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Carlos Fr�m, District GovernorMarch, 2012
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-- Why Attend the District Conference
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-- Bangkok: sign up and go!
-- Simle but Significant Service
-- New Members Welcomed
-- District Conference -- attend one way or another
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 See additional information about these events in this newsletter and on the District website at:
District Conference
& District Assembly 
Pfister Hotel,
April 20 - 22, 2012
Milwaukee, Wis. 
May 6-9, 2012
Bangkok, Thailand 
Evanston Golf Club
Jun 29, 2012
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Governor's Message
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     275 Days





Dear Friends in Rotary:


I think about this a lot. How do we evolve as an institution? What is the cycle of Rotary? What has recurrence year after year and what changes?


If we are cyclical, we remain in the same place. If we change, we lose institutional memory, and traditions never take hold.


There must be a balance. So, where is the fulcrum? Where or when do we retain the memories and gain new insights for the future? The District Conference! (Aha, you think I'm selling! You're right!)


At the annual District Conference we look back a little bit. We also celebrate. Presidents and boards pass the torch and rejoice in having completed a year of service to the club. Now they can look forward to continue doing what they joined Rotary for: Serve Above Self.


More importantly, we look forward! We gather information. We get new ideas. We find partners and begin arranging collaborations. We learn!


New members get a first glance at the bigger picture at their first District Conference. If they are lucky they may get an even bigger picture at the International Convention.


Perceptive veterans renew acquaintances and, this year in particular, begin preparing for Future Vision, the mother of all changes in the way we distribute funds! Bigger, better, and more complex projects are ahead and partners will be needed.


Yes, I'm trying to convince you to come to the District Conference but not because I want to see you all. I have been to your clubs and I know I will see you around campus. I want you to come so we can plan together, work together, learn together, and prepare together for next year. (I need a new job!)


So, please register for District Conference. I promise you we will eat, dance, and have fun, and we will get re-energized for next year!



Yours in Rotary Service,


Governor Carlos

Reason(s) to Attend the Dist. Conf. in Milwaukee


Maybe you've seen the e-mails ?  The program seems great.  But we also know that "fellowship" is equally important.  Here's a reason that near and dear to our hearts and stomachs !


Reason Number Five to Attend the District Conference and Share the Rotary Experience: An opportunity to explore Milwaukee's attractions Saturday afternoon and Sunday

  •               The world class Milwaukee Art Museum
    Accidental Genius: Art from the Anthony Petullo Collection
    Accidental Genius: Art from the Anthony Petullo Collection
  •               Miller Brewery Tour
  •               Harley Museum
  •               The Milwaukee Zoo
  •               The Milwaukee Public Museum
  •               Artasia Gallery & Museum
  •               Discovery World
  •               Boerner Botanical Gardens
  •               Milwaukee Brewers vs. Rockies at Miller Park Sunday afternoon

Brewery Tour LocationWhether you have been a Rotarian for 5 days or 50 years, our District Conference offers plenty of great reasons to attend.


Click here to Register to attend the conference today! If you already registered, please encourage others to join you.




Applicants Sought for World Class Fellowship in Peace and Conflict Resolution




Rotary District 6440 is pleased to announce that The Rotary Foundation is now accepting applications for the world-competitive Rotary Peace Fellowship. The fellowship provides academic and practical training to prepare scholars for leadership roles in solving conflicts around the world. 


Each year, up to 50 Rotary World Peace Fellowships (in the Master!s Program) and 60 in the short term (Certificate Program) are offered on a competitive basis at the six Rotary Centers, which operate in partnership with seven leading universities. 


The opportunity to name a fund in this program has been lowered to $25,000.  If Rotarians are interested in more details about naming a fund, please contact The Rotary Foundation Peace staff at RI Headquarters.  To read more and see video, click here.


What is Rotary?


How do you respond when a friend or co-worker asks you, "What's Rotary?" Two tools you can use to answer the question are a :30 video that you can share or email and wallet cards that you can distribute. Both provide you with an easy way to share Rotary this year


A letter from a Rotary Youth Leader Conference
(RYLA) Attendee:


"I just wanted to say thank you once again. It was an amazing experience to be at this Seminar and out of the multiple I have gone to this is by far my favorite.  I love the outdoors aspect of it and how you tie in all the presentations.  I'm going to be bringing a lot of this back this week to the organizations that I'm a part of.  


