Honduras Root Causes Daily Digest:
75 Travelers Unite in San Pedro Sula
As we arrived in San Pedro Sula and made our journeys to the retreat center, we are already noticing so much. As we flew in, we saw the beauty of the land juxtaposed with the devastation of mono-cropping as we flew over row upon row of palm trees. They have been planted to close together that subsistence farmers can't grow food to feed their families under the dense canopy. There are billboards and signs along the road — promising urbanization and celebrating tourism. As we drove to our retreat centers, the magnificence of the mountains was partially obscured from the smoke rising from the many industrial sites. Yet the warm welcome we received with delicious supper and fresh coconuts to break into and drink graced us with a few moments of rest.

In preparation for Tuesday's journeys, we offered welcome to one another and received welcome from our host, Padre Melo and our leaders, Deborah Lee (Interfaith Movement for Human Integrity) and Jose Artiga (SHARE). After a blessing, we made our way to our rooms to get ready for a very full week.
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