Rotary District 6440 Newsletter
Mike Yesner, District GovernorAugust, 2012
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-- Governor's Message
-- Share Your Club's Expiriences
-- Success Seminar a Success!
-- About Rotary Fellowships
-- A short List of Noteworthy Things
-- Fight Polio World Cookbook
-- Welcome to Our New Members!
-- 2013 Nigerian Trip
-- Rotary in the Ukraine
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Medinah Banquets
Nov 10, 2012
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Governor's Message
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 As I write this...   


I've visited 32 of our 71 Clubs. I am amazed at how different each one is. Every club has its own personality, its own style, and its own way of doing things. Yet, each of them is dedicated to "Service Above Self," and each has a way of "Engaging Rotarians." This past weekend I've attended two great events.


One was the welcome party for our Youth Exchange Students. Great weather, great kids, and a fabulous time. The other was The Chicagoland Korean Festival, where Donna and I got to meet so many people, and share information with prospective members among the thousands of attendees. I have commented previously about how much fun I've been having. This past weekend drove that home to me even more. If your club is not participating in Youth Exchange, please consider doing so. If for some reason the club can't, and you have a high school aged student at home, consider giving him or her the experience of a lifetime. A summer abroad as a Short Term Youth Exchange student. For more information on Youth Exchange, contact


Last month's newsletter mentioned three innovations in our District. If you want more information on any of them, here's the contact information. My personal thanks goes to each of the Rotarians who came up with the ideas, and are turning them into reality.

FUTURE VISION SPEAKERS PROJECT bruce.baumberger@comcast.netPRESIDENT'S PROJECT (Sam Eckerking) printx1@aol.comSHARED MEMBERSHIPS 


Governor Elect (DGE) Sarah Oliver, District Trainer Cynthia Tomusiak, Fall Training Chair Julie Clark and the Future Vision Committee have put together what will be a great event on Saturday, Nov. 10. If you haven't yet registered, feel free to do so on the District website. Presidents Elect, Foundation Chairs, International Chairs take note: this will be your opportunity to complete the Grants Management Seminar.  It's required by Rotary International to permit Grant Requests in 2013-14. See the website for details.


The District website also has information on Youth Exchange and the upcoming Group Study Exchange (GSE) trip to India. It's not too late to apply to be Team Leader, or nominate a team member. To learn more, click the links or visit the 6440 website.


Congratulations to Membership Chair Rodney Adams, the Membership Committee, and the Assistant Governors (AGs). Thanks to their efforts, all of our clubs now are integrated between Club Runner and RI. What does that mean to you? It means your club and individual records can be simply modified via Club Runner, and the difficult to use Member Access Portal can be avoided.


I want to close this message with a riddle that needs a solution, and I hope someone reading this can provide it. When I visit some (not all) clubs, it seems virtually all the members walk up to me, introduce themselves, shake my hand, and move away to speak to their friends, leaving me alone. I want to point out that I don't bite...and really enjoy meeting 6440 Rotarians. It's not a real problem for me; in most clubs, I know several people, and have very interesting conversations. My fear is that those same clubs treat prospective members the same way. Please, make sure you engage (not ignore) prospective Rotarians.


If I've already visited your club, thanks for making the visit so enjoyable, and be sure toGov. Mike Yesner check my posting on the District's Facebook page. If I haven't....please...make sure to introduce yourself, and talk to me about yourself, and why you are a Rotarian.


I'm having fun. I'm engaged. I hope you are, too.


Yours in Rotary Service, 


Gov. Mike


Clubs -- Share Your Experiences and Lessons Learned 
Again this year we'd like to share and learn from your club's experiences.  If you have something you've tried and been successful...or not...or maybe not as successful as you had hoped...we'd like to know so that we can share your lessons learned with other clubs.   Perhaps there's a new event or project.  Maybe it's an effort in social media or a different way of reaching out into the community.  Perhaps it's something tried and true which you've rediscovered.

