Rotary District 6440 Newsletter
Carlos Fr�m, District GovernorJune, 2012
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-- Governor's Message
-- Fund Raising Results
-- Establishment of a "Sister District"
-- Rotary Fellowship Month
-- A short List of Noteworthy Things
-- Clubs and Districts Partner
-- Group Study exchange
-- Guatemala Trip 2013 Information
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Evanston Golf Club
Jun 29, 2012
Aug. 11, 2012
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Governor's Message
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                 365 Days


 A Year of Learning!   



Dear Friend (this is for you alone!):


     This is my last newsletter. To summarize this year is impossible so I will not even try.


     I have learned a lot from you and I will regard you fondly for the friendship you bestowed upon me. I have a greater appreciation of what makes your club, our district and our Rotary great. You have showed me dedication, commitment, and consistency and I admire you for that. You have the tenacity to pursue a project because you believe in what you do. You do care to serve above self.


     From time to time, you accept a new member in your club that does not measure up to your standards. That happens, and it does not affect you or your club. Soon this member leaves, and you remain true to your mission. This is what makes you so special. You are a Rotarian! I understand; members leave, Rotarians die Rotarian.


     You share your ideas, your work, and your financial resources but also your corner of Rotary. You teach, instruct, inform, befriend, help, care for, and engage Rotarians because you believe in growing Rotary. Your goal is simple yet almost impossible: you want the whole world to be Rotarian, to help each other, and to follow the four-way test. You are na�ve and idealistic and you taught me to be the same. I was passionate for my causes when I was a teenager. Thanks to you, I feel young again!


     This year we wanted not be afraid to fail. We were more afraid not to try, so together we attempted new things. Some succeeded, others not, but we learned an important lesson. The penalty for trying was not as severe as we feared!


     I thank you for the opportunity you gave me to assist you. I do not know how helpful I was to you and your club but I tried. With me, there were more than one hundred Rotarians from our district, some even from your club, who worked tirelessly for the same goal. Their success is entirely theirs. If they failed you in any way, it was my fault.


     Our paths will cross many times. We will be Rotarians for many years and surely, we will meet again. When we do, please give me a chance to work with you so we can serve together.


     Yours in Rotary,






So Far, 6440 is Second Highest in our Zone of 12 Districts for Total "Foundation" Contributions.

The stats as of 6/24/12:

  • Members = 2,467
  • Goal = $307,774
  • Contributions to date = $364,396
  • Per Capita 2011/12 = $147.71
  • Per Capital 2010/11 = $145.13
  • Number of non-giving clubs = 7
  • Total giving by the zone = $3,028,193

 Congratulations!  We'll try to give Final Numbers next month.

Sister District Agreement with District 3480


This is the district that sent us a Group Study Exchange (GSE) team in exchange for the one we sent them.  The agreement was signed by Gov. Carlos, Gov. Elect Mike, Gov. Nominee Sarah, Gov. Nominee Designate Ellen and GSE team leader Ada Kahn.  Ada will be "Chairman Sister District Affairs" together with Aircon Chao, the GSE team leader from district 3480.  The first initiative being considered is a friendship exchange between the two districts.      

June is "Rotary Fellowships" month...more than a "steak fry" or picnic!


There are 61 Rotary fellowships which offer many opportunities for people to share hobbies and interests with others in Rotary and build new, lasting friendships.  The two newest fellowships are the International Fellowship of Rotarian Photographers and the Rotarian Jazz Fellowship.


Around the world, more than 32,000 Rotarians, Rotarian spouses and  Rotaractors belong to Rotary Fellowships to enrich their Rotary experience beyond their clubs and districts. Many fellowships have specific vocations, or service-based purposes. If your club is involved in a service project related to a Rotary Fellowship, collaboration may be possible.  


In District 6440, the process of organizing the International Fellowship of Gardening Rotarians is under way. For information, contact Virginia Beatty,   To see a complete list of Rotary Fellowships, visit the Rotary Fellowships web page, or invite Ada P. Kahn, District 6440 Fellowships Chair, to visit your club with a Power Point presentation  (




A short list...of noteworthy things:
  • Per District's bylaws:  "[All nominations] ...must be delivered to the Nominating Committee Convener, the Immediate Past District Governor not later than midnight, seven days before the date set for the Nominating Committee to consider proposals..."


    Therefore the proposals should be sent to Gov. Carlos at by midnight September 17, 2012, approved by the Candidate's club and signed by the club's President and Secretary.  The applications will be available for downloading from the district website after July 1, 2012. 



  • Some humor, motivation and service at the recentGovMikeEngaugedAtPets President Elects' Training (PETS): Gov. Elect Yesner is on his knee asking all the club President Elects to get their members "engaged".  He presented attendees with aGovTadashiTranslation gaudy engagement ring keychain. The other photo (rights) is with PDG Tadashi interpreting for the incoming RI President.  There were 7 Districts at this PETS training.


  • Membership and Future Vision -- read the Rotary Foundation Future Vision News June 2012 to check out the work with this new focus by clicking here.  To read the current newsletter, click here.  District Membership Chair Rodney Adams wrote, "I wish to thank every club for their membership efforts during this Rotary year and look forward to working with you throughout the upcoming Rotary year. The results of DG Carlos' membership incentive will be tallied and sent to your club after the 4th of July holiday."  The story of the Rotary Club of North Chicago shows us what can be done?  To read about these inspiring results, click here.


  • Microloans -- they're not just for overseas!  Barrington Breakfast Rotary's MicroLoan Program functions right here in the suburbs.  To read about this new venture, click here.


Clubs and Districts Partner to Install Two Elementary School Computer Labs in the Dominican Republic 
ComputerLabInDominicanRepOpened with special ceremonies on June 15, 2012, the project was funded through contributions by five clubs from three countries, and a matching humanitarian grant from The Rotary Foundation.

"This is an excellent example of several clubs and districts partnering to have greater impact, and is the model that will be encouraged as The Rotary Foundation implements Future Vision," said District Governor Carlos Frum. "Our clubs are to be congratulated on organizing a fine project that will improve educational opportunities for so many students."


Participating were the Rotary clubs of Deerfield, Lincolnshire Morning Star, Long Grove and Wheeling of District 6440, with the Rotary Club of Westerwald in the German District 1810 and the Club Rotario Pimentel, Duarte in the Dominican Republic in District 6040. Click to read the article.

Group Study Exchange Applications for India 
GSE LogoThe District 6440 GSE Committee is seeking applications for one Rotarian team leader and four non-Rotarian team members to travel to Rotary District 3230, Chennai, India. The 2013 team will depart January 19 and return February 19.IndiaGSEMap Volunteers to help with the inbound team are also needed (see the District website).


Guatemala Service Trip Information  
GuatemalaPhotoAs announced at the District Conference, District 6440 will again send teams to Guatemala to work at the Ak'Tenamit school where we been the last several years.

"It's great to see how our work has improved the campus and the life of the students", said International Service Advisor Ron Crawford. "The computer lab that we built for the girls' campus will soon be operational and the community deck that we installed is in daily use for school activities. The tilapia farm that the Lake in the Hills club installed is yielding fish for the students' diet and plans are being made to build other fish farms for the students and their families. Engineers Without Borders has entered into a partnership with us to assist with project design and management. This will allow us to accomplish even more in the future". For forms, background and photos, click "more"



Bob Paddock