April 8, 2022

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Dave Ross Supports Ending Federal Dept. of Education
Conservative Candidate in VA07 Pledges to Keep Parents Involved
Fredericksburg, VA- Conservative Republican Dave Ross, candidate in Virginia's new 7th Congressional District, announced his support to end the Federal Department of Education.

“I believe in local control of local schools," said Ross. "The Federal Department of Education is run by non-elected, unaccountable, D.C. bureaucrats who are hopelessly out of touch with the average American family. In Virginia, we recently saw Democrats try to limit parental notification and the pushback was expectingly strong. Parents need to be freed to be involved in their children's education. Any barrier between parents and their kids needs to be torn down. The Department of Education is one of those barriers."

"In the Biden Administration, education funding has been needlessly held up by the Department of Education due to politics," continued Ross. "That needs to stop right now. Education dollars need to be returned to the states immediately, not caught up in D.C.'s red tape. A local elected School Board, held accountable by voters, is the appropriate place for major decisions for our public schools."

"As your next Congressman, I will join Rep. Thomas Massie's annual bill to abolish the Federal Department of Education," said Ross.

The 7th Congressional District Republican Committee will hold a convention to elect a new committee chairman on Saturday April 9th at Caroline High School. Registration opens at 8am. Dave Ross, a credentialed delegate from Spotsylvania County, will address the convention. The event is open to the press.