In any case, please consider sending your comments to your Gov's Newsletter Editor at 

 Zone Success Seminar...a Success!


6440 had many members at the multi-district Zone 28 Seminar in Elgin, August 13.  Several of our members made excellent presentations.  Attendees also got a preview of the New North American Membership Plan, which emphasizes keeping members. Overall, the seminar was a very worthwhile day with important information and Rotary Fellowship.


In Rotary, we want and need the invigorating ideas and energy of new members.  We also need new members in order to counter normal attrition and the societal challenges facing many service organizations.  The annual net loss of members in our Rotary zone of districts is 2% (12% attrition, countered by 10% growth).  Like a business, it's more efficient and less costly to retain customers than to find new ones ! 


Also presented to members was a new "What's Rotary?" wallet piece. Click the link or the artwork herewith to see the complete piece.  We recommended that clubs add a panel with info on when and where they meet, as well as a place to write in contact info for the Rotarian handing it out.  Consider ordering it from Rotary International, or print it with the extra panel.


What's Rotary ? artwork 

Service through Fellowship


Canoeing Fellowship Art
There's a Canoeing Fellowship.

There are 61 Rotary fellowships which offer many opportunities for people to share hobbies and interests with others in Rotary and build new, lasting friendships.

Around the world, more than 32,000 Rotarians, Rotarian spouses and Rotaractors belong to Rotary Fellowships to enrich their Rotary experience beyond their clubs and districts. Many fellowships have specific vocations- or service-based purposes. If your club is involved in a service project related to a Rotary Fellowship, collaboration may be possible.


 The two newest fellowships are 

Flying Fellowship Photo
There's a Flying Fellowship

the International Fellowship of Rotarian Photographers and the Rotarian Jazz Fellowship . In District 6440, the process of organizing the International Fellowship of Gardening Rotarians is under way. For information, contact Virginia Beatty:   To see a complete list of Rotary Fellowships, visit the Rotary Fellowship's web page. Print and distribute copies of the Rotary Fellowships flier to your club members. Or, invite Ada P. Kahn, District 6440 Fellowships Chair, to visit your club with a Power Point presentation  (


A Short List...of Noteworthy Things:


Editor's note: listed below are some comments and notices (abbreviated) to the District Leadership Team.  In my club, perhaps like yours, several members take an interest in these things.  They can be helpful, too, as you try to help your club leadership. It can be useful to know about District efforts to support the work of your club.


  • Combined Seminar Coming Up -- Our Fall Seminar Day on Saturday, November 10, will include the customary ABCs of Rotary, Membership Seminar and PR/Social Media Seminar. In addition, a Future Vision Grant Management Seminar (GMS) and Pre-PETS (Presidents Elect Training Seminar) are scheduled. Completion of a GMS has been made mandatory by The Rotary Foundation for clubs to qualify to receive humanitarian grant money next Rotary year. Presidents-elect, your Pre-PETS will be that day.  


This Fall Training "Tailgate" is now open on the District website. The location is Medinah Banquets. Our Keynote speaker will be "Service Above Self" award winner Jean Irwin. Jean is a former Ambassadorial Scholar, and has been recognized as Reading Teacher of the Year for her work with deaf students. She also happens to be an outstanding speaker. Each club has already paid for 4 attendees. Take advantage of this outstanding day of fellowship and Rotary learning. 

Keep in mind that all Rotarians, whether they are attending the GMS or not, should sign up for the Morning Sessions.



To see a useful explanatory sheet about the Rotary Foundation's new model to support humanitarian and education, click here.


  • Facebook -- Social media in general, and Facebook in particular, have become key ways to reach younger prospective members, and engage your club.  If you haven't visited the District Facebook Page ( lately, we urge you to do so. For some great tips on using social media, click here.
    There's also a social media fellowship at
  • End Polio Now (EPN)-- Up to date information on the EPN campaign is now available at  We can't settle for the job being nearly done.  Check out the site for what clubs can do to hasten the end of polio, as well as what individuals can accomplish. 


