Summer 2022 Newsletter
 Project of the Month:
Empowered For Christ Church West Palm Beach
2 stories Metal Roof with Flat roof
Shingles Shortages
Shingles are largely made from asphalt and petroleum Hy products that have become scares in the past couple of years.
Even once the shingle supply gets back to normal, there will be the issue of logistics. Transportation and distribution have also seen labor shortages from the pandemic
Worldwide inflation has been on the rise consequently this will impact the cost of supplies, labor therefor Cost increase in services and products.
Wait and delivery time will also feel a huge impact from an average of 6 to 8 weeks for installation timelines for roof projects.
High Velocity vs Non High Velocity Hurricane Zone
High Velocity Hurricane Zone (HVHZ) aka The Dade County Code

If you live in Broward County, Miami Dade or Coastal Palm Beach county you are in HVHZ zone.

What does that mean for your roof projects?

  • More fasteners underlayment to protect against Hurricane Winds
  • Roof Tile attachment
  • Higher Product Certification
  • Hurricane Truss Mitigations (required for all homes above $300,000 appraisal)

All those differences have an impact on labor, materials and consequentially price.

All disaster preparedness items are tax free until June 10th. The following items are on sale:
  • Generators
  • Flashlights, lanterns
  • Batteries and weather radios
  • Gas Cans and Gas Grills
  • Smartphone quick chargers
  • More items can be found on here.
Property Insurance Special Session
The Florida Legislature passes two bills to lighten the state’s insurance crisis as the special session gathered that homeowners and the insurance market are about to see a change in property insurance rates in Florida. 
One of the bills approved was CS/SB 2-D on property insurance, which helps insurers with their risk portfolio by creating reinsurance to assist policyholders. The other one was SB 4-D on building safety, that have thorough inspections mandatory for condominiums and that includes an entire section about the roofing system. Both bills were also approved May 26th in the Florida Senate. 
For the roofing industry, it is too early to understand the impact of these new laws.

New Team Member: Pete

We would like to welcome Pete our new Estimator in our Palm Beach office! Pete is happy to help you with all your roofing needs in the Palm Beach area!

Once upon a time...

I had my roof fixed and it is still leaking!
You know the saying” you have got what you pay for!”
Always check before hiring a roofer. Licensed? Insured? Reputation and referrals?

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