The Shiras Room is ready for action starting Monday, December 17th. The remainder of the areas from the bell bridge through the 1904 building (top floor) won't be completed until mid-end of next week.

We are thrilled about the Shiras Room updates! You'll notice a fresh coat of paint, ceiling repairs, new flooring and LED retro fit kits for the pendant lighting.
This room cleaned up nicely.

Andrea Ingmire
Library Director
Room Closings
Several rooms are closed in the Library. Here is a current inventory and additional information about each closing:
  • Computer Lab -
  • How long? Several Weeks
  • Why? Storage for historic materials, soon to be cleared and new carpeting installed.
  • What can I use instead? Computer stations on first and second floors. We are limiting time on the public stations during this time.
  • Sister Cities Room -
  • How long? Remainder of project ~March 2019
  • Why? Contractor and Sub contractors need a space to work out of.
  • Where are all the Sister Cities goodies? Safely stored away
  • Heritage Room -
  • How long? Several Weeks, maybe longer
  • Why? Flooring not complete, then we will need to store the computer lab furniture in this room.
  • What can I use instead? Shiras Room
  • Peter White Conference Room -
  • How long? Remainder of project ~ March 2019
  • Why? We are moving in and out of staff offices, and need a spot to temporarily locate those who are displaced.
  • What can I use instead? Dandelion Cottage and Lion's Room are still available and have a similar capacity.

The top floor of the year 2000 building (near parking lot windows) is cleared of furniture. Carpeting will start to be removed in that area on Monday, December 17th.
  • Currently the seating and desks are very limited in this area. Many have been moved to the window boxes.
  • Portions of the Reference Collection along with the newspaper back issue shelving are not available right now.
~Sorry for the inconvenience!
Lighting Updates

LED retro fit kits have been installed in the Reference Department's pendant lighting.

We are so happy to have light in this area again!
Carpeting on stairs
New carpeting has been installed on the 1904 staircase. There was a 'tricky step' where the stairs turned. This 'tricky step' was quite dangerous. The corner of this stair was modified slightly for safety. Additional hand railing will be added on the walls of these stairs in future months.
Relocated Services
The Friends Bookstore is now located on the Main Floor, across from the Circulation Desk. Be sure to stop by and do some holiday shopping!
Microfilm access is still available on the top floor. However there is a lot of furniture in that corner now. It should return to the microfilm loft sometime next week.
Fun Find!
Wall paper circa xxxx?
Some interesting old wall paper was uncovered above the ceiling in the microfilm room. Just never know what you're going to find!

Contact Andrea Ingmire with any questions or comments! 906-226-4303
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