Volume 4 | September 13, 2020
Middle School News

Dear Middle School Families,

Thank you to all the families who connected with me this past week to offer feedback and suggestions on our start of year. We value your perspective and your partnership. At the close of Week 3, it feels like we are all beginning to settle into our new schedules, classes, and routines!

It was a GREAT week at Roycemore Middle School.

A. Floro

Mr. Tain's Fabulous
Beginning this week, both off-campus and on-campus middle school students will be able to participate in Mr. Tain's exciting, community-building Lunch/Recess events like Jackbox Games, Watch It Wednesdays, & Trivia Tuesdays. On-Campus students interested in participating will be able to do so in our multi-purpose room from 11:55-12:40 each day.

Mindfulness in the Middle @ Roycemore School

Why Mindfulness? 

We spend a lot of time developing our intelligence in school and strengthening our bodies through sports or exercise. But we give our mind very little attention. In fact, where do we think our mind even is? Most of us aren’t exactly sure, especially right now during COVID, our minds are EVERYWHERE! 

When we develop and strengthen our mind we are increasing our ability to focus, recognize and manage our emotions, make better decisions, and empathize in our relationships.

Mindfulness is paying attention to our experience in a way that allows us to respond rather than react. It is a quality of inner-stillness that is always available, even when our life or circumstances feel out of our control and chaotic.

During the month of September and the early part of October, during homeroom each morning, we are teaching our students the eighteen 15-minute lessons that make up the Mindful Schools curriculum. As a faculty, we are benefiting as much from learning these practices as our students!
PE/Wellness Updates

Coach Long & Coach Chanan have listened to student & parent feedback about the Zoom fatigue associated with the suggested 3:30-4:00 pm check-ins. Instead, they will be offering Tuesday & Friday check-in times that are synchronous with the start of the on-campus PE classes. 

Along with the twice-weekly virtual check-ins, Both & Paul will also have all their Health and Wellness classes meet synchronously. Advanced notice of the health & wellness sessions will be shared through RenWeb/ FACT SIS so that students are prepared & ready to tune in.


Picture Day is Wednesday, September 16th between 10:30 am - 11:30 am for MS students.

Slight Modification to Off-Campus Zoom Start Times ~

For A Block & E Block, off-campus students should join their class Zoom/Google Meet at 9:05 am rather than 9:00 am. For the classes in C, G, & E Block, immediately following on-campus lunch, students should join their classes on Zoom/Google Meet at 12:45 pm in C & G Blocks and 1:00 pm in E Block rather than 12:40 pm. Mr. Tain will note these updates to reduce the wait time for our off-campus learners on the MS Off-Campus Website.

The Seven Hills School Parent Lecture Series - An Evening with author Julia Lythcott-Haims ~ Talking to Your Kids About Race & Racism, Wednesday, September 16th 7:00 pm -8:30 pm. [ Free Event - Register Here ]

Please put Thursday September 17 from 5:45 pm -7:30 pm on your calendar. It is Curriculum Night, the night you get to "meet" via Zoom your children's teachers and learn and the curriculum and find out more about how you and the school can partner to help your children excel. I will be emailing out the schedule with Zoom links to families at the beginning of the week.

This year, we kick-off our students' individualized and personalized year long study with a fabulous video to get them thinking about passion possibilities. We can't wait to begin this meaningful, year-long study with our middle school students.

This Friday, September 18 is our first mid-quarter reporting period. These reports will be sent out the following week for ALL new students and any student with a C- or below. This is an important communication tool to allow home and school to work together in support of our middle school learners.


We still have about 25% of our students without headphones. If you have not done so already, please purchase headphones for your child to use at school.

Due to the US Picnic on Friday, September 18, MS students in US classes normally scheduled for Friday afternoon will not have class.

For those of you ordering your child's lunch through HandCut Foods. Here is the link for Middle School - https://handcutfoods.com/meals/roycemore. orders must be placed by NOON Sunday afternoon.

Contact HandCut Foods with help@handcutfoods.com with any questions. 

Any questions that you have during these truly unprecedented times, please don't hesitate to reach out to me.

Warmest regards,

Adrienne Floro
Roycemore Middle School Division Head