June 19, 2020

Dear Rosa Coplon Family Members and Responsible Parties,

We understand that many of you were hoping that you might be able to visit in time for Father’s Day. We’re sorry to say it will be a bit longer. As of Friday morning, Governor Cuomo has not lifted the no-visitors mandate for skilled nursing homes. We anticipate further guidance soon. As soon as we know visitors will be allowed back, we will begin to implement any new Department of Health requirements for safe visitation. This may take us a few days. We will move as quickly as we can to safely reunite you and your loved ones. And what a happy day that will be!

We continue to update our COVID-19 cases daily on the family webpage . (Username: family, Password: weinberg321). We do not currently have any cases in residents.

Father’s Day June 21 st
This weekend we will do our best to make our wonderful men feel special on Father’s Day. Our chefs plan to prepare a gourmet meal to mark the occasion. The menu includes classic “Dad favorites!”

  • Swiss Steak
  • Mashed Potatoes
  • Green Beans
  • Fruit of the Forest Pie

In addition, a Father’s Day Music Special with local entertainer Kathy Carr will be broadcast at 2 pm on channel 18. We are also planning a door-to-door Father's Day cart to deliver special treats, and staff members will conduct 1:1 social visits with residents in the afternoon.

If you have questions about any of the information provided in today’s update, you are welcome to contact me.

Thank you for your continued support!
Matt McDougall
Administrator, Rosa Coplon Living Center

716-639-3311 ext. 2218
Weinberg Campus | WeinbergCampus.org