Volume 34 April 28, 2020
Roycemore School Weekly Newsletter
From the Head of School
Adrianne Finley Odell
It’s no surprise that in this pandemic quarantine one of the top watched movies on Netflix is  Groundhog Day . For those that haven’t seen the film, actor/ comedian Bill Murray plays Phil Connors, a TV weatherman who travels to Punxsutawney to report on its annual Groundhog Day tradition. Fun Fact: The Punxsutawney town shown in the film is actually Woodstock, IL!– a reminder that things are not always what they seem.  For some reason, Phil experiences a situation where he wakes up each morning and it’s the same day– just like the day before!

I certainly have felt this way during this pandemic- maybe you have too? Each day, I get up, get a bit of exercise, have my breakfast and then my husband and I retreat to different rooms to “go to work.” Whether it’s Monday, Thursday, or Saturday, each day feels mostly the same. The tsunami of COVID-19 has disrupted nearly everything. Classes are still taught. Meetings are still held. Decisions are still made. But they are all facilitated through online meeting software like Zoom or Google Meet as we are under shelter-in-place orders.  

Aside from comedic entertainment, perhaps there is something we might take away from Phil Connors. He leveraged the opportunity of understanding the repetitive patterns of his days to learn new skills such as French, ice carving, and piano playing. He also learned the joy of making the lives of others better and realized what makes him truly happy... 

Coming up on the Calendar

Tuesday, April 28, 3:30pm - Middle School Parent Ed: "Parenting In a Pandemic"
Monday, May 4 - Friday May 8 - Spirit Week 2020
Monday, May 4 - Friday May 8 - Teacher Appreciation Week
Tuesday, May 5, 3:00pm - "Cinco de Meet-O" with Middle School Head, Adrienne Floro
Tuesday, May 5- Parent Education "Parenting in a Pandemic"
  • Lower School Parents at 4:00pm
  • Upper School Parents at 5:00pm
Saturday, May 9, 5:00pm - Griffin Greats, Geoff Marks '85
Saturday, May 16, 5:00pm - "With a Little Help From My Friends" Scholarship Fundraiser

Remote Learning:
The 1st Month
Here are some of the things we saw in the first month of Remote Learning at Roycemore:

We've seen Lower School students lead their division in the daily pledge
We've seen all-class birthday party celebrations
We’ve seen Kindergarteners do one-on-one reading with their teachers
We've seen Upper School students decode forensic science at home
We've seen social distancing raps
We've seen Upper School students arrange lunch meet ups
We've seen 4th Graders give weather reports
We've seen students who need extra help visit teachers during "office hours" 
We've seen personalized letters sent to students from their teachers 
We've seen family trivia contests
We've seen college counseling happening via Loom, Zoom, and Google Classroom
We've seen 3rd Graders collaborate on 30+ page cultural reports
We've seen personalized activity bags passed out to children via porch delivery
We've seen teachers hold a 2nd session of the same lesson for international students who now find themselves in a very different time zone

... And we've seen lots and lots of happy pets!
Teacher Appreciation Week
Now more than ever, we appreciate all our teachers do for our students. Because we cannot tell them thank you in person next week, please consider writing them a card, or making a video! 

Teacher Appreciation Week
May 4th - 8th
Parent Education Opportunity
We aren’t all first responders but as parents, we are all front line workers of a sort. Our worlds have collided and are now parked right in our homes. We are searching for answers to questions about how to do all this in the best way possible. How will this affect my child in the long run? How do I ensure they are working and not gaming while on their screens? How do I respond to the meltdowns? The most poignant of these questions is: Am I doing this right? Join us for a question and answer sessions for parents with Dr. Glader , Roycemore School Social Worker.
Parenting In a Pandemic with Less Pandemonium
Q & A With Dr. Glader, Roycemore School Social Worker
Questions can b e submitted beforehand directly to Dr. Glader .

