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Dear Friends of Anderson's La Costa,
Greetings! Happy Spring! Can you believe this gorgeous weather? As much as we have all loved the rain this winter and we know how good it is for our state, it is also great to finally experience some of our awesome Southern California sunshine. Spring has arrived! 

You won't believe the depth of selection at the nursery right now. You will enjoy reading Steven's section below for a great overview of what's in Speaking of, have you heard the birds? They are chirping like mad! Take advantage of our next sale by taking 20% off Old Ben's Wild Birdseed and invite all sorts of birds into your garden. We have quite a few specials going on, so here you go!

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Below you'll find "What's New in  the  Nursery ..."
by  Steven,  including  some  of the amazing  plants  we have  recently  received April Gardening Tips , plus Old Ben's write up on house finches and wrens  to  follow.

Thank you for stopping in and checking out our changing spring landscape. We can't wait to show you the beauty that is waiting for you!

Marc,  Mariah and the Team at 
Anderson's La Costa Nursery
What's New at the Nursery
      Steven Froess


As you can tell I'm very excited that spring has officially arrived. If you are anything like me, it feels great to finally be able to play outside for an extended time. First off, let me tell you how awesome it was to hike Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore when the poppy super bloom was happening! Luckily, I was able to go just before some less-than-careful people ruined it for everyone else and they closed down access. 

I must say that it was one of the most beautiful experiences I've ever had. There is something spectacular about a plant like the California poppy bursting forth into life after being dormant for perhaps several years or more. Extended rainfall, followed by warm sunny weather just brings these plants to life if even just for a short while since their lifespan is quite limited. The mountains and canyons seemed surreal, covered with vast swaths of orange, yellow and purple flowers almost resembling a painting.  The best views were off the main trails where you could find a nice spot sit down (not on any flowers of course) and just enjoy nature's splendor.  

Here are a few examples of the photos I took. Feel free to click on the link to see the rest.  Walker Canyon, March 2019.

Painted Lady butterflies were also migrating through the area, taking a break to feed on the nectar of flowers. There are several other places to enjoy wildflowers like in Joshua tree, Anza, even some local hikes. Just remember to be respectful of the flowers and please don't go trampling through them, certainly don't PICK them,  because their future blooms depend on those flowers forming seeds for next season.

Plant Talk...
If you haven't been in the nursery lately, be prepared for total plant heaven! Now that spring is here the availability of plants is through the roof and everything is looking great! We just recently received a huge selection of  roses,  fruit trees, vegetables, herbs, and indoor plants. Seriously though, you can find almost anything  you want...other than very rare or difficult to find items, and we even have a few of those.

Huge shipment of roses and fruit trees just arrived!

Fruit favorites include passion fruit vines (R ed Rover, Nancy Garrison, Frederick), low chill blueberries (Southmoon, Misty, Jewel, Emerald, Pink Lemonade, Sunshine Blue), Spicezee nectaplum (our favorite!), Red Baron peaches, Anna apples, Violette de Bordeaux figs  just to name a few of my favorites!

Just in: bud and bloom  ROSES!  Starting with roses for  landscapes,  varieties such as white and  burgundy iceberg (pictured below) hybrid tea roses like Midas touch, Neptune, Pope John Paul II (pictured) , Mister Lincoln, Best Kept Secret,  Black Bacarra,  Love and Peace and  Chris Evert  (both pictured below); repeat flowering floribunda roses such as Julia Child, Honey Perfume, Twilight Zone, Ebb Tide, Our Lady of Guadalupe; and, David Austin roses  including Lady Emma Hamiltion (my favorite!), Abraham Darby, Boscobel, Carding Mill, Crown Princess Margareta, L.D. Braithwaite, Ambridge (oh, the sweet smell), Graham Thomas, and more. 

I wish we had a larger indoor greenhouse. The plants are packed to the brim and I'm loving every minute of it! Foliage plants like Monstera, Agleonema, Croton, Pilea, Sansevieria, are sure to add awesomeness (yeah, I said it) to any living space. If trees you seek, try our many sizes of Ficus lyrata (fiddle leaf fig), Fishtail palms, Ficus 'Alli', or  Dracaena marginata. This plant has been around a while but is one of my favorites. When they grow older they have such character! Overall, i t would be challenging to walk into the greenhouse and not find anything you just have to have. 

Apart from that, we have a full spring/summer vegetable & herb selection - check out our new tables in the Secret Garden all filled up for you! Ask us if you can't decide what to choose, we will tell you our favorites. 

You'll also find Milkweed for the monarch butterflies, of course, tons of  California natives, a wide range of  cacti and  succulents, and just in, another enormous  pottery shipment!

