Think Outside the Pot
As we head into the long weekend, traditionally known at the gardening weekend, please remember that it is NOT business as usual. We are so pleased to be one of the first industries to be allowed to open and we look forward to serving you both with curbside pickup and open doors.

However, please remember that this is not a usual spring. Not only do we have strict protocols in place to provide safe shopping, but our staff (and plants) have been dealing with unusual snowfalls and consistent cold temperatures. 

If you don’t see your usual plants, please know that our suppliers are dealing with an unusual spring as well. We are working long hours to ensure that our garden centre is ready for spring but can’t always confirm what will be on our deliveries or when they will arrive.

To be respectful of people waiting in line, we encourage you to browse our website and make your wish-list BEFORE coming to the store.

Thank you for your patience and wishing you a wonderful long weekend!

Container Gardening
As the temperatures heat up, we move outside. Our gardens, patios, decks and porches become our outdoor living spaces (or even offices!). Consider containers to be the accessories that we decorate these outdoor rooms. Even the tiniest outdoor space can be made beautiful with containers especially when combined with hanging baskets. 

Container Gardening has taken on a new life with smaller balconies, patios and porches. It’s not just for flowers anymore! Consider growing a container o f just succulents like cactus and echeveria. Or containers of edible herbs, salad greens, peppers or tomatoes.

Keeping your Containers Over-Flowing with Colour
Follow a few simple tips to keep your luscious and colourful creations brimming with colour all season long.

- remove all faded flowers, right down to the stems, not just the petals

- container plants dry out more quickly than their partners in the ground so examine your pots daily, test with your finger and adjust your watering schedule accordingly

Pure Hen Manure by Acti-Sol
Hen manure is the only fertilizer that naturally contains calcium. Acti-Sol fertilizers made from hen manure are 100% natural. 

This product is in a granular form and easy to use by just sprinkling it on your gardens. It is active through the entire growing season because the granules slowly and gradually release the nutrients for the plants to absorb. 

This fertilizer is rich in calcium and perfect for tomatoes, cucumbers and all demanding vegetables.

Available at the Dufferin Garden Centre.
Hen Manure
Pollinators need you. 
You need pollinators!
Pollinators help over 75% of all flowering plants as well as support healthy ecosystems that clean the air, stabilize soils, and support other wildlife.
What can we do to help?
Ruby-throated Hummingbirds

A flash of green and red is the first sign that the hummingbirds have returned to your garden! Is your garden ready for the ‘Hummers’?

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