November 2019
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Holiday Laser Shows
Kick off your holiday season by planning a fun-filled sensory journey with us at our second annual Holiday Laser Shows. Featuring two holiday classics – Trans Siberian Orchestra Christmas and Holiday Wonderland, we will offer shows over three weekends in December.
RMSC Gift Memberships
Give the gift of unforgettable experiences at Roper Mountain to a loved one this holiday season. You can save $5 on a gifted membership from Nov. 28 to Dec. 5, using the code MERRY19. In the spirit of giving, be sure to explore our Supporting Membership options; all levels include sponsored membership donations to families in need and a portion of your gift is tax deductible. Visit the Membership Page to learn more and purchase your gift today!
Roper Mountain Science Center is a facility of Greenville County Schools. Because of that, our buildings are not open to the public during the week, as we are busy facilitating engaging, hands-on learning for hundreds of students from all around the state and beyond within our walls. Please check our website or social media for details on when we are open to the public for special events. 
Fall Harvest Festival
Second Saturday
Saturday, Nov. 9
9 a.m. - 3 p.m.

Friday Starry Nights
  • 6 p.m. Feature Show: Perseus & Andromeda
  • 7:30 p.m. Feature Show: STARS

If you’re visiting for the Fall Harvest Festival, be sure to look through our big picture window in the Ecology Lab to see the Backyard Habitat Exhibit. We feed many different types of wild birds at our birdfeeders. Fall is the time to be on the lookout for migratory birds; be sure to keep your feeders at home full for autumn visitors passing through on their way to better feeding grounds and a warmer climate. Warblers, Grosbeaks, Hawks and many others migrate to their winter grounds through South Carolina. Clean your hummingbird feeders and hang them back out for ruby-throated hummingbird stragglers and the occasional rarity like the rufus hummingbird. 
The next time you come through Harrison Hall of Natural Science, visit our very own anatomically correct Acromantula spider (Aragog from Harry Potter). This special model was hand-crafted by former Marine Specialist and current part-time employee of Roper Mountain, Dr. Brandis Hartsell. 

Some new animals have joined the Harrison family. There is a young alligator – approximately one year old – living in in the Discovery B classroom and several new Marine Lab residents, including:
  • Foxface, Banana Wrasse, and Clown Triggerfish living in the Predator Tank
  • Six Dragonface Pipefish introduced with the Seahorses
  • One Giant Red Hermit Crab and six Striped Hermit Crabs awaiting your visit to the touch tank
Construction for our new environmental science and sustainability center isn’t the only thing we’re constructing these days. Right now you may notice more leaf litter around the landscaped areas of the buildings. This is purposeful regeneration of nutrients to the topsoil to create healthier topsoil for the plants and critters that live in the area. 
Save The Date for Second Saturdays: STEMFest on Feb. 8, 2020. We are looking forward to our annual STEMFest event, which will take on a “Build Together” theme as we celebrate the construction of the new Environmental Science and Sustainability building. We will have many of our awesome community partners bringing local scientists and engineers with unique hands-on experiences for visitors. Watch for more information and details about the event coming soon!
3D printing capabilities have been expanded thanks to a generous grant from Aeronix, which allowed for the purchase of four Dremel IdeaBuilder 3D printers and filament. This provides higher quality, larger build volumes, faster prints and the ability to use the printers for STEM challenges, 3D modeling and 3D printing, a key part of advanced manufacturing to middle school and upper elementary students. These printers let us design and build high-quality customizable materials, interactives, and manipulatives for our engaging STEM labs. They will also provide opportunities to continue and possibly expand our 3D printing summer camps. In addition, these printers can serve as a showcase to demonstrate this technology for students and visitors during field trips and public events.
 Hooper Planetarium and Daniel Observatory is excited to officially have Maggie Connelly here from Charlotte as the new Planetarium and Public Program Specialist. Maggie comes to Roper Mountain with 10 years of experience teaching informal science, which includes running a Starlab planetarium, creating and leading astronomy workshops, and curriculum writing. She is excited to join a team that is already well-known for providing superb astronomy programs and looks forward to meeting you at your next visit to one of our public programs.
  • Virtual Field Trips has added a new program: Becoming a Butterfly! This fun and interactive program addresses 2nd grade South Carolina science standards.
  • Afterschool BLAST! Classes have begun their second block. Blocks are still available for the spring semester to bring robotics and programing classes to local elementary schools. More information can be found HERE
  • For the first time during the school year, Science on Wheels will be traveling to Myrtle Beach for three days of Starlab Programs for 4th graders. 
  • The second Mini-PLUS and Afterschool Program were held in October. We welcomed 94 teachers from around South Carolina to three different courses.
  • The 2020 Summer Science Institute application will go live at the beginning of November so please spread the word with any public school science teachers you know across the state of South Carolina about this amazing opportunity!
…that the Sourwood tree is one of the first trees to change into a rich red or scarlet color along the trails at Roper Mountain Science Center? Bright red colors in some trees are produced when the glucose is trapped in the leaves after sunny days followed by cold nights. 
In our woods, the Sourwood tree is one of the smaller to medium-sized ones in our understory and often grows with meandering branches, trying to find an opening toward the sun. 
Walk the trails in November and enjoy looking for the red color of our Sourwood trees. 
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