  •  Club Runner /RI (Rotary International) Integration -- We now have 100% of our clubs integrating Club Runner with RI.  Thanks to the Membership Committee for their hard work in making this happen.  All that's left is for clubs to make sure their Club Runner info is up to date, and that new members (and drops) are done promptly via Club Runner, rather than through RI Member Access.


  • Rotary International and DIstrict Dues -- Dues to both RI and District 6440 were due on 7/31. If your club has not paid your dues, avoid the upcoming 10% per month late penalty outlined in the District Manual of Procedure, and please pay them promptly. To see a copy of the dues notice, click here.


  • 50th Anniversary for Libertyville Rotary -- The club will be celebrating on Thursday, September 6th, at The Forge Club, 634 S. Milwaukee Avenue, Libertyville, IL.  Cocktails (cash bar) at 6:00.  Dinner ($30/person) at 7:00.  For more information, or to make reservations, contact President Connie Shanahan at






Rotarian Flavors Of The World Cookbook 

 Flavors of the World art

You may recall the District Cookbook End-Polio-Now fundraiser.  The Rotary International Convention expanded district horizons in many ways, one of which is an expanded edition which speaks to what Rotary is about -- a unique collection of over 400 recipes from Rotary districts in over 150 countries.  It also contains Information about Rotary and The Rotary Foundation.  Click here for more information and and an order form. In addition to tempting your own palate, the $10 book results in a $5 donation toward Polio Eradication.  The cookbook can also be an excellent gift for friends, other Rotarians, or as a Thank You to your weekly program speakers.




Welcome to Our New Members ! 


Algonquin-Lake in the HilJamesZursin
Arlington HeightsGlennGarlick
Barrington BreakfastSarahBealles
Buffalo GroveTatyanaFertelmeyster
Carol StreamLarryBoward
Mark Gryska
Des PlainesPatriciaHaugeberg
Dundee Rotary ClubMatthewVanhoeven
Elgin BreakfastLucasVanDeWoestyne
Evanston LighthouseJonCarlisle
Jackie Mack
Fox Lake-Round Lake AreaChristineSefcik
GenevaSteve Rambo
Glen EllynSteveWeihmuller
Highland Park-HighwoodTiffanyBumgardner
Lake Forest-Lake Bluff Rotary ClubRobDouglass
Lake in the HillsSandyOslance
Lake ZurichCharlesEaves
Long GroveKohFijimoto
Mt.Prospect-Prospect Hts.DebraWilson
North ChicagoEdwardJackson, Sr.
Park RidgeRobertCampbell
Richmond-Spring GroveCiroCentrangolo
St. CharlesGregClark
Wilmette Harbor Rotary ClubNoreneWalker
Woodstock MorningTomLaFontaine
2013 Nigerian Polio Trip   
Celebrating 20 years of Rotary in Ukraine 
In 1992, the Rotary Club of Kyiv received its charter, becoming the first club in Ukraine. Today, the country has more than 40 Rotary clubs, and many sponsor a Rotaract club, which bodes well for the future of Rotary in the country.

Six clubs sponsored the Kyiv club, including the Rotary Club of Clarkston, Michigan, USA; the Rotary Club of Edinburgh, Scotland, UK; the Rotary Club of Lynnwood, Washington, USA; the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA; the Rotary Club of Toronto, Ontario, Canada; and the Rotary Club of Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.


During a recent gala, charter members of the club celebrated its 20th anniversary. The guest list included four Rotarians who were instrumental in the chartering, including Past RI President Rajendra K. Saboo; Oleksiy Kozhenkin of the Rotary Club of Kyiv; Lubomyr Hewko of the Rotary Club of Clarkston, Michigan, USA; and Roy Balfour, of the Rotary Club of Shrewsbury, Massachusetts, USA. Click the play button to learn more about the history of the Kyiv club and Rotary in Ukraine.


Celebrating 20 years of Rotary in Ukraine




Bob Paddock