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June 21, 2021
LAST CALL: Kayak Cleaning & Lottery Information

Through tomorrow June 22, Those interested in renting a kayak slip send information (click on button below)
June 24, Lottery meeting & drawing
June 24, Kayak slip cleaning & staining
** Those with kayaks/boats/SUPs on the racks need to either remove or unlock these vessels. If they are still locked at the time of staining, bolt cutters will be used and the HOA will not be responsible for any damages. **

Click below for more information.
IMPORTANT: Reporting HOA Issues or Emergencies


The HOA does NOT monitor these groups and has nothing to do with private Facebook groups set up by residents.

Please contact the ACS West directly including after hours and ACS West will be glad to address it.
Contact information is always on the HOA site:
Roads Near You/Us: Traffic Study

Chesterfield County’s Transportation Department will be holding a Virtual Citizen Information Meeting (CIM) to discuss an overview of the Woolridge Road (Genito to Lacoc) Traffic Study. This Virtual CIM will be held via Zoom in a webinar format. A presentation will be made at 6:00pm on June 24, 2021 followed by an opportunity for questions and answers. 

To register in advance for this webinar please click the link below:

More information regarding the project can be found at our website
Reminder: Waveriders Swim Team Home Meet

The pool closes at 4:30pm on
Tuesday, June 22 (meet begins at 6pm)
Thank you for understanding & supporting the team.
Social Events

Start getting those bikes, wagons, questionably legal golf carts, and other modes of neighborhood transportation ready for the Independence Day parade on July 4th!

Other upcoming events:
July 16, Movie Night at the Pool
July 31, Adult Swim Night (8-11pm)

Check out the whole calendar by clicking on the button.
This Week's Food Trucks

TUES: Cheesaggedon
WED: Salt & Forge
Cirrus Vodka Delivery, 5-6p
FRI: Intergalactic Tacos
     Kingzz Ice
SAT: Café Beignet RVA, 9-1 pm
SUN: Auntie Ning’s, 10:30-1:30p
      Westray's, 10:30-1:30p
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Recently added:
NFLTICKETS4U, LLC owned by Tom Conroy
Thank you for supporting our local businesses!

Contact to be added; provide your name, the business name, your association with the business, email, website URL, and a brief description. To be included, you must be a business owner or principal of the business and reside in RounTrey or NewMarket. Click the button below to see all of our neighborhood businesses.
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