Root-Pike WIN to Extend Lamparek Creek Restoration

Project will be funded by Microsoft to advance restoration of an environmental corridor in Mount Pleasant

Root-Pike Watershed Initiative Network (WIN) announced today that it will restore a major portion of Lamparek Creek in Mount Pleasant, Wisconsin thanks to a unique collaboration with Microsoft. More than 100 acres of prairie, forest, and degraded stream buffer will be improved to a more native, resilient condition. The scope of the project, which is targeted to begin next year, also includes re-meandering of the creek from its current state to support a healthier aquatic habitat. The Lamparek Creek environmental corridor restoration is led by Root-Pike WIN and will be funded by Microsoft.

Ditched and Bermed,

Lamparek Creek is Getting Help

Water Quality in the Lamparek Creek

is Consistently Poor

The restoration of Lamparek Creek is recommended in the 2014 EPA/DNR-approved Pike River Watershed Restoration Plan. The project will transform roughly 1.5 miles of severely degraded stream buffers into high-quality riparian areas. These buffers and wetland areas will filter runoff pollutants, reduce stormwater volume and velocity, provide rich habitats for diverse wildlife, and enhance water quality in the Pike River watershed. The restored areas will also provide aesthetic, functional, and recreational upsides – including a potential public multi-use trail. 

“Restoring Lamparek Creek and implementing the Pike River Restoration Plan are important

goals for the community, and we are thankful for Microsoft’s support of this work.

From the first meeting, Microsoft’s development team has been behind the idea of helping us

transform this ‘dirty ditch’ into a ‘clean creek’. With funds committed to the Lamparek,

Microsoft is helping us move beyond the status quo and investing in the long-term

sustainability and protection of this resource and the community."

- Dave Giordano, Root-Pike WIN Executive Director

Lamparek Creek Headwater Wetlands After WDNR Grant Work

"Microsoft is inspired by the work and the team at Root-Pike WIN. It is a privilege to support this restoration project, which we hope will provide the community and future generations with an improved ecological habitat and recreation area in a restored Pike River Watershed.”

- Paul Englis, Microsoft Datacenter Community Affairs Manager

Lamparek Creek Project Map

“We are very pleased to see Microsoft partner with Root-Pike WIN to bring about change for Lamparek Creek. We have the unique opportunity to transform a degraded agricultural ditch into a publicly accessible environmental corridor. Microsoft is demonstrating already that they want to be part of this community - the Root-Pike WIN partnership is another step in that direction.”

- Dave DeGroot, Mount Pleasant’s Village President

Agricultural Runoff Prior to the Wisconn Valley Development (2017)

Racine County and the Village of Mount Pleasant will also be involved in the planning and implementation of the project. In 2020, Root-Pike WIN and the Village of Mount Pleasant began restoring a small nine-acre wetland near Lamparek Creek just East of County Road H and North of County Road KR with funding from the Department of Natural Resources. The scale of this collaboration will address and restore Lamparek Creek from County Road H to 90th Street.

“In 2019, Mount Pleasant, Racine County and Root-Pike WIN teamed

up to bring about change for the impaired Lamparek Creek.

Today, with this partnership with Microsoft, our environmental and recreational vision for that area will begin to manifest. This kind of

public-private partnership sets the example for others to follow in

our great County."

- Jonathan Delagrave,

Racine County Executive

Stormwater Outfall from Foxconn Looking East

Lamparek Creek After Initial Headwater Wetland Improvements (2021)

"By teaming with Root-Pike WIN, Microsoft will become a significant partner in our efforts to improve water quality in the watershed. Our combined efforts to restore the Lamparek Creek will have a

generational impact on Mount Pleasant, the Pike River, and Lake Michigan."

- Mike Luba, Root-Pike WIN Board President

Lamparek Creek Downstream of the Foxconn Development

Microsoft’s collaboration with Root-Pike WIN is a community investment that extends from the company’s larger plans to build a datacenter campus in the Village of Mount Pleasant in Racine County, Wisconsin.

Root-Pike WIN is excited to have a new watershed partner in Microsoft.

Stay tuned for more developments!

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