FBC Raleigh News August 12, 2019

For several years, our church has partnered with CBF's Together for Hope initiative in Helena, Arkansas. Several members of the Carter family went in July, and we asked Catherine to share about her experience.

"Since the age of six, I have participated in the CBF Together for Hope week-long swim camp in Helena, Arkansas. Just a few weeks ago, I went with my mother and brother for the ninth time. I’ve moved through the camp: first as a camper, then as a group leader, and most recently as a swim coach. Teaching children to swim is one of the most rewarding parts of my summer, but that’s not why I keep going back. It’s because being part of the community of Helena and the ministry there has been one of the most impactful parts of my faith journey. That and the milkshakes from Burger Shack. I want to thank our church for the opportunity to continue such a meaningful ministry. It’s something I look forward to every year."   -Catherine Carter
Regularly scheduled Church Conferences will be held on the following dates in 2019:
August 21 • September 25 • October 30 • November 20 • December 18 

We are looking forward to another fall semester in Centerpoint, which means it's time to make meal reservations! If you would like to be on a recurring Wednesday night supper list, or if you would like to check the status of your reservation, please email Deborah. You can also make reservations through our church website.

8/21 - Church Conference
Menu: Meatloaf, mashed potatoes, roasted veggies, salad bar
Vegetarian option: Non-meat patty with gravy
Children's Menu: Mac & Cheese
8/28 - Kick-off Inter-generational Game Night
Menu: Grilled pork chop, herb rice, vegetable broccoli medley, salad bar
Vegetarian option: Mock pork BBQ
Children's Menu: Chicken nuggets
Monday, August 12
8:30am Step-up Ministries (FH)
6:15pm Finance Committee Mtg. (CR)

Tuesday August 13
10am Staff Mtg. (CR)
5pm Church Council Mtg. (CR)
6pm Theology on Tap (Raleigh Times)
14 E Hargett St, Raleigh 27601

Wednesday, August 14
10am HS Bible Study (Blue Rm.)
10am Clothing Ministry Mtg. (CR)

Thursday, August 15
11am Clothing Ministry Opens
11am Library Committee (Li)

Saturday, August 17
Salt Shakers Dinner

Sunday, August 18
Family Promise of Wake Co. (to Aug. 24)
9:45am Personnel Q&A Session (FH)
9:45am Sunday School
11am Worship (S)
11am Japanese Worship (227)
12:15pm Personnel Q&A Session (FH)
5pm Block Party (Parking Lot)
  • Monday, August 12: Psalm 11; Isaiah 2:1-4; Hebrews 11:1-7
  • Tuesday, August 13: Psalm 11; Isaiah 24:1-13; Hebrews 11:17-28
  • Wednesday, August 14: Psalm 11; Isaiah 24:14-23; Luke 12:41-48
  • Thursday, August 15: Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19; Isaiah 2:5-11; Hebrews 10:26-31
  • Friday, August 16: Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19; Isaiah 3:1-17; Hebrews 10:32-39
  • Saturday, August 17: Psalm 80:1-2, 8-19; Isaiah 3:18-4:6; Matthew 24:15-27
Divine Kumah (225) 284-6417

This fall we are undertaking a new approach to discipleship programming for adults on Wednesday nights. This new shift will be one that recognizes the roles of our mind, spirit, and body in our development as Christians. On most Wednesday nights we will have two electives – one that focuses on the mind/spirit and another that focuses on getting the body moving. Adults will have the choice to attend the elective that best fits their needs. With this change comes brand new times that you'll see in a detailed schedule below.

Our mind/spirit elective next month will be on the Enneagram approach to spiritual and personal growth. Sam and Melody Harrell, former CBF Field Personnel and current Associate Coordinator of Global Missions, will lead a three-week study on this personality typing system. The Enneagram is a map that illuminates nine distinct patterns of the human personality. It is a powerful and practical system available for lending emotional and social intelligence to creating and sustaining relationships. This workshop will offer an understanding of the system and an introduction to the nine types. Participants will leave with the framework and tools to further explore and discover the Enneagram for their own lives. The Enneagram elective will take place in the Fellowship Hall.

For our body elective , Meg Dare will lead some sessions to get us moving and stretching, using principles of yoga appropriate for all levels! Participants are invited to join in whatever clothes they are currently wearing, and the use of a chair will be provided for those who need it. We hope that this gentle yoga elective offers a chance to move in a way that energizes and refreshes, as we center ourselves in the middle of the week. Join Meg in room 302 for this elective.

