Rotary District 6440 Newsletter
Mike Yesner, District GovernorJanuary, 2012
In This Issue
-- Governor's Message
-- Rotary Reads
-- Youth Leadership Training (RYLA)
-- Ideas: Give the Honor of Paul Harris
-- Ideas: Connect with Rotary Abroad
-- Ideas: A Social Event Which Helps
-- Idea: Micrc-Credit Lending Locally
-- A Short List of Noteworthy Things
-- Peace Fellow Selected
-- Membership Successes
-- Training Activities
-- Welcome to Our New Members!
-- Expansive Facebook Campaign
-- Editor's Comments
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Allstate Arena  
Feb 24, 2013 03:00 PM

First Session March 7-10     
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Westin Chicago Northwest in Itasca  
Mar 08, 2013 - Mar 10, 2013

Second Session April 4-7   
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Apr 18, 2013 - Aprr 21, 2013 

Oak brook Hills Marriott Resort 
Apr 20, 2013 
(and meet future Cubs!)   
June 1, 2013 
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June 23, 2013 - June 26, 2013  (Also click here to go to related newsletter article)   
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  Governor's Message
 RI 2012/13 Theme Logo


As I write this,     

  Gov. Mike Yesner


I'm struck by how a Rotary Year is so much more than a year. Dist. Gov. Elect (DGE) Sarah has attended International Assembly and conducted training for her Assistant Governors (AGs) and Leadership Team already, yet this year has nearly 6 months to go. I smiled a lot when I heard about R.I. President Elect Ron Burton's theme, "Engage Rotary, Change Lives." Hopefully, 6440 will continue to do just that, for the balance of this year, and far into the future. See his theme announcement by clicking here.


Betsy Demaray
I think this is how Betsy would like us to remember her.

As someone who witnessed Betsy Demaray's fight against Cancer, I can tell you that it was long, hard, and the outcome predictable. I will miss her personally, and all of us in Rotary benefitted greatly from her dedication.


The Official Visits may be over, but the club visits continue to be a highlight of the year. I've lost count of how many breakfasts and lunches I've eaten, how many miles I've driven, how many members I've inducted, and how many Paul Harris awards I've presented. Each and every one has been a pleasure for me, and I look forward to being invited to YOUR meeting or YOUR event as the year progresses.


Somehow, the calendar still appears full. Next month, I will have the privilege of giving hands on service in Guatemala. Plans are shaping up for District Conference. I hope you have it on your personal calendar to be at at least one event April 19-20. And, another International Convention, this time in Lisbon, is on the horizon. There will be fun times at The Wolves' game February 24, and the Kane County Cougars June 1.


I hope each of you is asking yourself the same questions about their clubs that District Leadership is asking about 6440.

  • What can I do personally to increase our numbers?
  • Is everyone in the club getting the opportunity to be an engaged Rotarian?
  • Have I met the last three people who joined?
  • Have I sat at the same table as each of the last three people who joined at least once?
  • How can we make better use of social media?
  • What's the new fund raising idea that will bring in money from the public, rather than Rotarian's pockets?
  • What's one thing we've been doing better this year than we did last year?
  • What's the one thing we need to do better on for the rest of this year?
  • Do we lose new members in the first two years? How can we stop losing them?
  • Are we ready for Future Vision?


The answers may not be easy, but they're answers we need to grow the organization, and do more good in our local communities and the world. As each of the President Elects (PEs) starts to work on their Planning Guides as a prelude to President Elects Training Sessions (PETS), think of these questions, and how you can answer them to the benefit of your club. Seek input from club members. Develop an overall strategy and objectives. You can't possibly get to where you want to be if you haven't identified your destination.


The winter doldrums are a perfect time to re-energize yourself and your club by doing service to others. Please, if you haven't participated in a service project this Rotary year, commit to one in February, If you have, commit to another one.


Yours in Rotary Service 


Gov. Mike


Rotary Reads -- March 1 Deadlines, Resources,the Date for This Year

The District Literacy Committee...  

  • Has heard from a number of clubs having very successful and ongoing activities for Rotary Reads.  They would love to share your experiences with other clubs. Please send an email about your Rotary Reads activities to Kaye Grabbe, .  It can be as short as 'yes-our club does do something for Rotary Reads day'.  
  • And don't be bashful.  If you're proud of what your club has done, fill out an application for Literacy Recognition. All the information you need is on the application (click here). The due date is March 1, 2013.   
  • [Editor's Note: The Literacy page on our Dist. site has several resources.  If you're interested in Literacy, take a look (and as with a good book, you'll have to "turn the pages" -- on the Home Page, below the Rotary logo, choose the Avenues of Service pull-down menus, then choose Vocational Service, then Literacy.]  
  • March 1 is deadline for ordering supplies for Family Night: Click here.   

