Rotary District 6440 Newsletter
Mike Yesner, District GovernorApril, 2012
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-- Governor's Message
-- District Conference Photos
-- Changes in Constitution and Bylaws
-- Ideas: Club's Significance Gives Service Opportunities
-- Special Video Report on Polio and CIA
-- Silver Edison Award
-- A Short, Short List of Noteworthy Things
-- Global Grants and Funding
-- Global Grants and Funding
-- Background About New Clubs
-- Welcome to Our New Members!
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 See additional information about these events in this newsletter and on the District website at:
Day at the Races & GSE Farewell
Arlington International Racecourse  
May 11, 2013 12:00 PM
(and meet future Cubs!)   
June 1, 2013 
JTuesday, May 21, The Rotary Club of North Chicago will host, honoring those who support Veterans and Returning Warriors.
(click link for info)
June 23, 2013 - June 26, 2013  (Also click here to go to related newsletter article)   
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  Governor's Message
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As I write this,     Gov. Mike Yesner


A little over a week has passed since District Conference, and I'm still on a high about it.


Those of you who attended know we had what we think was the first combined District Conference, District Assembly and New Generations Assembly in the world. My deepest thanks to all who worked so hard to plan and execute the Conference, and to those who attended. Even floods can't stop the 6440 Rotarians from being engaged.


Perhaps the most common question I was asked at Conference, and am being asked as I attend meetings, is, "Are you tired of it yet?" Absolutely not! There's so much to look forward to between now and the first of July. The Memorandum of Understanding with Guatemala. The Convention in Lisbon. The continued growth of our clubs. And, yes, in the best tradition of Rotary, doing all I can to ensure the smoothest possible transition to Governor Elect (DGE) Sarah's year. I hope all of the outgoing officers in each club are also looking forward to making a difference these last few months, then making sure the new officers get the best possible start to their year.


Looking for a moment beyond the District...


This month included the triennial Conference on Legislation. Among the changes that were passed was the changing of the name of New Generations to Youth Service, an expansion of the number of e-clubs allowed, the establishment of satellite clubs, an increase in the number of clubs allowed in a pilot, and a $1 per year dues increase in each of the next three years. All measures to reduce the number of meetings were defeated, but there is now a formula for combining meetings and service to meet the attendance requirement.


Is Future Vision the right way to go? Our District Leadership thinks so. So do the folks who judge The Edison Awards. The Rotary Foundation was the winner of The Silver Edison Award for The Future Vision Model "Innovative new funding approach increases humanitarian group's capacity to improve lives and strengthen communities worldwide." 


There was a great article on what local Rotary Clubs are doing on this week. It's worth taking a few minutes to read, and considering some of the ideas in it for your Club.  Click here to read it. 


I have a favor to ask of each of you reading this. Take a moment or two after you finish reading, and go to your Clubs Club Runner site, and update your personal information. All of our clubs seem to have a common goal of reducing average age. We can't truly tell if we're reaching that goal if birthdates, including the year, aren't recorded correctly. Be aware that only club executives can view the year of your birth. Also make sure your address, email, and phone numbers are up to date and accurate.


Keep engaging Rotarians,


Gov. Mike


District Conference Photos and Comments


Though some of the photos may be blurry, the pics can give you a taste of activities at our District Conference.  To go to our page, click here and then click on the photo labeled "photos", or scroll down a ways through the comment on the left-hand side, clicking on any of the photos to open up the collection. 


Conference Attendees
Two of our Outbound Youth Exchange.. Helen Albright (France) and Gunnar Skoog (Japan)

Things Which Changed -- A Report from the Council on Legislation of Rotary International


Changes voted on by the Council apply to Rotary International and Club Constitutions and Bylaws.  About these, Membership Chair (and Dist. Gov. Nominee Designate) Rodney Adams said, "There is one point in it that is...a game changer for Recruiting new members into Rotary.  The highlight is, 'RI Constitution to allow spouses or partners that never worked to be members (5)' ". 

  Logo of Council on Legislation

A small sample of additional changes include,


  • Club reports must be circulated to all members (17.020)
  • Club Secretary to be a member of the board (10)
  • Officers may include members of the board at large as per club bylaws
  • Candidate for President must be club member for one year prior or allowed by Governor (10-5)
  • Former members exempt from admission fee (11)
  • Participation in service project counts for attendance (9)
  • Member who fails to attend may (instead of 'shall') be subject to termination (12-4)

To see a summary of the report and official links, prepared by Past District Governor (IPDG) Carlos, click here.  Or contact "Tony" Tolbert,  our district representative to the Council,  



Hello, Spring ! May we Rotarians Spring Into Action Too ! 

Idea: Help Your Club Become Strategically Significant in Your Community

 A local Rotary Club's opportunities for service and fellowship can expand with the involvement of its members in both Rotary and non-Rotary community activities.  How?


An example is the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights this month.  Earlier in the month the town mayor gave her State of The Village address at an annual special club luncheon meeting, this time at a country club venue.  This last weekend entailed a Gala Fund Raiser for the local theatre company and a Farewell Reception for a five-term mayor of town.  Tuesday was a special Library Open House to which "community leaders" were invited to celebrate a building project.  In all three cases, many club Rotarians were present and the club's support and involvement was acknowledged.  A prior event was the annual Rotary police officer of the year award luncheon.


These events and activities developed over time, through good work, service and commitment.  They not only build the reputation of Rotary and the Arlington Club, they also give members an opportunity to build their own beneficial relationships.   Good food, service and fellowship go well together ! 


Rotarians can wear their pins proudly at events like these. 

Thought Provoking, Informative Video of Dan Rather Report on the effects of the CIA program on Polio Eradication.

