March 5, 2021
A Day in the Life: Hood River JVs
Michaela, Marly, and Ryan speak on their experiences as JVs serving in Hood River, OR.
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Second JV Priority Deadline for the ‘21-22 Service Year - March 10

We’re always looking for young adults interested in service with JVC Northwest. Do you know a college, parish, or other community where we should reach out? Let us know! Write with your suggestions.
Social justice call to action!
President Biden campaigned on abolishing the federal death penalty, and now it’s time for us to see to it that his administration fulfills that promise. has provided ways to get involved. Click here to take action. 

Did you know that Hollaback! provides free bystander intervention trainings?

Join us in advocating for more humane immigration and environmental policies. Join Ignatian Solidarity Network for Ignatian Family Advocacy Month. 
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Job Opportunity
Cristo Rey Dallas College Prep
Dallas, TX
Community Event
Solidarity on Tap
with Ignatian Solidarity Network
March 24, 6PM PT/9PM ET
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What's broadening your horizons and stretching your perspectives?
Send your recommendations to For this month’s issue, we’re featuring materials that our staff diversity, equity, and inclusion small groups are working through.
All the Real Indians Died Off and 20 Other Myths about Native Americans
by Roxanne Dunbar-Ortiz and Dina Gilio-Whitaker
Me and White Supremacy: A Guided Journal
by Layla Saad
Indigenous In Plain Sight |Gregg Deal | TEDxBoulder