"I learned a lot about myself more than anything and things I can change to make stuff run smoother.  You did a fantastic job and it was a pleasure being with all the facilitators who were great people.  If you ever need help please let me know I'm more than willing for a challenge and I enjoy helping out with things I believe in..."  Definitely, Rotarian in the making!  The result of one of our most successful programs!"

Northbrook area volunteer earns national award for efforts following Japan earthquake and other disasters


Northbrook area volunteer and Rotarian Donna Gulley has been recognized by President Obama and ShelterBox USA with a Presidential Volunteer Service Award for her efforts during 2011 to provide shelter, warmth and dignity for survivors of natural and other disasters worldwide.


Through the efforts of Gulley and others in raising awareness and funds for ShelterBox, the organization was able to provide more than 17,600 ShelterBoxes to families throughoutShelter Box Logo the world in 2011, including the tornadoes in the southern U.S., drought and famine in East Africa, widespread flooding in the Philippines and the subsequent earthquakes in Turkey.


Rotary International and the ShelterBox organization signed a project partner agreement this month, allowing the two organizations to collaborate more closely to provide relief and temporary shelter to survivors of natural disasters.





Double Foundation Recognition Points For Recurring Contributions To The Rotary Foundation LogoAnnual Fund


The Rotary Foundation is offering double Foundation recognition points for all recurring contributions to the Annual Fund between 1 April and 1 July 2012.


Double recognition points will be automatically given to Rotarians and friends of Rotary who are enrolled in Rotary's recurring giving program, Rotary Direct, and make one or more scheduled (monthly, quarterly or annual) contributions between 1 April and 1 July 2012.  Once registered in Member Access, Rotarians can contribute at Please note that Rotary's online system can accommodate one-time or recurring contributions, and is available in 12 currencies.  The recurring option is presented in Step 2 of the contribution process under the section titled "Frequency".  Donors may also enroll using The Rotary Foundation Contribution Form (123), by selecting "Make this a recurring contribution".


For more details, click here.

A Short List ...of Short Items
  • One of our own -- Ambassador Steve Hollingworth will be one of the keynote speakers at the May 2012 Rotary International Convention in Bangkok. Steve had been nominated as "Global Alumni Service to Humanity" candidate by District 6440.
  • Congratulations -- As of February 10th, the following Districts had all clubs in their District give something to the Polio Plus Challenge: 5960; 5970; 6250; 6270; and 6440.  Congratulations go to members, clubs and district leadership!
  • PETs training
    Presidents-Elect at Work at the recent Pres.Elect Training (And you thought they just went for the coffee and donuts !)
  • Polio efforts continue -- Even though we have met the US$200 Million Challenge, the need for funds to support the Polio eradication effort will continue until we have kept our promise of a Polio free world to all children! Polio eradication will remain as the keystone project of Rotary International.
  • Future Vision - We are launching programs to educate members about Future Vision.  The Future Vision Committee, lead by Narayan Murarka of the Barrington Breakfast Club will kick-off this with an overview at the District Conference. What
    is it?  Clickhere.
  • Grants -- Rotarians are invited to participate in a free one-hour webinar -- "Grant Management Best Practices" -- that will provide an overview of proper grant management, how to build capacity to manage grants, and how to prepare for Future Vision grants and full launch, as well as an overview of qualification. Times are listed for the Chicago area; check for your local time: April23 - 10 am CST and April 23 - 6 pm CST. 
  •  Turkey -- an opportunity for photobug teens to visit Turkey.  Click here to read how. Also contact Rick Kuehn
  • Making a Difference -- You can do so in ways you may have neverGov.CarlosTeachingInGuatemala thought to right is DG Carlos doing a Rotary service project teaching Mayan high school students in Guatemala.  Ask him about it at the District Conference, or when you see him next. 
  • The Mayan trip -- A news story about it said, "Improving the community is the goal for most local leaders, but a group of Northwest suburban officials traveled far from their municipalities this month to help improve a community thousands of miles away. A group that included park district directors, library directors and a police chief traveled to Livingston, Guatemala this month as part of a Rotary International trip to work at the Ak'Tenamit School."  Click here for more photos and story.
  • Impact in Guatemala -- Wrote Director Elect Celia Cruz de
    Dir.Elect Celia Cruz de Giay
    Dir.Elect Celia Cruz de Giay
    Giay in her capacity as Regional Rotary Foundation Coordinator, "
    Because of the importance, value and scope of the work that Guatemalan Rotarians do, the President of the Republic, General Otto Perez Molina, attended the opening ceremony of the Conference not only to thank [visiting volunteer Rotarians]... but to put in front of the people of his country as an example, how Rotarians are working for the present and future of the nation."  To read more, click here.


