It's Finally Here!
Registration For The 2021-2022 Second Time Arounders Marching Band Starts Today
Details Below
Your Rounder Leadership Team is pleased to announce that registration for the 2021 Fall Season and the 2022 Ireland Trip is now open.

Opening Registration now is indicative of our optimism for Rehearsal and Performance in the Fall. Registering now also will assist in planning for the Fall, especially so that we can understand auxiliary numbers and band instrumentation.

Registration will allow us to know how many Rounders are performing only in the Fall, going to Ireland or both. We certainly encourage all who are going to Ireland to perform in the Fall.

For those who have already signed up for the Ireland trip – please also register!! It is important that we have accurate registration figures for all of our events.

Unable to perform this year

For those Rounders who elect not to perform this year – please still click on the link below and let us know. You are important to us and we want to see you return when it works for you.

Stay Flexible

Please be aware that we will still need to be flexible on the Fall schedule. Because of Covid, we are still waiting to confirm school band performance rules and other Fall performance guidelines which can affect our schedule. You can check the Rounders calendar for current rehearsal and performance schedule from the Rounders Website.


For those returning Rounders who donated to the Band when they registered last year:
We are very aware that you contributed to a season that was cancelled. Your money will be applied to this upcoming season. We kept the donation option on the Registration form for newcomers or for those who wish to donate again, with our thanks.

What about Music

With regard to music – Registration is a prerequisite for getting music. In a few weeks, after registration has been in full swing, your shepherds will receive a list of section members, so that they can email you passwords and instructions to download your music.


A Note About Uniforms – The Fall uniform is the standard Rounder red shirt and Rounder Hat
For Ireland, we will use the same overcoat/hat combo as in Macy’s.
Auxiliary will be advised on uniforms for Fall and Ireland
Registration will assist in working through all the uniform logistics.

We are so glad to be taking this step forward after months of music deprivation.
And-- we are very excited to welcome our newcomers and re-connect with all of our current Rounder friends.

Register by clicking on the appropriate link in this announcement or on the website.

All the best
Bill and Tim for the Board and Creative Team