Rotary Youth Leadership Training (RYLA) Registration is in Progress.RYLA

The RYLA camp dates this year are March 7-10 and April 4-7.   RYLA has five amazing, educational and inspiring speakers at both weekends.  This program is rated very highly by participants: it is extremely popular and motivating program for tomorrow's future leaders.  Rotarian's are encouraged to come up to Camp Edwards Camp and Conference Center In East Troy Wisconsin to witness the speakers and activities.  You will be inspired and proud of what we as Rotarian's are doing for today's youth, tomorrow's leaders!  RYLA is open to High School students in Rotary District 6440.

Camp RYLA March 2012
Camp RYLA March 2012

Many clubs have already submitted their candidates and applications.  Schools in your community should at this point have the registration materials.  If your club has questions or does not have the materials, please contact Sean right away, 630.688.5165.  There is still plenty of time. He is able to help if you are behind getting the materials or explaining the program to local schools in your community


  Sean also would be happy to come speak or visit your club to discuss RYLA.  RYLA LogoTo see a program about this year's sessions, click here.


Idea: Help Your Friend, Help Your Club, Help Yourself 

Recognize friends, family, spouses, and colleagues for the many valuable contributions to your life. Recognize a local volunteer, business owner, professional, or teacher for their service in the community.  You can do this by giving them a Paul Harris Fellow award -- donate to the Foundation (and earn "Foundation Recognition Points"), to Annual Programs Fund, PolioPlus, or as a sponsor portion to a Foundation grant.


Said one Rotarian, "I'm planning on making my grandson a PHF (Paul Harris Fellow) for his first birthday!"  For more information on recognition points, click here.  Questions - contact your club's Foundation Chair. 


Idea: Make Rotary Friends Around the World
"Ada & Rotarians

Traveling abroad or in the USA?  Before you go, look up the Rotary club at your destination. Websites give info on meeting day, place and time.


Can't attend meetings but want to meet local Rotarians? Send an e-mail to club presidents. Ada Kahn did that recently in Israel and enjoyed visits with four Rotarians in two cities.  



In photo, Ada P  Kahn, Pres-elect, Rotary club of Evanston,  receives a banner  from past presidents Yaacov  Mishori (left)  and  Yehuda Brin (right) of the Rotary Club of Tel Aviv-Yafo.while visiting Tel Aviv in January, 2013.  To read of Ada Kahn's experiences, click here.

Idea: An Event for Fun, Food and Frolics

Here's an example: 

Spring Fling Logo  

Rotary Club of Wheeling Grant Fund's Wheeling Food Pantry

Presents- -Steak Dinner-Casual Night-Bring your significant other

Enjoy a Meal and a Dance to the Music for all Ages


To read more about their event and the food pantry, click here, or write Jim Bradley



Local Businesses Benefiting from Rotary Micro-Credit Program



The Rotary Micro-Credit Program of the Barrington Breakfast Rotary Club focuses on small loans ... often called micro-loans or micro-credits. This program is being implemented locally within the geographical limits of Rotary District 6440 and aimed at enhancing "Economic and Community Development" through empowerment, not dependency. 


The objective of this program is to provide opportunity for individuals to start, sustain, or expand an income generating business venture by offering seed money in the form of a loan.  A limited number of loans (maximum amount of $5,000) are granted at modest interest rate (prime + two points) with full expectation of payback. It is exclusively for entrepreneurial activity - not personal consumption (such as food, rent, medical expenses etc.).


For more information, visit  A YouTube video describing the details of the program can be seen through this linked photo:

Rotary Micro-Loan - Micro-Credit Program 6 25 12 
Rotary Micro-Loan - Micro-Credit Program 6 25 12




A Short List...of Noteworthy Things:


"Mystery Machine"
  • Travels of GSE (Group Study Exchange) Team - read of their travels and activities in India through their  BLOG and on Facebook.

  • CougarsEPN (Eradicate Polio Now) EVENTS -- Cubs stars of the future.

    In addition to The Wolves game on 2/24, we'll be raising money for Polio, and having fun at The Kane County Cougars game on Saturday evening, June 1.  You'll see Cubs stars of the future, be able to have your pinky painted purple, and enjoy a spectacular fireworks show.  This is an ideal family fellowship opportunity for each club.


  • Vocational Scholarships are available
    -- for careers that require LESS THAN A FOUR-YEAR DEGREE.  15 scholarships will be awarded @ $1,000.  For info and contact name, click here. For application, click here


  • Rotary International President-Elect Ron Burton's theme is...
    "Engage Rotary, Change Lives".   Said Gov. Mike, "Hey, I like it. I'm sure the engaged Rotarians of 6440 will be behind this new theme in Rotary Year 2013/14."  Click photo to see the speech.  

    IA13 Ron Burton theme speech
    Ron Burton theme speech


  •  The "Purple Pinky" Contest New Generations EPN contest.  This is our first effort to actively involve the New Gen Clubs in something critical to RI, the End Polio Now (EPN) effort.  Involved kids love competition: click to see the flier, a sample of this effort. 
  • RotaryReadsFamilyNightDateDate and Supplies for Rotary Reads/Family Literacy Day -- it is November 21, 2013. Requests for free materials from the Secretary of State's Literacy Office should be sent by March 1, 2013, use the state order form by clicking here.

