All School Newsletter I September 1st, 2020
Roycemore School Newsletter
From the Head of School
Hope that a Better World Will Emerge
By Adrianne Finley Odell

Gen. Douglas MacArthur signs the surrender document on board the USS Missouri, ending WWII on Sept. 2, 1945
Roycemore Middle School students paint a mural last fall, "Rise Above the Hate," for the Kids Guernica Peace Mural Project to commemorate the 75th anniversary of WWII.
Seventy five years ago tomorrow marks the anniversary of the end of World War II on board the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.   

Twenty-three years ago, I had the great privilege to serve as part of a team that received the USS Missouri from the Navy and brought it to Pearl Harbor where it could serve as a reminder to all of the history of World War II. The ship is a poignant reminder of the worst war in human history that involved more than 30 countries and 60-80 million deaths, including six million Jews and an additional estimated 1 million of other ethnicities including those singled out for sexual orientation. in Nazi concentration camps. With a scrappy but small staff, our team worked with the support of over 10,000 volunteers over a period of six months to transform the ship into a memorial/ museum and we opened to the public for educational tours in January of 1999. Today the ship floats in the harbor 1,000 feet away from the USS Arizona that lies just beneath the water as a tomb still holding sailors who were onboard when it was attacked by Japan on December 7, 1941, marking the entry of America into World War II.

Today the world is grappling with a pandemic that has caused over six million cases of COVID, and 845,000 deaths. Anxiety and stress abound and many individuals are experiencing trauma from the death or serious illness of a loved one. Our country is also grappling with ongoing injustices and violence related to systemic racism...

Coming up on the Calendar
September 7th - Labor Day, No School
September 8th - RFA Hosted Upper School Parent Social, 7:00pm 
September 9th - RFA Hosted Lower School Parent Social, 7:00pm
September 10th - RFA Hosted Middle School Parent Social, 7:00pm
September 12th - Griffin Greats with Shamar White (Class of 1995), 5:00pm
September 15th - Equity, Social Justice, & Inclusion Community Meeting, 6:30pm,
Details Coming Soon
September 17th - Curriculum Night (previously called "Miniature School Night")
**Please note the new date for Curriculum Night.

Please Complete Health Screenings
Before Dropping Students Off
We kicked off a great first week of school with only a few minor glitches here and there. Thank you to all families who have been able to get into the habit of completing the screening app before arriving on campus. If you have any problems with the app, you may contact the front desk or contact SWS directly. If you have not downloaded the app, please do so today!
Roycemore School ID on the SWS App:
Empowering All Griffins to Learn Experientially
EAGLE hour is a new program that serves as an umbrella for our signature programs (JST, P3 and Theme Week) as well as provide extra time to engage in experiential learning opportunities for our students. Barring the school moving into modifications due to COVID, starting in October, EAGLE hour will take place on Tuesdays from 2:00-3:00. During the month of September, before EAGLE hour launches, families can choose if they want their student(s) to have early dismissal at 2:00pm on Tuesdays, or stay on campus until their regular school day ends.

Lower School students who stay on campus during this time,
will go into the EDP program free of charge until 3:30.

Middle School students who stay on campus during this time,
will go into the Zone until 3:45 free of charge.

Upper School students who stay on campus during this time,
can stay in the lobby or the library.
Roycemore in the News
We have recently had some great news coverage by various media outlets regarding our on-campus and off-campus offerings. Plus, Roycemore Senior Ephraim, was featured yesterday on Fox 32 Chicago in a story about the SWS Screening App he developed. His business continues to grow as his client base has now increased to 35 schools nation-wide.

Check out all of our recent media coverage by going to the
"Roycemore in the News" page to see what you missed.
Evanston Now
Chicago Tribune
Evanston Patch
Nagasaki Peace Mural Project
Last year, we had the honor to be part of a world-wide peace initiative called "Kids' Guernica", a mural project based on Pablo Picasso's famous mural "Guernica". This project focused on how children see peace and the students of Roycemore were asked to create two murals highlighting what peace means to them. The murals then traveled around the globe and were displayed in Nagasaki Japan at Hypocenter Park, the epicenter of the atomic bomb explosion of 1945. This summer marked the 75th anniversary of World War II and over 400 murals created by children from around the world were part of a global effort to share the idea that peace belongs to everyone.

Just for Fun:
Social Distancing Hats
Roycemore faculty put their thinking caps on this August when trying to design "social distancing" hats for fun. Inspired by a photo taken in China earlier this year showing a creative way to reinforce social distancing, our faculty got to work and made some truly unique prototypes themselves. Have fun checking out these pictures of the three finalists and congrats to Upper School teacher, Mr. McCaffrey, for taking home the prize!
New Full Length School Video
If you missed it, please check out our full-length Roycemore School video. Students share what it's like to be a Griffin and how everyone at Roycemore is valued for the individual that they are. Enjoy!
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