Rotary District 6440 Newsletter
Mike Yesner, District GovernorMarch, 2012
In This Issue
-- Governor's Message
-- District Conference & Projects (including Scrapping of Old Computers
-- Ideas: A Sister Club?
-- Districts Partner in Northern Illinois
-- Scams and A Short List of Noteworthy Things
-- Global Grants and Funding
-- Background About New Clubs
-- Welcome to Our New Members!
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Second Session April 4-7   
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Apr 18, 2013 - Aprr 21, 2013 

Oak brook Hills Marriott Resort 
Apr 20, 2013 
Day at the Races & GSE Farewell
Arlington International Racecourse  
May 11, 2013 12:00 PM
(and meet future Cubs!)   
June 1, 2013 
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June 23, 2013 - June 26, 2013  (Also click here to go to related newsletter article)   
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  Governor's Message
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As I write this,     Gov. Mike Yesner


There are so many ways coming up for use to engage Rotarians.


Planning is under way for District Conference, District Assembly, and our first ever New Generations Assembly.  I hope many of you are planning to attend some or all of it.  Keep in mind that the meal package discount runs only through March 31, and the hotel discount has been extended through April 4.  Conference Registration information is available on the District website.  We have a terrific speaker line-up, a HUGE House of Friendship with Rotary merchandise and projects your club can execute, free hospitality each night, and the training your 2013-14 club leaders will need. And, there's the hands on service Saturday afternoon.  It's going to be a great time.  I want to especially encourage new members to join us, and see the bigger picture of Rotary for yourself.


I'm thrilled to be able to tell you that a May date has been set to sign the Memorandum of Understanding to provide digital X-Ray services to most of rural Guatemala.  Many of your clubs are participating in The Global Grant that will be submitted for July 1.  There will be a lot more information about the project at Conference.


June 1 will be a fun and fellowship day for our entire District.  We'll be attending The Kane County Cougars (Cub's farm team) game that evening, with a portion of the ticket price donated to End Polio Now.  Tickets will be available in The House of Friendship.  This can be a terrific club family fellowship event, while doing good at the same time.


So much of the good we do in our communities, and in the world, is dependent on The Rotary Foundation, and the matching grants it makes available.  The amount of grant money our District, and your Club are eligible for is a function of how much our clubs donate.  Is your club one of the nearly 20 who have yet to donate to The Annual Fund this year?  Does your Club expect to get a grant next year?  Clubs that do not donate are not eligible for matches. 


Do you know your Club's Foundation Goal for this year?  How close to you are meeting it?  We're reaching the time of the year to make the final push to ensure our clubs can get the grants they want next year.  Ask your Treasurer, "Has the money we've donated been sent in?" If it hasn't....get it in.  If you're a Paul Harris Society member, and haven't yet renewed your membership, please do so now.  And keep in mind, the anonymous donor's matching points remain available to turn your $500 cash donation into a Paul Harris Fellowship.


All of us talk about membership.  If you're a club leader, have you brought at least one guest to a meeting this year?  If you're a new member, have you extended an invitation to a friend or colleague to see the great organization you've joined?  If your answer was, "No," please make it a point to bring a guest to an April meeting.


It's hard for me to believe how fast this year is flying by.  I'm still having a ball.  I'm still engaged.  Let's start now to make sure we have a strong finish.


Yours in Rotary Service 


Gov. Mike


District Conference Projects, Old Computer Equipment and Registration


Sunday, March 31st: Last Minute Early Bird Registration Discount (has been extended 'til tomorrow, April 1)!  

