from unexplained disturbances in the fresh snow, to the darkness that lurks beneath the sparkling decorations. With neglected stories by John Bude and E.C.R. Lorac, as well as tales by little-known writers of crime fiction, Martin Edwards blends the cozy atmosphere of the fireside story with a chill to match the temperature outside. 

This is a gripping seasonal collection sure to delight mystery fans and copies can be Signed October 29 by Edwards

And two other British classics
Carr, John Dick. The Crooked Hinge (Norton $15.95).

Carr (1906-1977) is at his best in this creepy and baffling mystery originally published in 1938. The lives of Sir John Farnleigh and his wife are upended when a stranger using the name Patrick Gore appears at their Kent estate and claims that he's the real Sir John. Gore alleges that as a child he was on the Titanic with another boy, who used the ocean liner's sinking as a cover to attack him and steal his identity. Gore later believed his assailant and fellow survivor was dead, until learning that the imposter was posing as Sir John. Sir John's tutor, Kennet Murray, who knew him well as a boy, quizzes Gore, but before Murray can give his opinion as to the man's veracity, someone's throat is slashed. Gideon Fell, Carr's series detective, investigates the murder, the related question of who is the real Sir John, and allegations of witchcraft at the estate. This is an all-time classic by an author scrupulous about playing fair with his readers. Golden age fans won't want to miss it. 

Christie, Agatha. Murder, She Said: The Quotable Miss Marple (Harper $16.99) 

A beautifully designed collection of charming quotations that showcase the wit and wisdom of the Golden Age sleuth.

And More:
The Rebirth of Downton

Fellowes, Jessica/Julian . Downtown Abbey: A Celebration (St Martins $22.99) 
The official companion to all six seasons of TV.

Fellowes, Julian. The Official Downton Abbey Cocktail Book (Weldon Owen $25). 

Cocktails were introduced in the drawing rooms of Downton Abbey in the 1920s, when US prohibition inspired the insurgence and popularity of American-style bars and bartenders in Britain. This selection of recipes is organized by the rooms in the Abbey in which the drinks were served and spans everyday sips to party drinks plus hangover helpers and more. In addition to classic concoctions like a Mint Julep, Prince of Wales Punch, and Ginger Beer, this collection features character-specific variations such as Downton Heir, Turkish Attaché, The Valet, and The Chauffeur. The recipes reflect drinks concocted and served upstairs and down, as well as libations from village fairs, cocktail parties, and restaurant menus typical of the time. Features 40+ color photographs, including drink images photographed on the set of Downton Abbey. Imbibe some history with the drinks.
Gray, Annie/Gareth Neame. The Official Downton Abbey Cookbook (Weldon Owen $35) presents over 100 recipes that showcase the cookery and customs of the Crawley household-from upstairs dinner party centerpieces to downstairs puddings and pies-and bring an authentic slice of Downton Abbey to modern kitchens and Downton fans. 

Whether adapted from original recipes of the period, replicated as seen or alluded to on screen, or typical of the time, all the recipes reflect the influences found on the Abbey tables. Food historian Annie Gray gives a rich and fascinating insight into the background of the dishes that were popular between 1912 and 1926, when Downton Abbey is set -a period of tremendous change and conflict, as well as culinary development. With a foreword by Gareth Neame, executive producer and co-creator of the series, and featuring over 100 stunning color photographs, The Downton Abbey Cookbook also includes a special section on hosting Downton-themed dinner parties and presents stills from across the TV series as well as the latest film. Notes on the etiquette and customs of the times, quotes from the characters, and descriptions of the scenes in which the foods appear provide vivid context for the dishes. It's almost a Mrs. Beeton for the period.
Our October Books of the Month
British Crime Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Crombie, Deborah. A Bitter Feast

Cozy Crimes Club One unsigned hardcover or paperback per month
Wingate, Marty. The Bodies in the Library

Discovery Club  One paperback or hardcover per month
Cockram, Jane. The House of Bridess

First Mystery Club  One Signed First per month
Gault, Miciah Bay. Goodnight Stranger

Hardboiled Crime Club  One signed First per month 
Hirsch, Paddy. Hudson's Kill

History/Mystery Club  One Signed First per month 
Khoury, Raymond. Empire of Lies

History Paperback  One per month
Edwards, Martin. Gallows Court

Modern First Editions  One Signed First per month
Woodson, Jacqueline. Red at the Bone (Riverhead $260

SciFi/Fantasy/Horror Club  One Signed First per month
Abercrombie, Joe. A Little Hatred

Surprise Me! Club  One Signed First Per Month
Casey, Donis. The Wrong Girl

Thriller Club  One Signed First per month
Cornwell, Patricia. Quantum

Four Ticketed Events
Oct 19 -  Gabaldon/Bennett  6:30 PM
Oct 21- Michael Connelly  10:15 AM
November 6 - Clive Cussler 7 PM
November 11 -  Janet Evanovich 7 PM

