Happy MidWeek Friends!
I don't know about you but I am sure enjoying these weekly videos from Ms. Bendia and her cats!

Our activity for today is:

Humble plates
Kids love to color! Allow them to spark their creativity with paper plates. Provide little kids with plates, markers, paints, etc. On the plate, the kids should draw or create something that is more powerful than them.

and a BONUS a game

Helping Out
With sidewalk chalk or something similar, write humility in large letters. Each letter should have its own box similar to hopscotch. One child should stand on the H and the other in front of the H. The one in front of the H needs to crawl under the legs of kid on H to get to U. The kid on H will then crawl under the legs of the kid on U to get to M. The kids will continue helping each other until they spell humility. The point is to make sure they are helping each other to every letter. If they struggle or fall, they must work together to help each get up and start again.

Together In Christ,