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August 5, 2022


Freshman Orientation was Saturday, July 30. Roncalli hosted over 400 students, with the seniors welcoming the Class of 2026 to our Royal family. Senior energy and leadership was on full display--job well done, seniors!


Front row:  Shaun Richardson, Laura Gottman R’10, Ellie Haydock, Lindsey Meyer, Lauren Greve, Amy Schoettle 

Back row:  Jamin Wernke R'02, Shannan Masten, Frank Mullen, Erik Hvidston, Monica Dodson R'06, Marco Ray (not pictured: Eric Quintana, Ambrose Kam)

We welcome our new faculty to Roncalli!

Eric Quintana - APC Teacher / Football Coach 

Lindsey Meyer - Assistant Director & Middle School Band Teacher 

Laura Gottman R’10 - Band Director

Jamin Wernke R'02 - CCP Teacher / Basketball Coach 

Shannan Masten - Choir Director

Frank Mullen - Drafting Teacher

Erik Hvidston - English Teacher

Ellie Haydock - Math Teacher

Ambrose Kam - Myanmar Outreach Coordinator

Lauren Greve - Science Teacher

Amy Schoettle - STARS Aide 

Shaun Richardson - STARS Teacher

Monica Dodson R'06 - STARS Teacher

Marco Ray - STARS Teacher


In case you were not able to attend New Parent Orientation on Saturday, July 30th, you can view the slides below. All links to webpages mentioned in the presentation are embedded in the slides.



Have you logged into your Tuition Management account?  Have you made your tuition payments?  Please know that late fees will be added to your account in August if you have not paid your July and August payments in full.  Please contact Barb Hatfield in the Business Office (bhatfield@roncalli.org or 317-787-8277 ext. 215) if you have questions or need assistance with your Blackbaud tuition account.

Summer Social 22-02.jpg

What a blessed Saturday evening as our Roncalli family came together for the Summer Social! With over 600 registrations, we had an amazing turnout for this fun-filled event!

Summer Social Pics


For parents wanting to make a parent account in canvas.DIRECTION


We welcomed over 350 athletes, coaches and parents to our Athletics Kickoff Mass sponsored by RHS Campus Ministry. Fr. Bob Robeson was the celebrant and encouraged those in attendance to work hard, to not be afraid to fail and to follow after Jesus in all they do. After mass, a new sports performance and leadership program was introduced. Roncalli athletic teams will be incorporating Champions 101 into their programs to help student athletes become their best on and off the playing field. Roncalli athletic teams will also be engaged in service projects as well as taking part in faith-building opportunities.

2022-2023 R SHIRT

Be sure to purchase this year's R shirt for your student to be out of uniform on the "R shirt out of uniform" days which happens each month! The first "R shirt out of uniform" day is Monday, August 19. This shirt can be worn with jeans or sweatpants (no shorts, leggings or jeans with holes). 

After the Spirit Store sale a few weeks ago, some sizes are sold out. It will be about two weeks before they arrive, but the others can be purchased in the Spirit Store. The store will be open every day at lunchtime.


Thank you to everyone for your patience during the first days of school. It will probably take another week or so for all students and families to figure out what works best for them in the morning and in the afternoon, so continued patience is appreciated.


Helpful Hint - The amount of traffic entering the campus in the morning from the north (LaSalle Street) is significantly lighter than that entering the campus from the south (Prague Road). Families that live west of Madison Avenue should strongly consider using Thompson Road as your east/west road and accessing campus from LaSalle Street. Other ways to minimize your traffic challenges before and/or after school include the following:


  • Dropping off your student in the morning between 6:50 AM and 7:10 AM might allow you to miss substantial traffic.
  • Picking up your student in the afternoon at 3:30 PM or after will allow you to miss a great deal of traffic.
  • Please do not block the entrance ramp to St. Jude’s parking lot that is off of Prague Road. This can lead to total gridlock!
  • When dropping off or picking up, do not stop in front of the main entrance doors. Please pull all the way forward to the picture of Jesus. This greatly helps us with traffic flow.


Our police officers ask that you please be attentive to their instructions/directions. Again, the first few days will present some unique challenges as everyone adapts to traffic flow, timing, etc.


