Roberta Rotunda I
Color Shift II
27" x 23"
Roberta Rotunda
Longs, SC
Artist Website

Artist Statement:
In my beginning years of painting I would paint representational pieces.  When you looked at my work, you knew it was a glass, vase, pond or any other object or landscape.  I loved painting everything around me!  As the years passed my love for abstracts and expressionism grew.  I would go to galleries and museums and just stare at works wondering what the artist felt while painting his or her piece.  What were they thinking, or were they not but just stroking the canvas with a brush or tool and letting feeling verses thought step in.  I knew this is where I wanted to go with my future art.  Having the viewer see what THEY see in an abstract is fascinating being that we all see things in a different light!  It's wonderful and fulfilling to engage someone's' imagination with an abstract painting.  

Artist Bio:
Roberta and her husband moved from Connecticut to South Carolina in 2001 for retirement. Before the move, she worked for a company's advertising department for many years. Along with other responsibilities, she ventured into photography, processing and printing photos in a dark room, plus designing and producing slide shows for worldwide company presentations. At that point, she knew she was destined for the art world. 

Two years before the move, a photo from their youngest son was an inspiration to pick up a brush and be creative. Painting became a new vision for Roberta that turned into a true passion. Once in South Carolina, she joined local art associations and attended many workshops and classes to pursue and share her creative work with others and to bring as much joy into their world as it has into hers. 

Roberta has studied with many local artists along with self taught techniques. She considers her current art as non-representational, a mix of expressionism and abstract.

Roberta's work can be found in private collections throughout the states along with one of her works selected for a front cover in a local magazine. Throughout her years of painting there is one thing she has learned and that is "Never Stop Learning!"