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November 13, 2017

Inquiry-based learning in Upper School Chemistry class.

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Ms. Hecht's pottery waiting for the kiln.

Work by Middle & Upper School Art Teacher Ruth Hecht will be on display at the Evanston Art Center's annual expo from November 18 through December 21. More at  www.evanstonartcenter.org.

Four ways to help your student deal with stress
With first quarter and parent-teacher conferences over, our students can relax more now, right? Well, the truth is, this time of year can be tough. The newness of the start of the school year has passed, our days are getting shorter, and we're spending more time indoors. This can all lead to increased levels of stress and anxiety, particularly if there are interpersonal relationship issues, stresses related to college admissions season, or discouragement about first quarter grades. As a parent, how can you help your child deal with the stress?  Read more . . .

Got furniture?

Are you updating your home or office? Is there furniture or equipment that you think the school might benefit from?  Currently, we are seeking several couches and armchairs in good condition. As Roycemore is a 501(c)(3) organization, your in-kind donation is tax deductible.  Thank you!

Grandparents Day is next  Tuesday, November 21 from 8:30-11:00am

The morning will include treats and coffee, musical performances, and special time in the classroom!

If your child's grandparent or a special family friend would like to attend and did not receive an invitation, please feel free to share the online RSVP link here, or you may contact Sara Keely McGuire at smcguire@roycemoreschool.org.
Interested in contributing to research on how children learn and develop their understanding of the social world?
The Social Cognition and Intergroup Processes (SCIP) Laboratory at Northwestern University (PI: Sylvia Perry, IRB STU00205846) is seeking parents and children between the ages of 4 and 12 years old to join their registry of potential research participants.

The studies are focused on children's changing attitudes about topics like social groups and categories, intergroup interactions, and social development. 

The SCIP Laboratory maintains a registry of children and families who want to learn about exciting opportunities to participate in research studies. Joining the registry does not obligate you to participate in any particular study.

To learn more about the registry and how to enroll, go to www.tinyurl.com/scipresearch  or 
call 847-467-6516.
Griffin Gathering: Roycemore Family Night at the Chicago Bulls is January 28, 2018

Download the order form here and return with payment to Bea at the front desk, or visit the RFA page  online to pay via PayPal. Go Bulls & Griffins!

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The Jetsons? No, Our Children!

One of my favorite TV shows when I was a child was The Jetsons, a cartoon show about a family circa 2062 and their daily lives. Watching the family get around "town" in their flying car and seeing their house get cleaned by their robot, Rosey, left me entertained by that possible future. As we know, much of the future that was envisioned in The Jetsons has come to pass. But although those flying cars still haven't become part of our reality, recent news indicates they could be just around the corner. Uber has plans in place to launch a flyer car in Los Angeles by 2020. Why LA? Well, with the dreadful traffic it is a natural location for a flying car to succeed. In addition, up until 2014 there was a law in LA that required all tall buildings to have a heliport on the roof, mainly to support evacuations if there were earthquakes or fires. So this makes LA an ideal location for Uber to test a program in the United States. The prediction is that within a few years of the 2020 testing, the flying car will launch in earnest. Move over self-driving car, we are now looking at a whole new way to travel!

Today's Middle School students will likely have the opportunity to experience flying cars when they are in college. Flying cars, self-driving cars...the reality that children who are currently in our Lower School will not likely have the need to get driver's licenses when they are in high school is more and more certain.Think of the ramifications of all of these technological changes on our students lives. How will education change in response?  

At Roycemore, we are beginning to consider programming opportunities that will help our students transcend the very real changes that are coming our way. Our Board of Trustees and senior administrative team have identified several key areas that we believe could help set our children apart from their peers. We are beginning to explore the launch of some new partnerships and programmatic opportunities in response. Because of our small size, Roycemore can be nimble and move swiftly to respond to the changes taking place in the world around us.

Regardless of the changes made in programmatic offerings going forward, what will remain is our commitment to differentiation, to life-changing relationships, to small class sizes, and to providing opportunities for all of our students to shine. I invite you to be a part of the conversation. If you have ideas sparked from reading this short article, email me at afinleyodell@roycemoreschool.org.

In partnership for our students,

Adrianne Finley Odell
Head of School

Middle Schoolers prep for National Spelling Bee

Our Middle School will hold its level of the Scripps National Spelling Bee on November 30th in the library. Students will compete for their Houses--any student who is interested may participate! Roycemore's winner is then invited to move on to the regional-level spelling bee.

School champions compete at local bees across the country, and local sponsors select winners to participate at the national level, peaking with a nationally televised spelling bee in Washington, DC.

Below is more information and some study resources. Note that regional competitions may ask for definitions of words as well. Contact Ms. Wirth or Ms. Milner if you have any questions!

We hope you received the Griffin Fund letter from our Head of School Adrianne Finley Odell. A volunteer team will be calling families to follow up--please take their call and talk to fellow parents about the Griffin Fund! 

Also feel free to contact Sara Keely McGuire at smcguire@roycemoreschool.org at any time if you have questions about the fund or ways to give! 

REMINDER: Update your emergency contact information in ParentsWeb - Testing on Tuesday, November 14
We will be testing our emergency alert system on Tuesday, November 14th at approximately 11am. Messages will be marked THIS IS ONLY A TEST and go our via t ext, email and voice.

Please take a few minutes to log in to your ParentsWeb account and make sure your phone, cell, email and emergency contact information is correct. We also strongly encourage you to add your student's cell phone number (if they have one) to their record so they may receive emergency notifications directly.

If you have any questions about how to update your information in ParentsWeb, please contact Systems Coordinator Heather Mehta at hmehta@roycemoreschool.org or 847-866-6055.

Local bank sponsors student video contest

Our bank, First Bank & Trust in Evanston, is participating in the ABA Foundation "Lights, Camera, Save!" 
video contest to engage teens in educating themselves and their peers about saving and using money wisely. They're looking for creative, innovative student videos with unique savings scenarios! Winning videos will be posted on YouTube and viewed by people across the globe; national winners receive cash prizes. The contest is free and open to all students age 13-18, with the videos of local winners moving on to the national competition. The entry period runs through December 1st. Read more . . .

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Upcoming Event Highlights
Check the online calendar at  www.roycemoreschool.org/calendar  for more information. Athletic practices are now shown on the school calendar page.

Activities after school LS: Lego Club - Gr 1 room, STEAM - LS art room; US: Musical rehearsal - MPR
4:00pm MS Boys Basketball Game HOME vs. Chiaravalle - Gym

9:15-11:15am Field Trip - Grades 3 & 4 to Evanston Township High School
Activities after school LS: Martial Arts - MPR, Sprout Gifted - LS art room; US: Musical rehearsal - MPR

Activities after school LS: Creative Improv - LS music room, Cross Country - Gr 3 room; US: Musical rehearsal - MPR
4:30pm MS Boys Basketball Game AWAY at Arie Crown in Chicago

Activities after school LS: Chess Club - Gr 4 room, Sprout Gifted - LS art room; US: Musical rehearsal - MPR
3:30-8:00pm Parent-Teacher Conferences

Activities after school LS: Fitness Fun Friday
8:00pm "Les Miserables" - Upper School Musical - MPR

8:00pm "Les Miserable" - Upper School Musical - MPR

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