Years ago there was a television ad for a car repair shop that encouraged people to change their oil and brakes as well as maintain their fluids in the car. The tagline was simple: “Pay me now or pay me later.”

Unfortunately in a metal finishing shop, the same statement is true. Read more.

Maintaining Your Gear
In plating and anodizing shops, the equipment that requires routine maintenance should include filters, plating barrels, plating racks, anode rails, anode baskets/bags, tank saddles, fume scrubbers, steam traps, heat exchangers, chemical feed pumps, pH controllers, and conductivity controllers. Within each one of these items, there may be several items that need maintenance. Read more.

Keeping an Inventory
One of the most overlooked aspects of maintenance in a metal finishing shop is an inventory of spare parts. Even with routine maintenance properly done, all equipment WILL fail at some point. Taking the time to decide on an appropriate inventory of equipment on each line in your shop is an invaluable exercise. Read more.

Image courtesy of Pixabay.