July 13, 2021

RE: Indian Branch Farms

Dear Commissioners:

The St. Johns County Civic Roundtable request that you require the Indian Branch Farms development of six large rural estate lots on 33.5 acres to use county water and sewer rather than the proposed septic and wells.

At this time when our state representative, Rep. Cyndi Stevenson is working diligently to obtain state funding to convert local septic systems to water and sewer lines, it is illogical to approve more septic systems for new houses. Furthermore, Rep. Paul Renner is making the conversion of septic to sewer a legislative priority of his term. The state also has an initiative to get rid of more septic tanks which are a major contributor to water and stream pollution. 

According to the county staff report, the Indian Branch Farms estates have multiple connection points for potable water, sewer and reclaimed water which are approximately 5,600 feet away. It is hard to imagine that cost for water and sewer hook-ups should be a factor in purchasing 5-acre estates.

We strongly encourage the Commission to require water and sewer over septic for this development. Thank you for your consideration and service.


Jim McLane
Working Together For Our County
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