August 7, 2020

Dear Rosa Coplon Living Center Residents, Family Members and Responsible Parties,

I am happy to report that we continue to have no new COVID-19 cases. We are doing everything we can to ensure this continues.

  • Employees are screened daily and tested weekly.

  • Every staff member wears a mask.

  • We follow frequent hand washing and social distancing practices.

  • We follow Sodexo’s seven-step cleaning program using hospital-grade disinfectants approved by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention.

  • For the past few months, we have also been using a Solaris UV Disinfection machine, a cutting-edge technology used in many acute care hospitals and healthcare settings to prevent the spread of illnesses. This technology helps to eliminate coronavirus and other germs from surfaces in seconds with proven pulsed UV light.

We will not let our guard down, and this includes minimizing the chance for the virus to be spread from visitors. We deeply appreciate everyone's understanding and compliance with Department of Health (DOH) visitation rules. Our first full week of visitation has been filled with joyful reunions!

Scheduling A Visit
To schedule your visit, please complete our online pre-appointment questionnaire required by the DOH each time you would like to visit. Once you submit the questionnaire, a staff member will call you to schedule your visit. Visiting hours by appointment are Monday - Friday, 9:30 -11:30 am and 1:30 - 3:30 pm. The visiting area is cleaned between visits and we thank you for following visitor protocols.  
Heather Martindale, RN, MSN, Director of Nursing, welcomes visitors to their pre-scheduled visit with residents and provides COVID-19 screenings.
Njegos Petrovic, Social Worker, greets visitors at socially distanced tables, which are cleaned between each visit.
If you have questions, we're always happy to answer them!
Matt McDougall
Administrator, Rosa Coplon Living Center

716-639-3311 ext. 2218
Weinberg Campus |