Volume 32 | April 14, 2020
Roycemore School Weekly Newsletter
From the Head of School:
We Recognize the Home Learning Challenge
Parents, we recognize that HOME learning with your children is a challenging new reality for all of us, but it is especially challenging for you as parents. We are so grateful for your partnership and want to provide all the support we can during this difficult time. With that in mind, we wanted to share with you a presentation from  The Enrollment Management Association  that we believe can provide support and guidance to you.

Webinar Presentation:
Navigating Parenting and Learning in a Remote Environment .

Featured Topics
* Developing screen time rules and creating balance
* Staying current without becoming overwhelmed
* Modeling healthy habits and boundaries
* Mentoring children on technology and social media
* Dealing with social isolation, anxiety, and depression

Families may view the webinar for free by clicking on  this LINK  and registering, which will take them directly to the presentation.
Coming up on the Calendar

April 13th - Remote Learning Resumes through April 30th
April 21st - Virtual Admissions Morning at 8:30am, RSVP Here

Note: All current on-campus events previously scheduled for April
are cancelled or will be postponed until further notice.
Roycemore's Mission and Values
Our Faculty and Staff sent a special message out yesterday to all Griffins upon their return from Spring Break. We miss being all together on campus every day but our Core Values and our Mission are stronger than ever!
Admissions Morning
Our first ever Virtual Admissions Morning is next week! Please tell any friends and neighbors interested in finding out more about the Roycemore experience and what makes our school unique.

Virtual Admissions Morning
Tuesday, April 21st
Registration Required
Remote Learning 2.0
Synchronous online sessions for most classes began on Monday. A new  Schedules Page  has been added to the Remote Learning Website. On that page, Middle and Upper School students can see the remote learning schedule with links to join each class. You will also see a link to a Parent version of the schedule, but for security reasons there are no links on that version. We are excited about this new blended approach to remote learning and look forward to a continued partnership with all members of the Roycemore community. Go Griffins!
Scholarship Fundraiser 2020 Update:
Now on May 16th!

Scholarship Fundraiser
With a Little Help From Our Friends
Saturday, May 16th
Viewing FAN Presentations
Roycemore is a proud sponsor of FAN, Family Action Network . All of their in-person events have been cancelled but they still are offering amazing presentations by industry professionals on a number of topics including:

  • Parenting in the Age of Inequality
  • Navigating the New Masculinity
  • Parenting the New Teen in the Age of Anxiety
  • How Economics Explains The Way We Raise Our Children

Calling All Artists and Writers!
The deadline is fast approaching for the Roycemore Literary Magazine and we need your creativity!
This is an all-school project and we are looking for the following:
Art Work
Short Stories
Please send submissions by May 1st to: 
elac@roycemoreschool.org  or  litmag@roycemoreschool.org
Alumni Updates
As our current Upper School students continue to receive college acceptances for next school year, we would like to share stories of the talented Griffins who recently graduated. We have been getting updates on how their early years at college have gone and how Roycemore helped prepare them for this new chapter in their lives. If you know of an alumni who would like to send us an update, please have them email  Sara McGuire
Yunhan poses in front of the Sather Gate,
a landmark on the campus of the
University of California at Berkley.
Yunhan is currently a sophomore majoring in Data Science and Economics at the Univserity of California at Berkley. Yunhan reports that Roycemore’s small private school environment prepared him well for the many opportunities of a large university because...

Alanis presenting at a conference earlier this year in the academic field of Classic Studies.
Alanis attends one of the nation’s top ranked liberal arts institutions, Grinnell College. She most recently was honored with a generous grant from the Society of Classical Studies to take an intensive Latin program this summer...

Iman is making the most of his college experience not just in academics, but also with outdoor pursuits that include hiking, rafting, and canoeing.
Iman has thoroughly enjoyed his Freshman year at Warren Wilson College in North Carolina, immersing himself in the campus culture. He serves as a writing tutor, works in the College's Advancement Office, and even played on the varsity soccer team. He has a special message for all the teachers back at Roycemore...

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