Lower School Edition : May 5th at 4:00pm
Meeting ID: 786 4145 7577 and Password: 9YHqzx

Middle School Edition : April 28th at 3:30pm **TODAY**
Meeting ID: 782 7030 4191 and Password: 9pBhKF

Upper School Edition : May 5th at 5:00pm
Meeting ID: 727 1379 3168 and Password: 7a2q0B

Spirit Week 2020
The Roycemore student council is proud to bring you, Spirit Week 2020! A pandemic can not stop the Griffin family from showing their school spirit. All students in all grades are encouraged to participate. Check out the daily themes below and keep an eye out for fun games and posts on the Roycemore social media channels.

Monday, May 4th - Pajama Day
Tuesday, May 5th - Twin/Matching Day
Wednesday, May 6th - Crazy Hair/Hat Day
Thursday, May 7th - Fan Day
Friday, May 8th - Blue & Gold Day
Scholarship Fundraiser Countdown:
3 Weeks To Go
We only have 3 weeks to go to the Scholarship Fundraiser! This is the time to do the following:
  • Mark your calendar.
  • Register on Bidding For Good so you can bid on auction prizes.
  • Start thinking of costume contest ideas.
  • Polish off your dancing shoes.

The fun takes place on Saturday, May 16th and the whole family is invited!
Last Week For Submissions!
Give us your innovative, your inspired, your huddled creativity yearning to breathe free! We want to see your work. The deadline to be published in the Roycemore Literary Magazine is this week.
Roycemore Literary Magazine
May 1st Deadline  
All grade levels are invited to participate!
Send work to: elac@roycemoreschool.org  or  litmag@roycemoreschool.org
Roycemore Trustee Making a Difference
As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to spread, many engineers are now turning to the medical field to see if their expertise can be utilized during this international crisis. Roycemore School Trustee and Parent, Aleksandra Egelja-Maruszewski, an engineer at Ansys Inc., is at the forefront of their effort to do what they can to help stop the spread of COVID-19.

An engineering simulation software company,  Ansys Inc.  produces engineering software that assess the effectiveness of their clients’ products in real world environments. When you touch a mobile device, drive a car, fly on an airplane, use a computer, or start a dishwasher, there is a strong chance that Ansys software was used in the design and development of that product.

These days, Ansys’ engineers are using simulations to study the effectiveness of social distancing at various distance levels and to look at how those results differ when someone is jogging as compared to walking. The results of these simulations are then shared with healthcare workers who can see a visual demonstration of how the effectiveness of such protocols can range depending on the situation and use this information to help better inform the general public. 

Click below to read more about these simulations as well as other areas where Ansys is making advances related to the pandemic including enhancing ventilators, analyzing how to optimize vaccine production, and studying technologies to improve the disinfection process.
Griffin Greats Speaker Series
We are proud to continue Griffin Greats, our speaker series highlighting Roycemore alumni and their amazing talents. Thank you to all who joined us last week for our first speaker, Dr. Stull. Please join us for an exclusive interview with Geoffrey Mark, Distinguished Alumnus and Visual Special Effects Master! 

Born in Chicago, he attended the University of Southern California studying music composition. He has worked in cartoons and video games in addition to visual effects. He is known for his work on  Spectral  (2016),  Serenity  (2005), and  Spider-Man 3  (2007) - and SHARKNADO!

Griffin Greats
Speaker: Geoff Marks
Saturday, May 9th @ 5:00pm
Facebook Live

Feel free to submit questions is advance to Sara McGuire

Need More Books?
If you are running low on books, our fabulous librarian, Ms. Hilda, will be available on campus Friday, May 1, from 12-3pm for drive-thru pickup. You can access the Roycemore School Library Catalog below. Please be sure to also email Ms. Hilda at  hgonzalez@roycmoreschool.org  with your book selections and estimated pickup time. She will collect your books and you can do a curbside pick-up at the gym doors.

Library Book Pick Up
Friday, May 1st

In Case You Missed It
Roycemore Head of School, Adrianne Finley Odell, was part of the Evanston Chamber of Commerce Water Cooler Chat Series last week. Here she is on Facebook talking about how our school community is faring during these times of social distancing and what new projects are coming up next for our school.
Earth Day Reminder
Thank you to all the teachers and students who helped bring Earth Day lessons to life last week in their class discussions and activities. Here is a final reminder offered by Farrah, a Roycemore 2nd Grader.
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