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Blog - Sept, 2014
People Solutions
offers valuable insights into becoming
Better Individuals to build Stronger Teams
effective teams at both work and home.


       We Hire People for their Technical Skills,

       but unfortunately have to dismiss them because of their Behavioural Faults


The Solution: PDA & LD 
  • PDA - Personal Development Assessment - inclusive of EQ and Energy level fit to job criteria &
  • LD - People Solutions building Better Individuals for Stronger Teams


Round Table Introduction and Discussion


Thursday 02 Oct 2014


09h00 to14h00


Psychologists, Psychometrists, Coaches, Trainers, HR + Recruiters

  • PDA is a global online behaviour assessment, established for 15 years and operating in 32 countries.
  • PDA measures behaviours inclusive of Emotional Intelligence (EQ) plus Energy levels
  • Provides Job and Competency % FIT Match Reports from Individual or Group Profiles
  • We assist organisations with "Unlocking Human Potential" and reducing their largest risk ... PEOPLE RISK
  • Our team of PDA Analysts, can customise a solution for using international methodologies and sales technique
  • Time Effective - Completing the PDA takes between 10 and 15 minutes, generating an amazingly accurate 22-page feedback report
  • Cost-effective and available in most languages
  • The PDA System compares candidates against job profiles and competencies at no extra cost
  • E-learning option for on-going training is included at no extra charge! 

Le Domaine Estate Conference Centre100 Acutts Drive Hillcrest KZN South Africa


Hosted by: Barbara Johnson of LEADERSHIP DIMENSIONS - Proud Durban PDA Partner


Registration R150  

Nedbank 1984 495 844 Code:198405


Subject: PDA Proof of Payment


031 716 8226 / 082 784 7656

Are you an Entrepreneur?
Are you looking to broaden your horizons?
Do you want to own your own Business?

More and more people ask me about how to add value to their lives so that they can live Better Lives.  They are looking for a process or vehicle to become Better People: People who are better enabled to provide for their families.

Leadership Dimensions has access to several vehicles to  guide both the budding and the experienced entrepreneur.

Email me with Subject Line: Budding Entrepreneur to 

In the meantime, take a look at - you will find extensive articles, radio talk shows, newsletters and blogs as to people solutions and development.

Let's chat about your future:  design a life that will work better for YOU!


Speedy, Sacred and Sustainable


Where Companies employ people there is a mixture of people emotions that include despondency, despair or doubt.


Where Leadership Dimensions is, there are People Solutions that are speedy, sacred and sustainable.


Leadership Dimensions offers a process to benefit both Company and Staff Members.


Benefits to Company:


  • Greater Staff Engagement
  • Greater Staff Performance
  • Greater Staff Contribution
  • ROI greatly improved on traditional training and psychology
  • Highly cost effective in both time and money
  • Stress managed: Staff fit to work, energy level match, holistic view
  • Achieve less absenteeism, wastage and dissatisfaction
  • Engage motivated, solution-orientated and creative Staff members
  • Company vision, mission and culture development through Staff
  • Measurable results
  • Bottom line results enhanced
  • Happy company


Benefits to Staff Members:


  • Engaged as whole person - body, mind and soul
  • Practical, simple and fast process with sustainable results
  • Stress managed
  • Non-prescriptive approach includes personal uniqueness and dignity
  • Better, regular and sustainable results in all roles of life
  • Safe, sacred and confidential sessions
  • Family members may be included in the process
  • Happy Staff members in both work place and home
  • Ultimate meaningful living


With ROI in training being so dismal, research tells us 12%, Leadership Dimensions will create a three-pronged programme for both your Company leadership and your Staff members.


For the COMPANY:

a)    Train-the-Trainer Programme: 3-day programme developing skills to encounter Staff Members for their relief of frustration, suffering or pain (Existential Vacuum) in their work and domestic roles.


b)    Workshops:   LD offers a variety of workshops to enhance Company and Staff Engagement, Performance and Contribution. These work best once Staff members have attended their own One-on-One private session/s.


For STAFF MEMBERS, Leadership Dimensions offers One-on-One private face-to-face or Skype-to-Skype sessions, or a combination thereof. Programmes are flexible; no long contracts. Duration is based on processing and learning pace, depth required or multiplicity of the candidate. Sessions include assignments and feedback.


Leadership Dimensions uses the remarkable Positive Psychology approach of Logotherapy, Change management and Energy alignment to address People Solutions for your Company Staff needs across:


  • Self-Leadership
  • The 3Ts: Trauma - Transformation - Transcendence
  • Meaning-orientation, future-orientation, solution-orientation
  • Whole person: body, mind and soul
  • All dimensions of intelligence
  • All aspects of life
  • All life circumstances


Leadership Dimensions results are largely due to a process potential of evolutionising traditional training and psychology.


How may we work together?


The People Developer



Tel:  +27 (0)31 716 8226 / Cell: +27 (0)82 784 7656

Skype: Barbara.Johnson48

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