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Mike Yesner, District GovernorMay, 2012
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-- Governor's Message
-- Video from Signing in Guatemala
-- Rotary International's Outstanding Project Award
-- Ideas: Host and Visit
-- Ideas: Club Social Events
-- Forbes' Article about Rotary
-- A Short List of Noteworthy Things
-- Help Moore, Oklahoma Thru Rotary
-- Welcome to Our New Members!
-- Editor's Note
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June 1, 2013

6:30 p.m. at Fifth/Third Field, Geneva (for more info, click here
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June 23, 2013 - June 26, 2013
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June 30, 2013, 11:30 - 2 p.m., Highland Park Country Club  
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  Governor's Message
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As I write this --Gov. Mike Yesner

what a month this has been!

We now have a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health in Guatemala to proceed with the Digital X-Ray project.  Past Governors Pam and Carlos, Governor-Elect Sarah and I travelled to Guatemala City to sign the agreement. 

Support for the project has been amazing.  Three other Districts have made significant contributions so far, and more are expected.  Rotary International President Elect Gary Huang has added his support to our efforts. 


We literally are changing how The Rotary Foundation operates! The scope of this project is remarkably large in terms of total dollars and the number of Districts involved.  Additionally, we're working with governments and, potentially, other NGOs... for the good of the world.   I hope each of your clubs is considering donating to this unprecedented effort. 


Speaking of changes in The Foundation (TRF), our Humanitarian Grants Committee has announced changes that will make it easier for clubs to participate in both Global and District Grants.  Clubs can now utilize $7,500 in District Funds (DDF) per project.  Rotary-endorsed programs like Shelter Box are eligible for District Grants, as are club scholarships and Rotary Youth Leadership Awards (RYLA). 


Back home, we're looking forward to joining hundreds of 6440 Rotarians this Saturday night at the Kane County Cougars (Chicago Cubs Class A affiliate) baseball game.  It's at Fifth-Third Bank Field  in Geneva, 6:30 p.m.  It's also a dad/daughter night with fireworks and tumblers.  What a package: baseball and fireworks will help in the campaign to end polio.  Add Rotary Fellowship and we have an unbeatable combination.  I look forward to seeing many of you there.


One of the more gratifying tasks of any Governor is to present clubs with awards from Rotary International.  I've made several club visits in recent days carrying award certificates with me, and I'll be making more in the days ahead. 


It's also been gratifying to see our Foundation contribution level approach the million dollar mark we hit last year.  Let me take this opportunity to remind you that there's just a month to go to meet club goals for Foundation contributions, and that we still have points left from the generous offer of an anonymous Rotarian.  Anyone donating $500 to the Foundation (TRF) will have his or her donation matched with 500 points, creating an instant Paul Harris Fellowship.  Details can be obtained from Ann Hughes,


This month also saw the awarding of 16 Vocational Scholarships worth $1.500 each to worthy students nominated by our clubs. 


With a little over a month to go, I'm still having a ball, and still engaged.  Let's all work together to make this June a great one.


Yours in Rotary Service,


Gov. Mike


Video from Signing in Guatemala (Digital X-Ray Project)


On May 14, 2013, leaders from District 6440 signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Ministry of Health in Guatemala to provide 29 Digital X-Ray units to the Country.  Representatives of District 4250 also participated.  District 7610 and 6600 made financial contributions.  Representing District 6440 were DG Mike Yesner, PDGs Pam Kerr and Carlos Frum and DGE Sarah Oliver.  This video is from Guatemalan TV coverage.
Rotary 6440 XRay Project News
Rotary 6440 XRay Project News

Local Club Wins Significant Award from Rotary International for Multifaceted Project


The "Outstanding Project Award" from Rotary International is widely respected and inspiring.  District Governor Mike Yesner presented it Thursday to the Rotary Club of Arlington Heights, Noon. Governor Mike said, "The award was given for the Santa Run because

RI Project Award Presentation
Dist. Gov. Mike Presents RI Project Award to Arl. Rotary Pres. Tauber

it not only generates a significant amount of money for charitable use, it also involves many members of the club and community. I was especially pleased because you know I believe in 'engagement'!"   



A third factor in this selection was that the money generated went not put toward club operations, but rather to charity. Fourth, regarding the charitable uses, the funds given were to help services continue and be sustainable rather than be used as a one-time donation (though those, too, can be important). 


Said Gov. Mike, "We hope such awards encourage other clubs to follow this template. We also hope Arlington will be able to share information about the project so that clubs outside the area might replicate its success."


Taliban pledge support for Afghan polio campaign

 [from CBC News World 5/14/13] 

The Taliban in Afghanistan say they will now support programs aimed at eradicating polio in the country.  In a statement released earlier this week in Afghanistan, the Taliban said they asked members "not to create any kind of trouble" for health workers, but would not tolerate foreigners participating in the eradiction program.  To read more, click here


Idea (a personal one): For You and Your Family -- A Perspective on Hosting and Visiting.