April 5th: Hotel Room Discount Reservation Deadline

To meet these deadlines and register, click here  

  • Engage with your fellow Rotarians and participate in two great service projects .....Kids Against Hunger Food Packing from 2:00 PM until 4:30 PM on Saturday, April 20, 2013
  • Computer/Electronics Recycling Drop Off Service Project from 2:00 PM until 4:30 PM on Saturday, April 20, 2013 
Bring your used computers, printers, fax machines, cell and smart phones to the District Conference on Saturday, April 20, 2013 for collection between 2:00 P.M. and 4:30 P.M. at a location in the parking lot.  Hard drives will be wiped clean.  Mark all items "Working" or "Not working" and put them in boxes, if possible.  There will be a location inside the Marriott Oak Brook Hills where items can be dropped off on Friday, April 19th or Saturday morning, April 20th.  The St. Isidore Foundation is coordinating the project and will refurbish the items and provide them to non-profit and charitable institutions.  


Don't forget our evening fellowship .... Hospitality Rooms - Friday and Saturday evening: free wine, beer and soda, entertainment and a wine tasting on Saturday


Register today by clicking here, don't delay! To see the conference schedule, click here  

District Conference Logo  


Idea: Should Your Club Consider Entering a Sister Club Relationship Overseas?


According to one agreement, the clubs shall:

Sister Clubs Signing
Club Rotario Guatemala Sur & Barrington Breakfast Sign
  • Share successful project ideas or club programs
  • Encourage in-person visits by the other club's members
  • Plan a Rotary Friendship Exchange
  • Develop joint service projects
  • Consult with district leaders on other partnership possibilities.

To read about Barrington Breakfast's effort, click here


Idea: Lose Your Hair, Not Your Head or Heart -- a heart-felt partnering project for service and fun !


Rotarians Support St. Baldrick's
The motto of Rotary International is "Service Above Self" and twelve members of the Rotary Club of McHenry did just that during the "shave" event at the West Campus of McHenry High School, Thursday, March 14th.   The event raises funds for the St. Baldrick's Foundation to further the research efforts to treat and prevent cancer in children. Reports are that McHenry had nearly 1,000 participants-the most of any other to date. In this photo (left to right front row) Mike Hein, Sue Low, Donna Schaefer, Janice Bartmann, and Phil Bartmann. (back row) Tony Huemann, John Jones, Terry Ftizgibbons, Bill McLemore, and Ron Newman. Not pictured are Phil Sweeney and Bob Martens. 

What's Happening? Cooperation and Partnership Between Districts.
End Polio Now Lighting
Rotartians view a multi-district promotion of End Polio Now (image has been enhanced)

PETS Viewing Building Lighting

In the fall of 2012 and January of 2013, leaders of Rotary Districts 6420, 6440 and 6450 considered partnering to pursue several goals.  Among these were promoting Rotary and its service, building membership, and realizing the benefits of shared activities.  A memorandum of understanding was signed.


Rotarians attending this year's multi-district Presidents-Elect Training in March witnessed an effort to publicly promote the End Polio Now campaign -- Lighted signage on the exterior of the hotel.  On June 1st of this year, their will be a multi-district event to promote End Polio Now -- a Kane County Cougars (Cubs) vs Cedar Rapids Kernels (Twins), Family Night with fireworks.


For a flyer about the game and a sign up sheet, click herehere.  To read an extract of these multi-district deliberations, click here




A Short List...of Noteworthy Things :



    Today is a special day for many of us.   My family and I would like to wish the happiest of holidays to all Rotarians and their families who are celebrating today   

                ACTION: Enjoy!"-- Gov. Mike 

  •  "This Rotary year, membership is still up !" --

    said Rodney Adams, Membership Chairman (and Dist. Gov. Nominee Designate).  "...if maintained, it will be the 1st time in 4 years membership did not decline."  He said a significant factor in membership efforts has been getting accurate member data. Some clubs were paying for members that were misclassified.  Keeping the data up to date will require continued effort on the part of clubs and the Dist. Membership Chair.   
  • Operation Warm, the coat project -- has started a newsletter, mention in which this month is of Rotary's involvement.  To see the newsletter, click here...and scroll down to the Rotary entry. 
  • There's a Proposal to Expand the Guatemala X-Ray Project to Health Centers Nationwide -- To find out more about this request to your club, click here.    
  • Proposed Changes to the Manual Of Procedure --

    are shown in the red-line version available by clicking here.  Only those pages with changes are included.  These changes will be voted upon at the District Conference. 

