Roy Reina found a second chance at Rise Recovery. A passionate athlete all his life, addiction took his dreams of going pro. Today, however, he is doing something so much better. Here is his story:

When I was five years old, my dad signed me up to play baseball for the Helotes Little League. I was extremely excited to play sports, especially baseball. The night before my first tee ball game, my dad took me to Henry T. Brauchle Elementary, where I attended school. He pointed at a few bright lights across the highway and said, “Look over at those lights!

That’s where you will be playing your first game tomorrow night.”

I remember that spring night like it was yesterday. From then on, I knew one thing, when I grew up I was going to play professional baseball!

I was extremely talented in baseball and had played on many All-Star teams throughout my youth.

By the time I started high school, I had already developed some unhealthy behaviors. Substances had become more important to me than baseball. I had the abilities and skills to go pro, however, wanting to fit in and be accepted was more important to me at this time. If only I knew then where the path I was following would take me.

From age 18 to 30, I had completely stepped away from baseball. My life consisted of numerous trips to jail and an attempted suicide when I was 23.

Then something changed. To this day, I still don’t know or really remember why I walked into the blue portable building off Ironside Drive, but I now know my Higher Power had something to do with it.

At 30 years old, wondering how my life was in such unimaginable chaos, I had no idea how walking through those doors at 10226 Ironside was going to dramatically change my life.
Today I am a Peer Recovery Coach for Rise Recovery. At 34 and I play baseball for the Roy Hobbs San Antonio League, where my team has won the last two city championships. I also have two softball teams, Inglorious Batters and Revamped, and we play every Wednesday in a league called More Than Sports.

My teams are composed of men and women who are in recovery from substance use .

Once a month, we go to Austin to compete in a tournament for ATXRECOVERY. The money raised in these tournaments goes back into the local recovery community.

Today, November 2nd, I am in California with 12 other people to represent Texas in a tournament known as the Clean and Sober Softball World Series .

I may not be playing professional baseball like I dreamed of as a boy, but the journey to get to where I am now has been the most incredible journey of my life, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world. 
Roy is a Pro in our book. By sharing his journey to recovery he is helping more young men and women rediscover their dreams and live their potential. Let's wish him luck this weekend at the
Clean & Sober World Series!

Our Rise Recovery family is cheering Roy on from that blue building on Ironside!
Addiction knows no barriers. Neither do we.