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May 11, 2023

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Scholarship Business Partners (SBP)


Dede Rehkopf



Curtin Team at

Keller Williams Realty



Faber/Dovale, Harry Norman Realty


Gallagher-Freeman BHHS

Georgia Properties



Kathryn Mulkey, Attorney at Law



Salon de la Vie


Southern Sprinkler Systems, LLC


The Scene is Set


Tran Bui Productions


Turf Masters Lawn Care


Tutor Doctor


RHS News

AP Exams May 1-12

There are no early check outs during AP testing

Students wishing to check out after the established AP exam times must bring a handwritten parent note to the attendance office prior to the start of the exam. Without a parent note, parents will need to come to the Attendance Office in person with their ID. Parent telephone calls or emails cannot be accepted to arrange for an early checkout. 

Device Collection and Senior Clearance Invite

Please sign up to help with this important end of the year volunteer opportunity.

Device Collection/Senior Clearance sign-up


2023 RHS PTSA Scholarship Winners

We are pleased to announce this year's PTSA Scholarship Winners! We are giving away the most scholarships ever-20 SCHOLARSHIPS! And just shy of $16,000. The competition was tough this year--114 applications and lots of awesome seniors!

Super huge thanks to our very generous members of the PTSA and our Scholarship Business Partner sponsors: Applerouth, Dede Rehkopf, Lisa Gallagher and Angela Freeman of Berkshire Hathaway HomeServices, Sally and Andy Kadrich of Turf Masters Lawn Care, Southern Sprinkler

Systems, LLC, The Curtin Team and Joanne and Tom Curtin ’91 of Keller Williams Realty, The Grucza Family of Tutor Doctor, Kathryn Mulkey ’94, Attorney at Law, The Scene is Set, LLC and the Nitzken Family, Angie and Douglas Bullman of Salon de la Vie, Tran Bui Productions, The Legg

Family and the Lee Family. Special shout-out to Dede Rehkopf for inspiring and funding 30 years of RHS students!

It takes a village to pull off these scholarships and there are a few folks who put in many many hours over many many months to make this happen. We are so appreciative of our incredible Scholarship Review Panel, some who have been putting their heart and soul into this for more than 10 years:

Karen Faber, Sally Kadrich, Jen Kardian, Jane Kragh and Lynne Unglo. A neutral moderator de-identifies every application and assigns each one a number before giving it to the Review Panel to pour over. The Review Panel spends days into weeks reading this year's 114 four-to-eight-page

applications. They read every word each candidate and recommender write. The Review Panel scores the applications using a rubric and then they come together to discuss, debate, laugh, cry and sometimes unanimously agree on the winners only knowing them by a number

assigned by the neutral moderator. The winners are announced on Honors Night which is always the last Thursday in April. This is when the panel also finds out who they laboriously chose. Our Esteemed Review Panel are the

unsung heroes!

Thank you to the teachers who write the great recommendations—your words make an impact. Thank you to the staff and teachers who are PTSA members—every penny helps a student get closer to their dream!

Other scholarship villagers are Linda Porter the Google Maven, GG “I LOVE spreadsheets” Daly, Student Services Superheroes Valerie Rogers, Judy Bissett and Nicole

Armour, Treasurer Jennifer Engle, Membership Maestros Elaine Lee and Teagan Mackay. Crushing promotion is Romielyn Joson--FB, Susan Murphy--school website, Elaine Lee-- PTSA website, Principal Miley, our amazing newsletter team-- Stephanie Parmele, Leah Burdett and Kathryn Mulkey, Lynne Unglo for streamlining, Pam Nitzken who makes the certificates, takes the photos and is also a sponsor of the Literary Arts Scholarship. Much gratitude to Principal Miley and our Co-Presidents Laura Legg and Nicole Howell for continuous support and presenting on the big day and enduring special thanks to Judy Bissett, Elaine Lee, Lynne Unglo, Pam Nitzken and Sally Kadrich for all the things.

Thank you, Village, for helping to advance the dreams of our amazing RHS students!

(Respectfully and humbly submitted by Anne Fallon)

Staff Appreciation Events

Click Here for Ongoing Staff Appreciation Support

Parents: Our Roswell Rotary Club has recently launched a Parenting video series aimed at supporting teen and parent relationships. The videos are viewed via YouTube and are in a “choose your own adventure” format. The videos are specific to areas that many parents face with their teens today and help to provide supportive guidance on parenting techniques. Please check out the Roswell Teen Talk Parent Video Series and don’t forget about the Roswell Teen Talk Podcast, which can be downloaded on any platform that you listen to podcasts (from the perspective of some of our own Roswell HS teens). Thanks to the Roswell Rotary Club and Wellstar Behavioral Health for focusing on our teens and how we can best support their mental health. We’re all in this together! 


Social Media Influence - https://youtu.be/3lDvs8OSbAg 

Car Crash Confession - https://youtu.be/SJWNLBXsoqU

Senior Info

Seniors: Cap and Gown Photos

Cap & Gown portraits are now available for purchase! Log in using the link below to order today. #CADYSenior


Senior Baccalaureate

Please click here to learn more about Baccalaureate scheduled for Sunday, May 21, 2023 at 3:00 p.m.

Student News

Buy a Roswell Yearbook Today!


The Roswell High School 2023 yearbook is officially submitted! Great job to their amazing editors: Samantha Weinick and Grace Ann Gearhart plus the entire yearbook staff! The yearbook staff is confident that you will appreciate all their hard work this year. Order your yearbook today at jostens.com before they sell out.

Hornet Well-being

Mental Health Awareness Week-Tomorrow is Fun Friday at RHS

May is Mental Health Awareness month!

Resources for parents and adults

Are you a parent of a young person who vapes? Parents can text QUIT to 847-278-9715 to sign up to receive text messages designed specifically for parents of vapers.


If you are an adult looking for support to quit vaping or stop using any tobacco product, our free digital quit smoking platform BecomeAnEX offers comprehensive web and mobile tools. Parents of vapers can also sign up for BecomeAnEX, where they can indicate that they are a parent of a young person who vapes, and access a supportive online community and a full interactive website of information about how nicotine addiction works and different approaches to quit. Register now at BecomeAnEX.org.


Free promotional materials are available to promote This is Quitting within schools and local communities. Find more information here: https://truthinitiative.org/

Grief Group for Children


Roswell Volleyball Summer Camp

Roswell High School volleyball will be hosting a summer camp June 12-14 for rising 4th-9th graders! It will be led by our brand new amazing coach and coaching staff as well as the varsity players. It’s a can’t miss camp! Register today for your child to be entered into a drawing for RHS volleyball swag!

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