About this Newsletter:

Parents of rising 6th-9th Graders, please see below for upcoming volunteer opportunities and important information about the 2019/2020 school year!

Information about Rooted (Middle School Faith Formation) is first, followed by information regarding Branching Out (Middle School Youth Ministry).

Students must register for Rooted, however all SJN 6th/7th/8th Graders are considered part of Branching Out (though most individual events do require a pre-registration).

***All youth volunteer (service hours) opportunities are labeled in RED for your convenience.***
Dear Parents,

First I want to extend a huge welcome to the families of our rising 6th Graders who will be joining us in the Rooted and Branching Out programs this year. I am looking forward to getting to know you and your children over the next few years.

I also want to say an early CONGRATULATIONS and farewell to our rising 9th Graders who are preparing for Confirmation! I have enjoyed our time together and I'm excited to see the ways your wonderful children will impact our community as they continue to grow.

God Bless,
-Angela Davis
Parent Newsletter
Here is the latest information pertaining to the Rooted program!
Rooted Parent Meetings

All parents are expected to attend a Parent Meeting with will happen in the Chapel during each sessions first Rooted session this September. We invite parents to join with their children for our snack and opening which will then be followed by the parent meeting. This will not last the entire duration of the Rooted session.
Rooted Registration

Some of the Rooted times/grades have already filled, so if you have not already registered, now is the time! Online registration closes on August 23rd.

Rooted Volunteers Needed

In order for Rooted to run smoothly each year, we need MANY volunteers in MANY different roles (including hands-on and behind-the-scenes roles). Please take a look at our volunteer flyer and consider signing up at the link below. Please direct any questions to Angela Davis at adavis@saintjn.org .

***Youth Volunteer Opportunity***

Youth and Adult Summer Volunteers Needed

We need a lot of help in the Faith Formation Office getting ready for the school year. Many things are needed including office work and technology volunteers (setting up tablets, creating slide shows, data input). This would be great for teens, tweens, or adults. Please contact Angela Davis at adavis@saintjn.org to schedule a time to help out!
Extra T-Shirts

There were extra t-shirts left after our closing retreat in March. These were given to all Rooted volunteers and participants because of the service project that we all participated in (packing meals to feed over 40,000). These shirts will be available after Masses (while supplies last) on August 24th and 25th. Please feel free to grab one!
2019/2020 Calendar

The Rooted Calendar is available on the website in two formats for your convenience.

Parent Newsletter
Here is the latest information pertaining to the Branching Out program!
***Youth Volunteer Opportunity***

Family Movie Night

The next Family Movie Night is this Friday ( August 2nd ) and they could use our help! They need volunteers (teens, tweens, or adults) to help with the following jobs:
  • Set-Up / Ice Cream Scoop - 4:30pm-5:30pm
  • Ice Cream Server - 6:15pm-7:15pm
  • Clean Up - 8:30pm-9:00pm
If you would like to volunteer or have any questions, please contact Jo-Ann at jduggan@saintjn.org .
Looking Ahead:
EDGE Summer Camp 2020

It may seem early to begin thinking about summer 2020, but these camps fill up the first day they open registration which is in mid-September. We'd like to bring a group of Middle Schoolers to camp Hidden Lake in Dahlongega, Geogia in the summer of 2020 for an EDGE camp. EDGE is a Catholic middle school ministry. Here is a small amount of information, more to follow in the next few weeks:
  • WHO: Students who will be rising 6th through 9th graders at the time which means those who are currently rising 5th through 8th graders are eligible to attend.
  • COST: About $800 per camper (this will include all lodging, transportation, meals, and activities)
  • REGISTRATION / DEPOSIT: All campers wishing to attend will need to register and provide a $100 deposit in the beginning of October 2019. Space will be limited.
  • WHEN: Sometime during the summer of 2020. We would leave SJN early on a Sunday and return very VERY late on the following Saturday. We are assigned our date by the camp.
  • CHAPERONES: We will be in need of a few chaperones who will need to provide their own camp registration fee and can assist with driving 12 passenger vans. We will need both male and female chaperones.
  • TRANSPORTATION: We will drive down in rented 12 passenger vans.
Stay tuned for more information.

Branching Out T-Shirts

Branching Out t-shirts are on sale for $10. They are available for purchase, however there will be a supply on hand in the Faith Formation Office for off-site Branching Out events where all participants will be required to wear one to assist with better supervision and accountability. Participants may purchase one to own or may choose to just wear one of the extras when attending off-site events. Shirts can be purchased during Rooted sessions or any other time that staff is available in the Faith Formation Office.
2019/2020 Calendar

The Branching Out Calendar is ready, but be aware that there are other potential events that may be added as the year moves along!

Thank you for all you do to make your children's faith formation a priority and for inviting us to support you in this wonderful journey.

Angela Davis
Coordinator of Middle School Faith Formation
St. John Neumann Church
Reston, VA
[703-390-2345]  [adavis@saintjn.org]  [www.saintjn.org]