Happy Valentine's Day

Oh, how we love thee!

Let us count the ways!

Your kind words and encouragements

keep us going day-by-day.

We do our best to source and craft,

to make each product with care.

In the hopes it will reach you safe and sound

as it travels by land and by air.

We love it when you share with us

photos of what you cooked or baked.

We always feel sad alongside you

when packages arrive with breaks.

We appreciate your patience

since we pack and ship by hand.

We love it when you share our products

with your family and friends.

We are grateful for this journey -

we never expected we'd end up here!

We hope we get the chance to serve you

for many upcoming years!

This Valentine's Day we want you to know

how much you've helped us learn and grow.

From our small family, straight to you,

we wish you health and good fortune, too.

We feel lucky to wake up every day

knowing we get to make our ghee

and send a golden jar your way.

You are the spice to our rice -

And you are the ghee to our naan!

We wish you many blessings and love

even when this day is gone. <3

~ The Pure Indian Foods Family ~


Storytime from Sandeep:

I met a guy about a decade ago, and he was an expert in making medicinal ghee. He made many different ghee products, including rose ghee. I asked him about this product, and he said that he’s seen fantastic results when it comes to helping people open up emotionally, since rose is a fantastic plant for opening the heart. He told me that he had given this ghee to one of his friends who was a psychiatrist. His friend put the rose ghee in the waiting room and encouraged people to take a spoonful before their appointment. He said that he felt it made a difference in the openness of people during their therapy appointments.

As an herbalist, I've studied how rose and hawthorn berry work synchronously to help open the heart and balance emotions. They are often recommended in the herbal community for those dealing with stress, impatience, grief, or other agitated emotions. Many associations we have today stem from ancient traditional wisdom, and in the case of rose, we can clearly see that rose as a symbol of love and blossoming of the heart is well-founded.


Herbalist & Co-Founder of Pure Indian Foods


Charcuterie boards and Rose Petal Jam are a match made in Heaven.

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Rose Water

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Black Turmeric Slice.gif

Roses are Red,

Black Turmeric is Blue

(Sandeep thinks you should try it,

and Nalini does, too.)

Check it out!

Sandeep's Advice Column:

I wanted to share some key advice for the ladies this Valentine's Day.

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