  • Want to let folks know about your Club Events ? -- Club events should be posted on the club's website, and choose the option to have it also post on the District Calendar.  They also can be posted on the District Facebook page.
  • The fight against polio was on the January 14 cover of TIME TimePolioCover Magazine. Read about the progress in fighting polio and Rotary's role in eradicating this crippling disease.

    "Thanks to aggressive global vaccination programs led by Rotary Inter
    national, UNICEF, the World Health Organization, the U.S. Centers for Disease Control, and, most recently, the Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation, the year just beginning could be the disease's last."   
  • District Governor Elect Sarah addressed her leadership team January 26 after returning from the International Assembly in San Diego. Let's Engage Rotary & Change Lives!
    Team Training 
Our District's Candidate Selected for Rotary Peace Fellowship

District 6440 is proud to announce that the prestigious award was

Gururaj Kumar
Gururaj Kumar

given to Gururaj Kumar by the trustees of The Rotary Foundation.  Sponsored by the Rotary Club of Evanston Lighthouse, he will be able to pursue peace studies for three months at Chulangakorn University, Bangkok, Thailand this year. 


Gururaj is a native of Michigan and lives with his wife on the north side of Chicago. His leadership potential was first recognized by Rotary when his hometown Rotary club selected him to participate in Rotary Youth Leadership Awards.  To read more about him, our past winner (2002-2004), and the award, click here, or contact Jill Brickman, JillBr@aol.com312-805-1980.  Also see the Rotary International website page for more information about this inspiring program.    



District Membership Efforts at Year's Halftime ?

Membership Chair, Rodney Adams ( & District Governor Nominee, 2015-2016), summed up the first six month: "'Magnificent' and I applaud each and every club in Rotary District 6440. When District Governor Mike first announced at PETS in 2012; 'Engage Rotarians' as the theme for this Rotary year, little could any of us have realized just how engaged 72 clubs can become!  


"Not only has membership increased from that date forward, but every club in our district is now integrated with the Rotary International Database."   To read more of the progress in his commentary, click here.  Let's keep up the good work!



Training -- A Welcome, and Update on Plans   

Our District Trainer, Cynthia Tomusiak, said, "I would like to publicly welcome Julie Clark as Deputy District Trainer.  She is enthusiastic, highly motivated and a great addition to the District Leadership team.  I am looking forward to working with her!


"The District Conference Team is hard at work putting together a fabulous District Conference! Kudos to them and I am looking forward to this year's Conference. In addition, as we did last year, District Assembly will be held on the Saturday of District Conference. The Leadership team is focused on making the most of training and fellowship time for our District's Rotarians!


"The President's Elect Training (P.E.T.s) is coming up, the President's Elect are busy with "homework" as I send out chapters of the President's manual to them in preparation for PETS!


"I am very lucky to work with such a great group of Rotarians! Yours in Rotary, Cynthia."



And Welcome, New Members, to The Best Service Organization in the World


Arlington Heights SunsetChadChristell
Buffalo GroveJudithKristan
Carpentersville MorningBethJareczek
Crystal Lake DawnbreakersGarryLowder
Dundee Rotary ClubMichaelBregy
Elk Grove VillageLeighFerstein
Glen EllynEdScheer
Highland Park-HighwoodBrianShamash
Libertyville SunriseAnnMcKnight
Long GroveRajuDatla
Mt.Prospect-Prospect Hts.JovanLazarevic
Facebook Advertising Campaign Helping to
Improve Rotary's Public Image in Northeast Illinois

Continuing a successful campaign begun in January 2012, Rotary District 6440 delivers millions of ads to Facebook users living in northeast Illinois. The campaign is funded with a Rotary International PR Grant and contributions from District 6440 Rotarians through their annual dues.


The campaign features SampleFacebookMaterialmore than two dozen different ad executions in five themes: "Reasons to Join Rotary", "What's Rotary?", and ads promoting GSE, Rotary Youth Exchange and RYLA.  To read more about the creative and expansive campaign by click here


Editor's Comments
On of the reasons some folks get into journalism is that they observe instead of "doing".  I find this true about myself as a Rotary "reporter/editor", and maybe that's good -- I don't drive nails well and I'm somewhat short on patience when it comes to serving others.  But I admire Rotarians who can do these things. 

We've seen our District adding Guatemala missions; we are conducting End Polio Now events for soccer, hockey and baseball; all 72 clubs participated in The President's Project ($9,000 in local money, with $70,000 overall); we're leaders in fund raising; we responded hands-on to hurricane Sandy; we've started a new club and have net membership growth so far.

At this half-way point, I congratulate you and look forward to writing about the things you (and maybe even me) will accomplish during the rest of the year.  I think we can be proud of being Rotarians  -- we are making a difference!


Good Work ...
....And we can have fun doing it: Rotarian Jim Bradley offers, "Did you hear that Larry LaPrise, the man who wrote the 'Hokey Pokey', passed away after a long life. The most traumatic part for his family was getting him into the coffin. They put his left leg in. Then the trouble started !"



Bob Paddock