City of Rosenberg News Update
Rosenberg City Council Formally Adopts Redistricting Map “E” Defining New City Council District Boundary Lines
At the January 4, 2022, City Council meeting, Rosenberg City Council Members voted to formally adopt Map “E” outlining the new City Council boundary lines effective immediately. The new City Council boundary lines will apply to the May 2022 General Election.
Map “E” meets all the criteria of Resolution No. R-3167 which outlines specifics and responsibilities for redistricting including:
  • Easily identifiable geographic boundaries
  • Maintaining communities of interest
  • Avoiding splitting neighborhoods
  • Composed of whole voting precincts
  • Configured to be relatively equal in total population
  • Compact and composed of contiguous territory
  • Preservation of incumbent-constituency relations by recognition of the residence of incumbents
  • Not crack or pack minority voters
  • Composed of whole census block groups or blocks
  • Within acceptable Total Maximum Deviation
  • Compliance with the Voting Rights Act

To summarize the redistricting process to date: Draft map “A” was initially presented to the Election Redistricting Committee on Monday, Nov. 15. Based on the Committee’s feedback at that meeting, the Consultant edited the draft map and released version “B”. During the review of draft map “B” at the Dec. 6 meeting, the Election Redistricting Plan Committee made modifications to the map which resulted in the release of draft map “C”. The committee then voted to select draft map “C” as the map to recommend to City Council for approval. Draft map “C” was presented to Rosenberg City Council at a special meeting and to receive input from citizens during the first public hearing on Tuesday, Dec. 14. After a review of the maps, City Council opted to make changes to the maps which were released with Draft Maps “D” and “E”. Maps “D” and “E” were presented to Rosenberg City Council at the January 4, 2022, City Council meeting. After reviewing the maps, and holding the second public hearing, City Council voted to adopt map “E”.

The adopted Map “E” can be viewed on the City’s redistricting webpage at or in person at the City Secretary’s Office at Rosenberg City Hall located at 2110 4th Street, Rosenberg, TX 77471.

For more information on the redistricting process in Rosenberg, please visit the website at or call Citizens Relations at 832-595-3301.
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