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March 2016 Wrap-up

Georgia has partnered with several colleges and universities on promoting its Drive Alert Arrive Alive campaign.  The campaign focuses on reducing fatalities by eliminating driver distraction and increasing seat-belt use.

Colleges and universities interested in joining the Drive Alert Arrive Alive movement, or inviting GDOT to a safety event, please contact:

Aleta Edwards 

GDOT Investment Report Available

Learn how Georgia DOT invested in transportation needs around the state.   Go here for the Investment Report. 

IN MOTION is a monthly e-news publication about how Georgia Department of Transportation works to maintain and improve transportation in the state. For more information about Georgia DOT visit online at, or email In Motion by clicking here.
Commissioner Russel McMurry speaks on routine maintenance opportunities with GDOT
Commissioner Russell R. McMurry, P.E. 
Routine maintenance opportunities for contractors

Georgia DOT has announced upgrades to the webpage that will help contractors more easily qualify for Routine Maintenance Contracting opportunities as a result of the Transportation Funding Act of 2015. The updated webpage offers a clear layout of the Routine Maintenance contractor qualification process, including registering as a bidder; becoming qualified; and responding to an "invitation to bid."  The webpage also provides a Routine Maintenance Contractor Qualification guide; tutorials; FAQs and more.
For more information about routine maintenance contracts, please go  here.

Funeral Procession for HERO Operator Moses King
Funeral Procession for late GDOT HERO Moses B. King

GDOT pays tribute to a fallen HERO Moses King 

Georgia DOT employees, family and friends of Moses Benjamin King mourned his passing at Murray Brothers Funeral Home on March 24. King died from serious injuries sustained after being hit by a drunk driver last August. King was placing road flares on the downtown connector south of 17th Street in Midtown Atlanta.  

Commissioner Russell R. McMurry, P.E. spoke at King's funeral and later addressed GDOT staff in a memo. Moses King joined the HERO program in September 2014 and dedicated himself to providing exceptional service at all times.

"This is a profound loss, not only to the Georgia DOT family, but also to the Atlanta region and the emergency response communities who make daily sacrifices and place themselves in harm's way everyday by ensuring the traveling public's safety. Moses King was committed to making a difference on our roadways and in the lives of those who travel those roadways," said Commissioner McMurry. 

More from the Commissioner here. T o view more videos from the Moses King event visit the GDOT YouTube  channel .
On the right Mike Johnson, GDOT HR Deputy Director, receives award at Vietnam Veterans recognition ceremony
GDOT Vietnam Vets honored at state capitol 

On March 29, commemoration ceremonies were held around the nation to honor Vietnam Veterans. This included three Georgia DOT employees who were recognized during a ceremony at Georgia's capitol in Atlanta. They are:
  • Larry Jackson, District 7 Mail Courier
  • Mike Johnson, HR Deputy Director
  • Viol Reeves, District 3 Maintenance Equipment Operator 

Georgia State Rail
Georgia's railway connects Georgia shippers worldwide

Rail video promotes the Georgia State Rail Plan

Georgia's rail system plays a critical role in linking Georgia shippers with markets throughout  North America and the world.  Atlanta has been a major nexus for rail traffic traveling on Class I or large  railroads between Gulf ports and northeast;Florida and the Midwest. Georgia's  short line or small railroads extend freight rail service into all areas of the state. 

Watch the above video and review the  Georgia State Rail Plan online  to find out details.

Weigh In Motion on the move across the state   

Trucks passing through Georgia now have another option to weigh their truck cargo.  Georgia DOT, in partnership with Georgia Department of Public Safety, has begun installing Weigh In Motion scales around the state as a way to save time and money - benefiting the trucking industry and the state of Georgia. The WIM project also offers environmental benefits such as reducing harmful greenhouse gases and gives weigh stations the latitude to focus on inspecting trucks with potential size, weight or safety issues.

WIM technology allows vehicles to be weighed without stopping. A vehicle passes over the scales enabling the system to collect axle weights and gross vehicle weight, axle spacing, vehicle length and speed. An automatic license plate reader scans the vehicle license plate and a US Department of Transportation reader scans the DOT number checking the the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration database for weight, credential and safety issues, as well as, the State Permit system for issues Over-Height/Over-Weight Permits.
I-75 South Metro Express Lanes Progress  
Sound Barrier Construction along I-75
Mt. Carmel Bridge Replacement Construction
I-75 South Metro Express Lanes
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