Most of us had a chance to visit or hear the Group Study Exchange Team from India.  Your editor had an opportunity to host one of the team members, and to attend a welcoming event.  I won't embarrass any individual team members, but I'd like to share a few comments because I encourage you to try hosting or participating if you get the opportunity with such programs.

  • My family enjoyed the conversations, and talked even more than I did !
  • It was a growth experience for us and for the visitor -- different ideas about life and politics, insights into their/our day-to-day living.
  • Offered were invitations to visit and recommendations on travel. 
  • On a humorous note, when the guest arrived, he was afraid of dogs.  By the time he left he had our Gabi rolling over to have her tummy rubbed !

As has been said, Rotary is diplomacy, one person at a time.  



2013 GSE Team from India

[ p.s., one piece of advice -- persuade/ask your spouse first.  He/she will probably say "Yes", but "better safe than sorry" ! ]

Idea: Looking for a Theme for Fellowship and Funds ?

Try a social event such as "Festivus in The Spring" to build club cohesion and enthusiasm...and also raise awareness and money.  It's the sort of social event many clubs held years ago.  


Details about the celebration can be gleaned from a redacted article on the club's website [names dropped to protect the happy and perhaps not so innocent] : "About 30 Rotarians and guests had a wonderful time celebrating the Club's 'Spring Fling'.  Rotarian and partner generously opened their home to host this event.  The club's Festivus Prize President-Elect ran the ubiquitous Rotary Raffle and racked up $120 to be used to help End Polio Now.  In the picture to the left, our Rotarian Jim is holding up one of the three raffle prizes awarded.  Two other Rotarian's were the other proud winners.  There was plenty of food, drink and fellowship.  Be sure to check out Photo Rotarian's album by clicking pictures of the event."

Forbes' Article about Rotary
A Short List...of Noteworthy Things :

  DayAtRacesGSE Logo

  • An Opportunity for our Significant Other --  

    One of the recent changes in the Rotary Constitution is the opportunity for a Rotarian's significant be a Rotarian too.   Governor Mike reflected that this gives a significant opportunity for one's "other" to serve and be recognized, whether it's in the same club or as a member of a different club. 

  • Changes in Global Grant and District Grant Rules -- based on numerous requests from clubs and individual Rotarians, the Humanitarian Grants Committee is implementing several changes.   The maximum amount per club eligible for DDF has been increased from $5,000 to $7,500.  Official Rotary programs such as Shelter Box will now be eligible for District Grants, as will RYLA and club scholarships.  The limits per club will remain the same, but there will be far more ways to qualify.   
  • List of Vocational Scholarship Winners -- Congratulations and Thank You to both the winners and the club and district selection committee members !  To see the list, click here
  • Some details about the Global Polio Eradication Initiative -- it includes Rotary International, has kicked off an estimated $5.5 Billion dollar effort designed to interrupt transmission of the wild polio virus by the end of 2014, strengthen routine immunization, lay the groundwork for securing a lasting polio-free world by 2018.   The Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation pledged 1/3 of the total cost. Total pledges are already near the $4 Billion mark.  Our Saturday and other events help, each in their perhaps small but important way.   
  • Governor-Elect Sarah Oliver will be installed as District Governor on Sunday, June 30, a brunch 11:30-2, at Highland Park Country Club.  If you want to be there for the start of her year, click here. Ask your president if you can represent your club, or   It's a nice ride, a pleasant place, good company, and a good purpose! 


Moore, Oklahoma and Rotary's Response

"I had put this in an e-mail to Rotarians, but wanted to mention it again.  Many of you have inquired about a possible response to the tragedy in Moore, OK.  The Rotarians in DistrictsOklahoma Image 5750 and 5770 are organizing a fund for the area. Details will be posted, probably sometime today, at


"I urge you to visit the site, and do what you can to provide help.    Yours in Rotary Service, Gov. Mike."  


We Welcome New Members to The Best Service Organization in the World


ClubFirst NameLast Name
Arlington Heights SunsetDeanWessels
Barrington BreakfastCarolynArmentrout
Barrington NoonJasonLeppin
Carol StreamClaudiaQuintana
Crystal Lake DawnbreakersGarySummers
Dundee Rotary ClubJackieJohnson
Elk Grove VillageFeliciaNelson
MP/AH SunriseBenWeaver
Rolling MeadowsEdConnelly
Schaumburg A.M. RotaryScottZambo
Wilmetter Harbor



An Editor's Note:
As some of you may know, I'm a member of the Arlington Heights, Noon Club.  In case you've noticed articles which mention Arlington, please know that their presence is not to give publicity to that club over others.  In the absence of similar information or insights from other clubs, I notice Rotary's functioning most at the club I attend.  Sometimes I see things I think are worth emulating, sometimes things that could use some improvement.  Please know that my intent is for "for the benefit of all concerned" in 6440.  If you have comment or question, suggestion or information, please feel free to contact me. 847-427-4308 at work, or


Bob Paddock