SEPTEMBER 22, 2022



Join us as we honor this year's distinguished guests!

  • Alumnus of the Year - Andy Elsener R'97
  • Royal Award - Matt Taylor R'04
  • Honorary Alumnus - Mark Stratton
  • St. John XXIII Award - Frank Sergi
  • Volunteer of the Year - Terri Madden and Jenny Randol


More information and invitations are coming soon!


One of the most energy filled activities of the year is our annual Back to School Night, which will be held on Thursday, August 18. The formal program begins at 6:30 PM in the Ascension St. Vincent Gymnasium. After a brief program, you will move through an abbreviated version of your child’s schedule and have the chance to meet each of your child’s teachers. Annually, our parents have come out in record numbers and thoroughly enjoyed their opportunity to be back in high school for one evening. Please be sure to join us for this event! 

FREE Roncalli yard signs will be available!


Please read attached letters for social work services here at Roncalli.

English Version
Spanish Version


School policy does not provide for any early start of or extension of either fall or spring break. No student will be excused from school on any day(s) the week before or the week after fall or spring break. Any student’s absence on these days will be considered unexcused. An unexcused absence means that two points will be deducted from the student’s cumulative grade in each class at the end of that grading period. Teachers are not required to make special provisions for students who are unexcused. Students absent because of illness on the day(s) preceding and/or immediately following fall or spring break will be required to bring a doctor’s excuse to the Attendance Officer upon their return to school. Parental support of this policy is an expectation and is greatly appreciated.  


The updated 2022-2023 Roncalli Handbook can be found here. As a reminder for the school year, students are to be dressed in a uniform polo shirt, quarter zip or crew neck sweatshirt purchased from the school. Additionally, students are permitted to wear cotton twill pants of their choice in either Navy Blue or Khaki color. The pants are to be a minimum of boot cut and/or straight leg and may not be worn in a manner that hugs the complete contour of the lower body. Also, the only visible piercing that is permitted are piercings in the ears. No other facial piercings are permitted to be worn. Students are not allowed to have any unnaturally occurring hair color. Finally, all young men are to clean-shaven daily.  

Handbook Revisions for 2022-2023

Each year in an effort to continue to meet the academic, social and spiritual needs of our student body, a comprehensive review of our Roncalli Handbook is conducted. In response to our review of the handbook, here are a few of the updates made to the Handbook:

  • Wearable Technology - Smartwatches or other such devices that connect to a phone or directly to a wireless network are no longer permitted to be worn during the school day. Please review section 6.3.7.
  • Fall Break Policy - Spring Break Policy was updated to include Fall Break as well as to how student absences will be accounted for. Please review section 5.1.7.
  • Tardy to School - As tardy situations accrual the number of associated detentions, Saturday Schools and Suspension grow. Please review section 5.1.8.
  • Tuesday Late Arrival - Please see the updated school schedules which indicate that school will start at 8:15 AM on Tuesdays throughout the school year. Please review section 5.2.1.

Each student will receive in his/her theology class, a Handbook Read Receipt Form that must be signed after both the student and a parent/guardian reviews the handbook.  This form is due back to school no later than August 12th.   

Please feel free to contact Tim Crissman, Dean of Students, with any Handbook related questions. 


Please click the button to view the 2022-2023 calendar at a glance.

2022-2023 CALENDAR


Please consider helping with rides to and from Roncalli. Contact Andi Baker at abaker@roncalli.org with any carpool needs. 

Needs assistance:

  • Ride home after school. (Located off East Epler Avenue)
  • Ride to school in the morning thru February. (Near St. Barnabas)
  • Ride to and from school. (Fairview & Morgantown Road - Fair Oaks)
  • Ride to school in the morning thru February. (Stop 11 & 5 Points)
  • Ride home after school on Tuesday and Thursday. (135 & Olive Branch)
  • Ride home from school. (Thompson & Sherman)
  • Ride to and from school. (Smith Valley & 37)
  • Ride home on Monday, Tuesday, Thursday & every other Friday. (Banta & Bluff - Dakota Ridge Apartments)
  • Ride home from school each day. (located two minutes from St. Roch)
  • Ride to and from school. (Mooresville area)


The Canned Food Drive will be held from August 22-26! Each student is asked to donate $35 or 70 cans. Families with more than one student at RHS can donate $60 or 110 cans for the family. Donating to the Canned Food Drive earns the student out-of-uniform days. If a student donates on Monday morning, they can be out of uniform for the whole week!  


