May 2021
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Our Mission
To ignite the natural curiosity of all learners to explore and shape their world
Environmental Science
and Sustainability Center
To commemorate Earth Day, we unveiled the Sustainable Future exhibit presented by Fluor within the brand new 30,000 square foot Environmental Science and Sustainability Center. This large exhibit is divided into five main areas related to sustainability where visitors can experience their use and impact on household energy, renewable and non-renewable energy sources, food and clothing waste recycling, composting, and biodiversity.

In partnership with Fluor Corporation, the Greater Greenville Sanitation Commission, and Duke Energy, this large exhibit includes a variety of visitor experiences including hands-on activities and digital interactives focused on conservation and environmental issues focused on all aspects of sustainability including environmental, social, and economic aspects.
Open to the public beginning on June 1, the Sustainable Future exhibit’s activities and information displays will have visitors leaving with the understanding that choices matter, wise stewardship of nature is essential, and all things are interrelated. The hope is that a cultivation of awareness towards the local and global environmental and sustainability issues takes place and leaves an encouraging stewardship message for visitors to examine their personal needs and wants to make appropriate lifestyle changes to make a difference in the world.
Welcome Our
New Staff Members!
We are excited to welcome three new hires this month. John Hurley, former Director of Education at AMIKids, comes to us as our new Natural Science Specialist in Harrison Hall of Natural Science. Joining him in Harrison as a Natural Science Teacher is Meg McKnight, who hails from Augusta Circle Elementary where she taught fourth and fifth grade while also writing science curriculum for Greenville County Schools. And rounding out the new positions is NAI-certified and Educational Interpreter III, Ashley Zalabak, our new Environmental Science and Sustainability Specialist, who joins us from the South Carolina Aquarium.
Roper Mountain Science Center
Association Board
Do you have a passion to support the purpose, vision, and mission of Roper Mountain Science Center? Would you be dedicated to working toward that through fundraising, advocacy, and volunteering? Each year, the Roper Mountain Science Center Association seeks such individuals to join our Board. If you are interested in serving as a Board member, please contact us via email for more information.  
Friday Starry Nights
May 7, 14, 21, 28
6 p.m.
Friday Starry Nights
May 7, 14, 21, 28
8 p.m.
Springtime farm babies will be arriving soon! Make plans to visit the Living History Farm this summer during our Summer Adventure program. We'll have Dominique baby chicks arriving in a few weeks, with Cayuga ducklings and American Buff goslings soon to follow. These are heritage breeds of poultry – breeds raised by our forefathers and formerly common on American farms. Check out the Livestock Conservancy website for more info on Heritage breeds.
Trivia time! What is a collective animal name for each of the following animals:
·        Chicks
·        Geese
·        Ducks
There are more, but here are some possible answers:  
Clutch (of eggs), brood (hatched together) or chattering of chicks
Gaggle (on the ground), skein (in flight), or flock of geese
Brace, paddling, flock (flying), raft (on water) or team of ducks
Please consider participating in the Greater Greenville Master Gardeners Association Plant Sale!
A big thanks to Emma Hamm and the rest of the Monarch Elementary Beta Club group for organizing a donation drive to help out with animal care needs. Over $500 worth of food and supplies were purchased and donated for the animals. The animal care staff is extremely grateful to Emma for reaching out to us and setting all this up, as well as to Taylor Williamson for her help delivering all the items. Thank you to everyone who participated.
Virtual Field Trips have been going strong all school year. Here’s a recent review from our Amazing Animals class: “Roper Mountain always does a wonderful job on their educational programs. This one was no exception. The students were highly engaged even virtually which is sometimes difficult to achieve. Not impossible but difficult. They did a great job teaching the standards in a way the students could enjoy. I don't think my students will ever forget the experience. They loved it!” Ms. West 
…that the Chestnut Oak trees found at Roper Mountain aren’t a common forest type in Greenville? They grow and adapt to thrive on rocky, dry ridges and are sometimes called Rock Oak. It’s also an indicator species of dry (xeric) conditions. Because it’s a ridgetop tree, it’s only found in two places in Greenville: Paris Mountain and right here! It got its name thanks to its leaf resemblance to the American Chestnut. Because it’s a source of tannin extract (used for tanning of leather, dyeing, etc.), it’s also called Tanbark Oak. 
Our Chestnut Oak forest is our climax forest here, representing the last stage of natural succession. This forest should remain essentially unchanged in terms of species composition for as long as our site remains undisturbed. Many Chestnut Oak seedlings can be seen sprouting up from stumps and roots. The large acorns of the Chestnut Oak are obvious among the leaf litter on the forest floor. The long and broad acorns are among some of the largest of American Oaks. Blue jays, gray squirrels and chipmunks feast on the acorns.

As you hike our trails this summer, enjoy the shade of our Chestnut Oaks that help make Roper Mountain so special!
2021 BMW Charity Pro-Am
Presented by SYNEXX Corporation
Ticket sales to the golf tournament are now available and can be purchased to support Roper Mountain. If attending the tournament at Thornblade or The Cliffs Valley doesn’t suit your schedule, consider purchasing Birdies For Charity and designating Roper Mountain as your charity of choice! This fun option continues to raise bonus dollars by enabling individual donors to make a one-time flat donation or pledge one cent or more per birdie during the tournament.
Give Back To Roper Mountain:
Even with hallways and learning labs temporarily emptied of our students and visitors, we are continuing to do all we can to keep students, visitors and staff of Roper Mountain safe and connected. There is no question that this year will provide unique opportunities for our community to connect in new ways while meeting the challenges of the way things are in the world now. School lessons and public programs are being re-tooled to be delivered online; lessons are being created to help establish state standards in environmental science and sustainability; animals throughout our facility are being cared for daily; and our staff are collaborating in exciting new ways. A donation from you will help move our mission forward and lay the foundation for future success. 
You can support Roper Mountain in the Amazon Shopping app on iOS and Android mobile phones. Simply follow these instructions to turn on AmazonSmile and start generating donations. 1. Open the Amazon Shopping app on your device 2. Go into the main menu of the Amazon Shopping app and tap into 'Settings' 3. Tap 'AmazonSmile' and follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process. We appreciate your continued support of Roper Mountain, now more than ever.
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