Capitol Buzz
November 4, 2020 #2
Routes to Recovery COVID Expense Deadline Extended

Governor Evers' outreach director, Jamie Kuhn, sent the following email to the League today announcing: (1) the Routes to Recovery grant program will now accept eligible expenses incurred up to November 17, instead of November 6; and (2) communities may submit eligible expenses exceeding their allocated amounts, which may or may not be reimbursed, depending on whether the program has any unclaimed allocations in the final reporting period. Jamie's full email is pasted below:

Thank you for all your efforts during this ever changing pandemic. Your service to our communities during these challenging times is commendable.
As we approach the last reporting deadline for 2020 on the Routes to Recovery program, we wanted to provide local governments an additional adjustment so that all funds can be utilized.
Update to the program 1:
  • The program will now accept eligible expenses incurred from March 1- November 17. This decision extends the expenses incurred deadline by 11 days from the original cut-off date of November 6. This means for the final reporting period you may report expenses incurred through November 17.
Please note that the final expense submission period will remain the same and expenses must be submitted between November 7 – November 18. This means the final day for submitting eligible expenses is November 18.

Update to the program 2:
  • In order to be thorough and plan for all outcomes in this program, we offer communities the ability to submit any/all of your eligible program expenses, even if your total expenditures exceed your allocation amount. This means you may submit expenses above your allocated amount.
Please note, we offer no commitments these expenses will be reimbursed. However, in the event all funds are not utilized during this final reporting period of Routes to Recovery, there may be additional reimbursement eligible. Again, we make no commitment this will occur as final counts are unknown.
Please send any technical or reporting questions to
You may also reach out to Jamie Kuhn in Governor Evers office at