July 2020
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PatientPing Route Ensures Hospitals Meet New Compliance Rule by 2021

To support hospitals in meeting full compliance under the e-notifications Condition of Participation (CoP) included within CMS’s Interoperability & Patient Access Rule by the May 1, 2021 deadline, PatientPing, our strategic partner, has launched a new solution, Route. This single solution guarantees full e-notifications CoP compliance by enabling hospitals to send electronic, real-time Admission, Discharge, and Transfer (ADT)-based patient event notifications.

Built on PatientPing’s trusted national e-notifications network, Route alleviates hospitals’ compliance IT and data-sharing burdens to deliver the required electronic ADT-based patient event notifications to other providers whenever patients have inpatient or emergency department visits. 

To learn more about the e-notifications CoP, and how PatientPing can help you achieve full compliance, listen to our co-hosted webinar here, or contact connect@patientping.com
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