Rooting Around for Farmers

learn more about your rural ancestors with our hour-long presentation

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Michael shares 30 years

of experience researching his

own farming ancestors

This presentation will discuss sources that should be fully utilized in a researcher’s search for more about their farming ancestor. We will look at sources and materials that provide direct and indirect information about your farming ancestor and their farming operation. Local, state, and federal sources will be covered in addition to non-governmental records. There is information available to help you gain more insight into your farming ancestor’s life and lifestyle. Material will be applicable to farm landowners in addition to tenant farmers and farm laborers.

This session presumes a basic understanding of local records, including land records. Those who have never worked in land records may wish to combine that presentation with a live attendance or pre-order in the “Rooting Around for Farmers” presentation.

Rooting Around for Farmers—webinar purchase--immediate download (handout included)


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