Using Today's Tools for Membership

growth and retention.


If each one of us to puts effort into the recruitment of new members, our clubs will grow. The best way to do this?  It's still to ask, and ask, and ask again your community members in face-to-face conversations about joining Rotary.


What's more, communication in the 21st Century has special tools to get the Mix of Social Media Logosmessage out about Rotary which have never before existed! As Rotarians, if we really care about the continuation of this organization and what it stands for, we simply can't afford to ignore these new communication tools provided by social media.  They're available at the international, district, club and individual level.  Have you and your club "liked" or posted recently ?  Explore what seems best for your club -- Social Media?  E-mail? Your club's Website? Mailed hard copies? Maybe all of them.  Try it; you might like it!  Many do.

Supporting the Rotary Foundation -- Polio and More 


The 2011/12 Rotary Year has past its halfway mark...a reminder that we have time only a few months to complete our pledges and commitments to Rotary to be counted toward this year's goals.  As we see in this month's newsletter, there's a lot Rotary is doing internationally.  If you haven't already made your pledge, please do it soon, to you club and to the Foundation.  We have the wonderful opportunity of fellowship in Rotary; we also have the opportunity to make a difference locally and internationally.  


Rotary International's President for 1916-17, Arch C. Klumph, wrote (From THE ROTARIAN April 1929): "The purpose of the Rotary Foundation is to assure us of Rotary in perpetuity, by providing for contingencies and unforeseen emergencies, that we may continue to serve all humanity, in the interests of permanent world peace, and all those fine contributions to art, health, science, character, etc., and to such a degree as to make Rotary's contribution an important factor in this present-day civilization."   How true yet today!   Contact your Club President or Club Foundation Chair to find out how you can help Rotary.


Bangkok, The International Convention
-- it's May 6-9, and there's still time ... 

Bankok Logo


time to go meet our two Rotary friends  -- and sign up

by clicking here! 

International Service Matters -- Even Simple Latrines Can Cut Parasite Infections in Half

 Double Pit VIP

 A new study shows that infection with hookworm, ringworm, and similar parasites can be dramatically reduced with a sanitation program. The researchers found even installing the simplest latrine can cut infection rates in half. Click to Read More at Voice of America... (via Sanitation Updates).



A Warm Welcome To Our Many New Members !
ClubFirst NameLast Name
Arlington HeightsPeterJezioro
Barrington BreakfastKatherineSpiess
Barrington NoonAnneKristufek-Berglund
Buffalo GroveMichaelLe Tourneau
Carpentersville MorningNinaPearson
Central DuPage AMBruceDonald
Elk Grove VillageRobertNaumann
Evanston LighthouseCharlottaKoppanyi
Fox Lake-Round Lake AreaRichardFranco
Highland Park-HighwoodCherylLevi
McHenry - SunriseJohnAlbanese
Mundelein-Vernon HillsJoelNorton
Skokie ValleyPaulLeisner
Villa ParkJayTovian

Some District Conference Costs can be Cut in Half...

if you share a room with your spouse (for a great weekend outing) or with a Rotarian Buddy.


 District Conference Promotional Ad



  • We'll recognize clubs that became 100% Paul Harris. 
  • Showcase new and innovative projects and practices in all avenues of service plus membership, fundraising and public relations.   
  • Meet the Heroes' Panel - We would like to hear from and honor returning veterans of the Iraq and Afghanistan conflicts during our District Conference.  Soldiers that fought for our country deserve our appreciation for their effort.  If you know any local returning soldier who fought for our country in Iraq or Afghanistan, send the name and contact information to Nancy Keppel ( 
    The Pfister - A Tour
    The Pfister - A Tour
    For information and registration, click here.


Bob Paddock