April 2020
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As a facility of Greenville County Schools , we are closed through the end of the month to keep visitors and staff safe from the spread of COVID-19. Please check our website or social media for details on when we will re-open to the public for special events. 
RMSC eLearning Video Shorts
While your children learn from home, be sure to check out our new video shorts with our science and social studies specialists. There’s a variety of lessons based on state standards available for grades 2 through 8. We welcome questions you may have as you watch the videos and will get our specialists to respond to you with answers.  
Roper Mountain Membership
We are grateful for your ongoing support and want you to know that you will not lose any time on your membership. Once we re-open, our membership coordinator will extend your membership to make up for the time our facility has been closed.

Additionally, if you renew or sign up for a new membership during our closure, it will be valid for one year from the date Roper Mountain re-opens, or one year from your current expiration date - whichever is later - so that you get a full year's value from your membership.
2020 Summer Exploration Camps
It is our hope that we will back to “business as usual” by the summer and our Summer Science Exploration Camps will be unaffected by the current closure. We will, of course, be monitoring the situation closely and should that not be the case, we will communicate with you as soon as decisions are made. Visit our summer camps page on the website to see current openings, view our Summer Camp Guide, or to register.
While things in our main facilities are a bit quieter right now, the same can’t be said about the new building. All framing has been complete, and now construction is working to finish internal drywalling and roofing. Masonry and glass installations will be taking place over the coming weeks.
Spring is here! And right on cue, the Living History Farm is bursting with life. The delicate Redbud flowers are on full display, seeds are awakening to warming rays of sunshine, and a dusting or two of pollen is drifting from the trees. Eastern Redbuds ( Cercis canadensis ) are small nati ve trees whose flowers are actually edible. Settlers would sometimes add them to their salad. Keep that in mind if the grocery stores run short on fresh vegetables or you want to impress your friends the next time you make a salad.
If you're looking for a fun way to enjoy being outside with your now stay-at-home children, how about starting some seeds? It's the perfect time of year to begin a little garden and you'll find that seed starting is an excellent way to augment at-home science instruction. We're looking at you K5 (Exploring Weather: Spring), 1st grade (Plant Structures), 2nd grade (Seasons), 3rd grade (Environments and Habitats), 4th grade (Characteristics and Growth of Organisms), and 5th grade (Ecosystems).  All you need is a little soil, a little sun, some water and time. Look for seed racks at your local grocery store or you can certainly order online. For a great sustainable option, try to re-grow plants from your kitchen--think about the potatoes that can sprout in your pantry! Some others you might try are avocados, basil, onions, and celery, just to name a few. 
that April 22 will be the 50 th Anniversary of Earth Day? In Harrison Hall of Natural Science, we celebrate Earth Day every day by encouraging students to conserve and protect the earth. One example of this is using our Plastic Oceans display to address the problem of plastics in our environments. This display was lovingly made possible thanks to the John Jilek Memorial.
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