[from our Dist. Face Book Page]  "There's a well-done story about the work to eradicate polio from Pakistan and the setbacks and deaths caused by the CIA's alleged use of vaccination campaigns in the hunt for Bin Laden. A very well done piece worth watching and sharing. Despite the setbacks, only 6 cases of polio in Pakistan this year as of 24 April, down 60% from last year. We will End Polio!"

See the Face Book page or click image below:
Dan Rather Reports,
Dan Rather Reports, "Polio's Last Stand" Full Report
Information about Future Vision Plan winning a Silver Edison Award

Rotary International President Sakuji Tanaka accepted the award during the Annual Edison Awards Gala held April 25 in the Grand Ballroom of historic Navy Pier. The Future Vision Plan received top honors among funding models competing in the Lifestyle and Social Impact category.


"This Edison Award recognizes and validates Rotary's innovative approach to humanitarian service, as we constantly strive to improve lives and communities by addressing the world's most pressing problems," said Tanaka.  Future Vision is the new grant model that greatly enhances the scope, impact, and sustainability of humanitarian and educational projects funded by The Rotary Foundation.  To read more about the award, click here
From left, RI President-elect Ron Burton and wife, Jetta, Foundation Trustee Chair Wilfrid J. Wilkinson, Past RI President Luis Giay, RI President Sakuji Tanaka, and RI General Secretary John Hewko at the awards banquet


A Short, Short List...of Noteworthy Things :

  DayAtRacesGSE Logo

  • Even If Your Horse "Doesn't Finish", You Can Still Enjoy Rotary Day at the Races on May 11, and Say Goodby to the GSE Team (Group Study Exchange). 

    Whether your club hosted a GSE Team event, or you met the Team at District Conference, or you're just looking for a great club fellowship, this is an event you don't want to miss.

    We'll be saying farewell to the Team at Arlington International Racecourse on Saturday, May 11, starting at Noon.  Your ticket includes a donation to The Rotary Foundation.

    For details, and to register, click here.

  • In This Case, It's Okay to Ask/Tell Your Age -- Earlier this week, there was a general mailing asking members to update their Club Runner information. One piece of data that's really needed is birth dates, so we can determine if we're succeeding in growing to include both younger and older Rotarians.  Please note that the birth date and year are not visible to anyone but club executives and the individual Rotarian For a link showing how to update your information, click here.   
  • Two special events coming up, Per Gov. Mike: "While it is rare for this bulletin to discuss club or other District's events, there are two coming up you should know about. On Tuesday, May 21, The Rotary Club of North Chicago will host The Rotary Humanitarian Patriot Awards, honoring those who support Veterans and Returning Warriors. It's a shouldn't miss event. For more information, click here.  And, on Wednesday, July 24, our friends in District 6450 will be hosting Family Fun Day at The White Sox/Tigers game (for information, click here).    

Every Rotarian Every Year   



To give this Spring, click the logo above !


Some Reports from the District Conference -- Fellowship and Rotary Business, Too !

Mimi Altman, a Co-Chair of the Conference, reflected: "For the first time ever, Rotary District 6440 ran a District Conference, District Assembly, AND New Generations Conference -- all in a three-day span of time!   


"Throughout the weekend, Rotary energy and spirit were running high from the 570 attendees, from Interact students new to Rotary to Rotarians who have been members for decades.  The Conferences were jam-packed with Rotary programs and motivational speakers.  The House of Friendship gave attendees the opportunity to visit booths with dozens of potential service projects, interact with Youth Exchange Students, purchase Rotary items, and renew and develop new Rotary friendships.   


"On Saturday afternoon, more than 25,000 meals were packed for Kids Against Hunger and hundreds of electronics items were recycled for a new life.  It was extremely inspiring to be around so many people united under the banner of Rotary Service and the attendees are excited to return to their clubs with new ideas and renewed enthusiasm."   

What follows are a few reports from the conference, showing that the business side as well as the Fellowship side of Rotary was well tended.

  • Amendments to Manual of Procedure and selection of Nominating Committee -- for report from Dick Larson, click here.

  • Global Grants -- It's interesting to see what some Rotary Clubs are trying to do -- there were six projects on display, seeking support from other clubs.  Two were in Guatemala.  The others, interesting and worthwhile, can be seen by clicking here. To read the steps being taken to ensure fiscal responsibility and prudence, click here

 In Guatemala, one project is to provide digital X-Ray services for most of the country. The other is to re-implement significant health services for both the students and villagers near the school at Ak' Tenamit.  



The Excellence in Literacy Awards for 2012-13


Kay Grabbe, Literacy Chair, reports that each year, The District Literacy Committee asks Rotary Clubs to submit a short application about the literacy project or projects they have done. The Committee evaluates the applications and awards an "Excellence LiteracyPhoto1in Literacy Award" patch to a small club (30 members or less) and another to a large club (31 or more). 

This year's winners are
Mount Prospect/Arlington Heights Sunrise for a small club and Libertyville Sunrise, along with Rotary partners Waukegan and North Chicago Clubs, for a large club.


Congratulations to those exemplary Rotary Clubs and their outstanding literacy projects!  You can read the details of their LiteracyPhoto2 winning literacy projects on the District web site's Literacy page or by clicking here for the report on all of the submitted projects

Explore Web Page for Services and Information     

Many of us have been asked to sign up for committees for the coming year.  There's are some very good tools on the District Website, in the menus under the Avenues of Service.


If you haven't looked at these recently, click Avenues, then click one of them to see what explanations and resources you'll find.   


To go the the site, click on the image below: 


We Welcome New Members to The Best Service Organization in the World


Last Name
Arlington HeightsRexPaisley
Barrington BreakfastWendyBeyer

Fox Lake-Round Lake AreaBethAmkin
Lake in the HillsLaurieSloughter

St. CharlesBettyKastory



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