"Breakfast with the President" is an opportunity for parents of freshmen to join Roncalli High School president Chuck Weisenbach R'79 for a casual breakfast and conversation in an intimate setting limited to no more than 15 people.

The breakfasts will be held from 7:30 - 8:45 AM in the President's Conference Room on September 16, 26, 30 and October 3.

Please RSVP to Raegan Evans to select your date to attend.


On September 30th, we will celebrate the 60th anniversary of the dedication of the school building. What started as Chartrand High School has become the Roncalli High School that we know and love today.

Chartrand alumni contact Aaron Hommell R'07 at ahommell@roncalli.org.


The school meals program is funded by the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA). Since the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, school corporations across the country have been operating with the use of a federal waiver that allowed them to feed every child without charge through June 30, 2022. The use of this waiver will NOT be available next school year and corporations will return to the traditional eligibility requirements for free, reduced and paid meals. This means that for School Year 2022-2023, we will need to process free and reduced-price meal benefit applications.

The Roncalli Cafeteria does have the ability to Directly Certify students who receive SNAP, TANF, some Medicaid, and /or are certified as homeless, migrant, or are wards of the state (foster children). Households who are directly certified will be notified in writing of the free or reduced-price meal status prior to the start of school and will not need to complete and application.

Families may now apply online for free/reduced meal benefits at mymealtime.com. Households are encouraged to apply before the start of the school year to avoid unpaid meal charges. Students who were approved for free or reduced-price meal benefits last year through direct certification or by an approved application will have these benefits extend through the first 30 school days of 2022-23. After that, students will be classified as “paid status” and meal charges will begin to accumulate. Meal charges accrued before the approval of a meal benefit application will be the responsibility of the household.

You do NOT need to complete an application if you receive notification that your child(ren) are directly certified.

Please have money in your student’s account on the first day of school mymealtime.com. Please direct questions to Mrs. Horan at ehoran@roncalli.org.

*Please note, applications received prior to July 1 will NOT be effective for the 2022-2023 school year.

This Institution is an Equal Opportunity Provider


Every little bit counts! Take a look at the great benefits Roncalli receives when you shop at Kroger with your Kroger rewards card. Make sure you have your card associated with Roncalli’s code AS409. See the link at the bottom of the newsletter, or go to https://www.kroger.com/account/enrollCommunityRewardsNow/, choose “I’m a Customer,” and type in Roncalli’s code AS409 to link your rewards to benefit our school.


Amazon donates 0.5% of the price of your eligible AmazonSmile purchases to the charitable organization of your choice.

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Support your charitable organization by starting your shopping at smile.amazon.com.


Nativity Catholic Church will be having its 16th annual festival, Augustravaganza, on Friday and Saturday August 12th and 13th. Times are 4 PM - midnight on both nights. Come enjoy the best food tent around or catered dinners in the air-conditioned gym. There is a large children's game tent, baby crawl race, Silly Safari animal show and festival rides. Adults can enjoy bingo, Monte Carlo games and the beer tent. Live music entertainment both nights! Don't miss buying a ticket for $3500 grand prize raffle! (License #000754) High School students are welcome to volunteer and receive service hours. For more info, go to www.nativityindy.org


  • For God’s blessings and mercy upon Archbishop Charles Thompson and his ministry in shepherding the Archdiocese of Indianapolis.
  • For those who struggle to find adequate food, clothing, shelter, and medical services and for those most in need of God’s mercy.
  • For healing of body, mind and spirit for all people dealing with depression, addiction or mental health issues.
  • For strength and healing for all those fighting off life-threatening illness and for their families and caregivers.
  • For the men and women of our armed forces and their families, especially our Roncalli High School alums who are serving in the military.
  • For our Roncalli alums preparing for a religious vocation as a priest, religious woman or missionary.
  • For vocations to the priesthood, religious life and missionary field, and that Roncalli High School and its families will provide a nurturing environment that fosters and supports these vocations.


(317) 787-8277