  • To see the Report of the Primary Committee, click here.  It will be voted on at the Annual meeting.  It lists the Rotarians recommended to serve on the District's Nominating Committee to select a nominee to serve as district governor for the 2016-2017 Rotary Year.  

  • Remember, there are matching points/funds available through The District for Paul Harris contributions.  Click on the following image for more information. 

Every Rotarian Every Year   


Follow Up Regarding District Simplified Grants, and Global Grants

Last month in this newsletter we mentioned the good work done through District Simplified Grants.  For those who are interested in the grant and funding process, the tutorial linked herein is a primer to better understand it (click here), with a focus on a special kind of Foundation grant, called "Global Grants". or click the photo below to see the video version. 


Narayan Murarka of the Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club presented a You Tube video of the material. "Doing Good in the World" is the mission of The Rotary Foundation. Individual Rotary Clubs carry out many humanitarian projects world wide to fulfill this mission. The Rotary Foundation awards grants to Rotary clubs to participate in such strategically focused, high-impact projects.  The video and primer demonstrate how Rotary clubs can tap into the financial resources of The Rotary Foundation to finance projects.  

Global Grant Video Capture 
Click on this Photo to see the video version of the Rotary Global Grants Funding Tutorial



Guatemala Projects Continue, and Can Expand with the Help of Your Club


Great progress was made this week on two district initiatives in Guatemala. The signing date for the agreement to provide digital X-Ray services for most of the country has been set for Mid-May. Clubs under 40 members are asking to donate $1,000 towards the Global Grant for this effort.   Clubs 40 and over are asked to contribute $2,000.


As a District, we've been working with the school at Ak' Tenamit for years, and have sent numerous teams of Rotarians to do hands on service.   Our teams this year learned that budget cutbacks have resulted in drastic cutbacks in health care services provided including the elimination of quarterly visits by health care professionals to each of the villages. An anonymous Rotarian has made a significant pledge to re-implement significant health services for both the students and villagers.   This will also be a Global Grant project, and the single donor is providing over half of the needed funds. Individual clubs can also elect to donate $100 or $200 towards making restored health care a reality.


Both efforts will be explained fully at exhibits in the District Conference House of Friendship.

Our New Clubs Formed and Combined to Meet Community and Member Needs    


Rodney Adams, Dist. Membership Chair, shared some background regarding the formation of new clubs this year. 


Arlington Heights Sunset was chartered on June 26, 2012 with the original thought of being a downtown Arlington Heights Rotary Club catering to commuters. The Mount Prospect Sunrise and the Arlington Heights Sunrise voted to merge due to having similar focus, meeting across the street from each other, and sharing the same community, vocational and international objectives.


Fox Valley Sunset was Chartered on October 29, 2012, and is the district's 72nd club. Like the Arlington Sunset club, there was a need for an evening club in the Fox Valley corridor (consisting of Crystal Lake, Algonquin and Elgin).  Between the merging of the MPS/AHS clubs and the formation of the new AH Sunset club, there no loss of membership.  


These clubs have been active from the start.  For example, Once Chartered they spent the next 7 months planning and immediately getting engaged in the community, nationally and internationally. Numerous members made the news during this time to include John Glueckert driving a truck to New York and New Jersey in a multi district relief effort involving 6420, 6440 and 6450. Mary Stitt made the news for her EPN efforts. The club worked with the Arlington Heights Noon club's Chicagoland Santa Run, the local food pantry.


We Welcome New Members to The Best Service Organization in the World


Arlington HeightsKatherineAdams

Dundee Rotary ClubMargaretDutcher


Fox Lake-Round Lake AreaAlexMayfield
Lake Forest-Lake Bluff RotaryDavidAslesen
Lake in the HillsWilliamDustin
Lake ZurichSuzanneMartinez
Lincolnshire Morning StarBradBurke

North ChicagoKariCowart

Skokie ValleyBenjaminHedge
St. Charles BreakfastKennWatson



Bob Paddock