December 2020
Oooh.... 2020, what a year!
Not only have we experienced worldwide change, but our country has had the chance to look inwardly at its history, and discuss differences that could be made moving forward. With the year coming to an end, we have high hopes for a greater year in 2021!
SouthFair's New Website
We are happy to announce that our new website is up! With the current look, we aim to express the energy we have when revitalizing the South Dallas community! All current and future members can now maneuver through our site with the up-to-date information!

Give it a look yourself!
Our New Additions in Fair Park Estates is Almost Complete!

In order to balance the neighborhood with already affordable housing we are building these market rate houses This brings increased revenue for SouthFair in order to prepare for its next affordable housing project.
These houses are near the “Heart of Downtown” in the South Dallas/Fair Park area, these homes come equipped with fenced backyards, pre-wired alarm systems, 2 car garages, 3-4 bedrooms, 2.5-3.5 baths, just a lovely and spacious layout coming at 1,625 – 1750 square feet!

To our potential homeowners, don’t let the pandemic stop you from grabbing this once in a lifetime opportunity to purchase a house with record low interest rates. Don’t let your pre-qualification letter expire or go to waste. If you are not mortgage-ready but are interested, free homebuyer counseling is available.
Leonard Jackson Celebrated 100 Years of Life!
AYA Village is SouthFair's low income senior apartment community. We love taking care of our seniors. Some residents have lived in AYA since inception, 2004.

One of our long time residents, Mr. Jackson has just celebrated a special birthday. He turned 100!! Wow if we all could be so blessed! What an interesting and amazing life he has lived. Here is a littlie more on Mr. Jackson.

He was born in Dallas, TX on October 21, 1920 at Old Parkland Hospital to Ida Thompson and George Jackson. Mr. Jackson was the youngest of three children. His older siblings, Florene and Willie, made their transition several years ago. Ida passed four days after giving birth to Mr. Jackson. Although he has no children, several friends refer to him as “Papa.”

Mr. Jackson attended school in Dallas until he enlisted in the U.S. Army in 1941 – immediately after Pearl Harbor was attacked. He conducted basic training at Fort Hood, Texas. In April of 1942, Mr. Jackson received orders and was attached to 761st Tank Battalion at Camp Claiborne, Louisiana.

On October 2, 1944 the tank battalion was assigned to General Patton’s Third Army. The well-known speech where General Patton tells his soldiers “let the other poor bastard die for his country,” was presented to the 761st Tank Battalion who were nicknamed “Patton’s Panthers,” also known as the “Black Panthers.” Their motto? “Come out fighting.” They were the first Negro armored unit in the unit of the United States Army to see combat.

During his tour of duty overseas, his constant exposure to smoke caused him to develop bronchitis. After receiving a medical discharge in 1945, he pursued a career in the culinary arts. He attended the Ann Arbor Michigan School for Cooking. Afterward, he worked as a chef in many well-known hotels and after-hour lounges all over the Dallas area.

Congratulations to Mr. Jackson who has lived a long and fulfilled life thus far– cheers to 100 years!
Board Member Spotlight:
Ruth O'Quinn
Having served on SouthFair’s Board for over 5 years, Ruth O'Quinn is a staple in the revitalization of South Dallas. Her personal investment? Becoming a homeowner through SouthFair's program and being a testament of what the future holds for her community. Here are some some fun facts about Ruth:

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food: Onion rings

Family: My sister Sheila – she is an amputee who has lost a leg but she’s fighting on!

Famous person you would most like to meet: Mrs. Michelle Obama

Words that describe you best: Continuation of studying God’s Word

In your spare time you . . . Sew. Currently, I'm still working on some quilts.

If you’ve learned one thing in life, it is . . . God is fair and mankind is not

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community?
For South Dallas to continue to continue to grow into a safer South Dallas. 
Community Development Survey Results
SouthFair fosters the development of sustainable housing and connectivity to various programs as it relates to the physical, emotional and social wellbeing of our residents. 

That entails our alignment with the vision of the South Dallas community. We put out a community survey in order to gauge what the community would like to see concerning future development.

We received over 120 responses! All the participants responses have been recorded and will aid us as we direct our attention toward development in South Dallas. Thank you to all that participated!
SouthFair Turns 30 Years Old in 2021!
SouthFair’s mission is to provide sustainable (affordable) housing for low and moderate income families through multifamily, single family, economic development and through connectivity of social services -- and since it's formation in 1991, it has done just that!

SouthFair CDC is currently governed by a 12 member Board of Directors from diverse professional backgrounds in areas such as real estate development, community activism, law, banking and neighborhood residents. With an objective to expand the housing and economic development opportunities, while striving to promote the stabilization of community institutions and assets, SouthFair has served thousands of clients over the last 29 years. Such clients include residents of its primary target area of South Dallas and qualified low to moderate-income clients from all areas of the Dallas Metroplex.

SouthFair’s success in training, consulting, and case management of social service programs results from our extensive knowledge of housing program regulations, funding and unparalleled understanding of how programs work “hands on.” This makes legitimate homeowners.

SouthFair has spent the last three decades enthusiastically bearing the responsibility for the development of low and moderate income housing units along with being the connector to various social service programs that encompasses the whole person whether an individual, family, children or senior. We're excited to be celebrating 30 years! We hope you will celebrate with us!
Staff Member Spotlight:
Grace Feyisetan
The Arlington-native joined SouthFair's staff in August. A recent graduate with a B.A in Political Science, Grace Feyisetan aims to merge her passion for the arts with the needs of the community to offer creative ways to innovate South Dallas. Here are some some fun facts about Grace:

Favorite restaurant, dish, or pig-out food: Asaro (Nigerian yam dish)

Family: I stopped counting after five siblings (only one brother), my parents, one niece and nephew, many cousins,...

Famous person you would most like to meet: Choosing one would be criminal- John Boyega, Issa Rae, Steve McQueen, or Jharrel Jerome

Words that describe you best: Visionary, Persistent, Faithful, and Funny (at least I think so)

In your spare time you . . . Write, write, and write some more. I actually create (write, produce, and direct) films. Shameless plug - I just produced my first short "Hindsight: With 2020 Vision"

If you’ve learned one thing in life, it is . . . peace, as a necessity, follows the practice of grace

What are your hopes/desires for SouthFair and the South Dallas community?
Being that SouthFair isn't interested in an overhaul, rather the reinvigoration of South Dallas, I hope that it can grow into being one of the cornerstones for strengthening the South Dallas community. Organization and defined focal points are key to growth, such growth could aid even more residents of the community, ultimately leading intention to success. It's all right here, in front of our eyes, brewing. We're steps away from true revitalization.

Annie Evans, Executive Director
Maryann Cuellar, Housing Counselor
Lorena Muckelroy, Resident Manager
Grace Feyisetan, Community Development Assistant
Alfred “Dale” Glaspie, Maintenance Technician
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