" To experience the flow of creative energy within yourself, to experience the breath of life within you, manifesting your body and your mind is to experience the breath of life that permeates the whole of the universe.  - Swami Chetanananda
Volume 21.0
September --  2016
From the Cushion
Swami Chetanananda
The Real Practice of Yoga

Most of us today understand yoga to be about moving your body and the many benefits that emerge from that- improving your range of motion and flexibility, better circulation, more energy, and less stress. Practicing yoga can do all of that.

The true benefits of yoga go much deeper. Asana practice is an important tool in developing a capacity to control your mind, be aware of your breath, dissolve your mind into your breath, and ultimately, to recognize the fundamental vitality that is present in the breath. I call this the breath of life, and this breath of life has the capacity to heal anything.  How does this happen? [read more]

Practice & Inspiration
Sadhvi Parānandā
"What...Are you CRAZY?!"
Every morning I go for a walk with my hero-dog Seeker. I do mantras as I take in the sounds, smells and splendor of the tranquil neighborhood around The Movement Center.   Last week I had an unusual experience at a nearby park.
I heard the primal scream of a young woman.  My first thought was that a girl had been kidnapped by someone who hangs out around the park.  Seeker and I ran toward the sound.  When we reached the area I believed the scream came from, a man came rushing toward us diagonally from the bushes. [read more]

Roots of Practice
Investigating the Roots 
of Yoga

As the popularity of hatha yoga has increased, there has been increasing interest in  exploring the origins and history of the practices of hatha yoga. The most significant effort is the Haṭha Yoga Project (HYP), a five-year research project funded by the European Research Council and based at
SOAS  (The School of Oriental and African Studies) at the University of London. 

The project aims to chart the history of physical yoga practice using both a philosophical and ethnographic approach, so it includes the study of texts on yoga as well as fieldwork among ascetic practitioners of yoga living in India. [read more]

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Find Your Joy
"Spirituality is sometimes characterized in really dramatic terms, but its really unbelievably simple. Enlightenment is unbelievably simple." 
- Swami Chetanananda

Yoga Studio
  Addressing Psychological Trauma through Yoga

This month I'd like to share with you a different aspect of the transformative power of yoga - but to do so I will defer to an expert in the field of fascia, Thomas Meyers. Myers is the author of Anatomy Trains, a book dedicated to mapping the longitudinal myofascial connections of the body; meaning, how the whole of our musculature can be functionally traced through what he calls 'myofascial meridians' through the fascial webbing of the human body.   [read more]


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Contemplating Universal Love

Total well-being lies within you--and is always accessible to you, if you choose to look for it.  The practice of meditation is a way to get in touch with your personal power on a deeper level and find satisfaction and fulfillment in your life.
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