Can't attend any of these events? Please click on the title to order your Signed copy to ship or pick up at The Pen

SATURDAY OCTOBER 19 6:30 PM (doors do not open until 5:30 PM)

TICKETS . Please click on the link to order
$55 one book and admits one $60 one book and admits two (limited number of $60 tickets)
Limit: 500 fans

The DoubleTree Hilton Hotel
5401 North Scottsdale Road
Scottsdale AZ 85250 

Cash bar. Free valet parking

(The Pen has no arrangement with the hotel for discounted rooms.
Please check with the Hilton directly for room reservations. There
are numerous hotels in the immediate area)
No personal books. Diana will sign any books purchased at the event

If using  PayPa l please email  to get the shipping  rate to be included in your payment


TICKETS $36 admits one with book

Michael Connelly signs  The Night Fire (Little Brown $29)

Harry Bosch & Renee Ballard 

Inscription requests welcome...please limit to 5 words


TICKETS $35 admits one with book, $38 admits two with one book. Tickets will be issued in time groups to cut down on your standing in line

Please do not bring any personal books

Clive Cussler and Boyd Morrison sign Final Option (Putnam $29)
Location: Janet Cussler Car Collection 16055 N. Dial Blvd. Scottsdale, AZ 85260  


Janet Evanovich debuts Twisted Twenty-Six   (Putnam $28)

Order VIP Tickets to attend the November 11 publication party @ 7:00 PM 

DoubleTree Resort 5401 North Scottsdale Road Scottsdale AZ 85250

$33 admits one person with one copy of the book

Doors open 6:00 PM
Cash Bar. Free valet Parking

Our October Calendar
Deborah Crombie signs A Bitter Feast (Harper $25.99)
James & Kincaid in the Cotswolds
Anne Perry signs Death in Focus (Ballantine $28)
1930s series start
SATURDAY OCTOBER 12 2:00 PM Mystery Tea
Minerva Spencer signs Scandalous (Kensington $7.99)
Sherry Thomas signs The Art of Theft (Berkley $16)
Lady  Sherlock
Plus The Magnolia Sword ($19.95), Mulan,  a YA Novel
James R. Benn signs When Hell Struck Twelve (Soho $27.95)
Billy Boyle
Martin Limon signs GI Confidential (Soho $26.95)
Bascom & Sueno
John Sandford interviews John Connolly
Connolly signs Book of Bones (Atria $28.99)
Charlie Parker
Sandford signs Bloody Genius (Putnam $29)
Virgil Flowers and fabulous
Ticketed Event $55 admits one with one boom; $60 admits two with one book

No personal books, please
Diana Gabaldon and Tara Bennett sign The Making of Outlander: The Series Guide to Seasons 3 & 4 (Random House $50)

Ticketed Event $36 admits one with book

Michael Connelly signs The Night Fire (Little Brown $29)
Inscription requests welcome...please limit to 5 words

Dr. Raun Melmed signs  Marvin's Monster Diary: ADHD Emotion Explosion (Familius $12.99) and 3 related books on the ADHD topic
Donis Casey signs The Wrong Girl (Sourcebooks $26.99 or $15.99)
Bianca Dangereuse Hollywood Mystery #1
Martin Edwards signs  Gallows Court (Sourcebooks $15.95)
Rachel Savernake Golden Age Mystery #1
Martin Edwards interviews Nicholas Meyer
Meyer signs The Adventure of the Peculiar Protocols (St Martins $25.99)
Sherlock Holmes & Dr. Watson
Please buy your copy from The Pen. Anyone welcome but remember you risk spoilers if you don't read the selection in advance
Coffee & Crime : Saturday October 12 10:30 AM
Atherton, Nancy. Aunt Dimity's Death ($9.99)
SciFi Friday : October 13 7:00 PM
Tchaikovsky, Adrian. Children of Time ($16.99)
Croak & Dagger : Saturday October 19 10:30 AM
Harper, Jane. The Dry ($9.99) Winner of the 2019 Ned Kelly Award
Hardboiled Crime: Thursday October 24 7:00 PM
Greene, Graham. The Third Man ($15)

Clive Cussler Society
25th Convention
Phoenix October 11-13

Holiday Inn & Suites Phoenix Airport
3220 S. 48th Street
Phoenix, Arizona 85040

Go to this link for more info and registration. You will note you can pay at the door by check... details are set out.
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Good News: Arcadia Farms Cafe has generously offered us its parking for evening events when needed. You can also park just south of our lot between the alley and Main Street.

One reason we don't have a cafe or bar in The Pen is there isn't enough dedicated parking to allow one.

Enjoy --there are all sorts of food and beverages on offer.
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