I look forward to seeing you all at the nursery very soon. But d on't wait too long! If you ever can't find what you're looking for, we are receiving new shipments every week so please just ask.  

Your local horticulturalist,

We would love to help you beautify your outdoor space! If you are interested in updating or creating a new and beautiful garden, our Garden Design Team will be happy to help you! 

A one-hour professional consultation at your home or office starts at $450. During the initial at-home visit, our designer will meet with you to learn about your vision, see your location and layout, take photos and measurements, and provide you with additional recommendations. The Designer will then develop a beautiful customized garden design for you including: 
  • an itemized recommended plant listing
  • a breakdown of costs associated with the proposed design
  • a follow up meeting at the nursery for a presentation of your design including plants samples and suggestions
  • a basic placement sketch for you to review
  • information on how to care for your new garden
For questions and more detail, please c all
760-753-3153  or stop by the nursery. You may also visit our website  to preview our designs and designers at 
GardenTipsApril Gardening Tips

April in the garden means warmer weather and longer days with no fear of frost. We are overflowing with flowering plants and herbs & vegetables - the selection is superb. Anytime this month is a great time to start incorporating soil amendments, sowing seeds, and putting in transplants. The soil is dry enough to be worked without compacting it, the air is warm enough to enjoy working outside and the soil temperature is ideal for germinating all kinds of seeds and getting transplants growing well.
Herbs : If you haven't already, it's time to start a culinary garden with basil, cilantro, chives, curly or Italian parsley, lavender, oregano, sage and thyme!

Vegetables: There's just a little time left to plant beets, lettuce and radishes. In late April plant only the heat lovers: beans, corn, cucumber, eggplant, melons, okra, peppers, summer squash and tomatoes.

To continue reading April Gardening Tips, please click here.
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From the Desk of Old Ben's Workshop

Common Songbirds In Your Own Backyard 
While exotic bird watching is a fun hobby, there is  something to be said for the little songbirds that fill  your yard with music. In rain or shine, these outgoing  little birds brighten up your day with their music and antics.

House wrens and finches are two of the unsung heroes of  the back yard. Both birds can be found in most parts of  the United States. These small, active birds are often two  of the most vocal birds in your yard, but they have very  different styles. 

House Wrens
With a fabulous voice and a bit of attitude, wrens are a  distinctive addition to your backyard oasis. These fast  moving birds are comfortable around people. While they
generally avoid bird feeders, you can tempt them with a  birdbath. Like all birds, they need water for drinking and  bathing. 

House wrens are not big seed eaters. They  occasionally eat suet, sunflower chips and nut meats.  They prefer to eat bugs, insects and spiders. The house  wren is an aggressive insect hunter. House wrens can also be  aggressive nest stealers, and will often move into nest of  other birds. Wrens will nest in almost any small nest cavity,  and can fit into openings as small as one inch. Wrens are  very flexible about their nesting locations, and may nest in  places like barbecue grills, shoes, cans, and rock piles.  Because house wrens are so comfortable around people, it's  possible they will nest very close to your home. While wrens  will sometimes use a nest again, after the first brood you need  to take a look at the nest site and make sure there aren't un hatched eggs or mites. If so, you'll need to clean out the bird  house before another family moves in. In the Southwest United  States you can enjoy these active birds year round!

House Finches
House finches are another common backyard bird with a great  voice, and a willingness to use it. These birds have a beautiful  song that seems to go on forever. Male finches are also graced  with red, yellow and orange across the face and upper chest, while  females are less colorful with a simple brown streaked appearance.  House finches are real seed eaters, they can often overtake a bird  feeder. They are perfectly happy eating next to goldfinches or  similar looking purple finches. House finches as well as goldfinches  prefer black oil sunflower seeds and Nyger seed. Since these bird  seeds are not your least expensive bird food options, most finch  lovers invest in special finch feeders that minimize wasted seed.  House finches will sometimes nest nearby, and in cases where  your house is available, you can get a first hand view of baby finches  as they grow. A finch family likes to have a roof over its head.  Unlike wrens or smaller finches that will fit into tiny spaces, house  finches need a nesting box or birdhouse with at least a two inch  opening. If you want to encourage house finches to nest nearby,   you can put up some hanging baskets or left over Christmas wreathes.  With their musical talent and active lifestyles, both house wrens and  finches are a delight to have in your yard.

House finch
Male house wren

Please check out our line of birdseed and wild bird product at Anderson's La Costa Nursery, your North County supplier of Old Ben's Wild Birdseed.
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