Coming this Fall
In later months, we will have mind/spirit electives on how Jesus used praise in his ministry and how we can model his use of praise in the way we interact with others. We will also use short videos by Rob Bell to generate discussion on Christian and faith topics. Finally, we will have sessions on the grieving process after the death of a family member and the services Hospice provides to individuals and families. Our body electives in October will take advantage of the month's typically beautiful weather with a series of walking tours in the blocks around our church. In later programs, we will learn physical therapy techniques that benefit all ages.

This fall, we will have three inter-generational programs for 1st graders and up! Child care will be provided for babies through kindergarten, allowing parents to fully participate in these nights. Our Wednesday night kick-off on August 28 will be inter-generational, with games and activities led by Matt and Allison Strickland. This is a reprise of the very popular program they led last year. In October we will have a night of Bible games. In December, all will be invited to help prepare for Toy Joy. Details for each month’s activities will be provided well in advance so you can make plans to attend.

New Wednesday Night Schedule
5:30-6:15pm - Children’s Session 1 (Music in the fall, Missions in the spring)
6:15–6:45pm – Supper   (The dinner line will open at 6pm)
6:30pm – Prayer time and announcements
6:45-7:30pm - Children’s Session 2 (Missions in the fall, Music in the spring) and
Centerpoint Electives for adults
  • The mind/spirit elective will be in the Fellowship Hall, and the body elective will be in room 302.

We hope you will join us for Wednesday nights this fall! Invite your friends and neighbors to this special time of fellowship, learning, and connection.

As outlined in a July 15 letter to the congregation, the Personnel Committee is formulating a proposal to reassign Trey Davis to a temporary Associate Pastor role at FBC after he leaves the position of Youth Minister next month. To learn more about this proposal, the committee invites you to join us at one of two Q&A sessions in the Fellowship Hall on Sunday, August 18 – one at 9:45am and the other 15 minutes after the conclusion of worship, at 12:15pm . We believe our church has a strategic opportunity to apply Trey’s talents, trusted leadership, and deep knowledge of our congregation to initiatives of church-wide significance while FBC seeks a new Minister of Youth and while Trey discerns next steps. The committee expects to present a proposal for consideration at the August 21 Church Conference. 

If you're unable to attend either of the August 18 sessions, please feel free to reach out to any member of the Personnel Committee - Anne Bullard (Chair), Britt Cobb, Jen Foster, Jeff Hobart, Randy Tucker, or Beth Yerxa.

Weekday Preschool still has a few spaces available for the upcoming 2019-2020 school year. Weekday Preschool serves ages 1-5 and operates M-F 9:30am-1:30pm each day with multiple day combinations available. Email Crystal Bacon for more information.  

Weekday Preschool has a part time assistant teacher position available. Please email Crystal Bacon for more information. 

For the month of August we will be doing an early support project for Toy Joy. Many of you may remember that we offered Bibles to all of our 300 families who came last year and most of them accepted our offer. We ordered Bibles in several different languages to accommodate as many of our guests as possible. We would like to do that again this year. Also, we are hoping to have blankets available in the adult gift area this year as that seems to be a pressing need of many of these families. We ask that you donate money to cover the cost of these items  (we will purchase the Bibles and blankets so that all will be the same) . If you wish to write a check, you may make it out to First Baptist and put Toy Joy Bibles & blankets in the memo line. Checks can be placed in the offering plate, or given to Jodi in the church office. Please don't put cash or checks in the donation drawer in the lobby.
We hope you're making plans to join us for our end-of-summer/back-to-school Block Party on Sunday, August 18 ! We'll gather from 5-7:30pm for an evening of food, live music, inflatables, games, and activities for children, youth, and adults. David With will be catering again this year, so you'll get a good preview of his BBQ as we look forward to And Also With 'Cue opening in late September. The Block Party has become something we look forward to each year as we reconnect after a summer of going different directions. It's a great night to bring a friend, so if you know of someone who would like to check out our church, bring them along!

If you follow us on Facebook, do us a favor and share this event with all of your friends!

On Sunday, August 11 Matthew Taylor joined our congregation through profession of faith. We celebrate this decision in his life, and welcome him into our church family!
Sympathy to Ralph Cavin on the death of his cousin, Darrell Murray on August 3.
Cards of condolence may be sent to Ralph at
8581 Cypress Lakes Drive, Unit D-409, Raleigh, NC 27615.

Cece Burris Middleton's daughter Hannah's husband, David Del Fonzo,
died unexpectedly on Monday, August 5. Cards of condolence may be mailed to
Cece at 518 Oaklawn Avenue, Winston-Salem, NC 27104. 
Week of August 5, 2019
Current Week Revenue: $39,963.22
Month-to-Date Revenue: $39,963.22 
Year-to-Date Revenue: $870,142.57
Month-to-Date Expenses: $21,611.02
Year-to-Date Expenses: $914,353.85
Heck Jones Mission Offering: $6,161.85

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